57 thoughts on “SLEEPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESSERT | Joshua Tree

  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you had a great memorial day yesterday (if you live in the USA). This trip is one we will remember. This is more our vibe. Little did we know how much we would "connect" with this place and surroundings. Who knew a little bed in the middle of a desert could mean so much? Thank you all for watching and leaving the kind comments you do. We appreciate it more than you know. Big hugs everyone.

  2. Good video guys. Would be interested in knowing the Nama of the place you rented. It looked really cool. Thanks.

  3. Mis Bellos lindo vídeo!!!
    Hermoso lugar…para estar juntos y disfrutarse… Estos me hace que me enamore de ustedes…….
    Me encanta la ternura y cuidado que se tienen…
    El uno para el otro….
    Mis Bellos gracias por compartir….
    Se les quiere…

  4. Awwww…both r sooooo lovely, cute,sweet, caring…..why u r like that????? love u soooo much both…..keep well all the time… my wish for u!!!!
    Gulu Gulu….its affection sound!!!

  5. Soooo good. I'm inspired. I just put Joshua Tree on my bucket list. I love the desert. You two are the best!!!

  6. This is a gorgeous location. You pick the best locations to travel. Just like the cabin in Oregon, this is a stunning place to go. Great job Adam and Bernardo. It is also my dream to own a cabin in the middle of nature.

  7. What a sweet video! And I loved the song at the end. You guys have had so many great adventures already to last a few lifetimes! I can’t wait to start my own now! 😎

  8. Fellas, As soon as I watched this video, I knew I had to see this place for myself. But I couldn't find it on Airbnb. What is the title of the listing please?

  9. I m a straight woman I found guys by chance on YouTube and u both make me smile throughout ur vdos. Bless u guys. And both ur gorgeousness is 🔥

  10. By a fe-you… I love Bernardo's accent, let him be would you. Besides, the more you tried to teach him, the more it sounds like 'fuck you' to me…

  11. Oh what an interesting place! The birds singing at sunrise, the rocks crunching under your feet while hiking and the bed outside…perfect. As soon as I saw the outside bed, stars at night popped into my head and then Bernardo said the same thing 4 seconds after my thought. Hope you did a bed check for scorpions too. Loved the funny Adam/Bernardo English translation of I was stung by a "fuel" cactus. Beautiful flowers, cold nights/warm days and wieners roasting = a romantic recipe for two sexy men. I'm guessing you were a little late for checkout time because you were having "dessert" in the desert.

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