Simple Homemade French Bread

Hi guys, Welcome to day 3 of vegan month of cheese.
So what does french bread have to do with it? Well if you’re going to put all that effort
into making cultured cheese, you’d better have some damn good bread to put it on. And
this is damn good bread. The perfect crusty french bread starts with
the basics: yeast, water, flour and salt. In that order. You want one cup of warm water. I always just
test it with my finger..but if you want to be more exact, 105 degrees Farenheit or 40
degrees Celsius will do. A bit over or under is ok. Mix that with 2 and a quarter teaspoons of
yeast and let it sit for a few minutes. You’ll notice the yeast blooming and that’s how you
know it’s good. Add a half cup of flour, mix that in and a
teaspoon of salt. After the flour is fully mixed in, dump in two more cups of flour. Now you can get your handy-dandy chopsticks
and stir that all together until it gets all clumpy like this. You don’t have to use chopsticks…I
just use them for everything. Now, make sure your hands are clean before
you get them messy. Just squeeze the dough bitsies together and knead it into a ball.
It might be kinda stiff but don’t worry. Just cover it and let that rest for a good
15 to 20 minutes. That relaxes the gluten and it will be easier to knead. So go ahead and knead that on a lightly floured
surface. You may need to sprinkle some flour here or there but try not to add too much. After a new minutes of kneading, the dough
should be somewhat smooth. You could do this all proper like and knead it for a good ten
minutes…but I never do. My bowl is fairly clean..not too many bitsies,
so I’m just sticking that in, covering and letting it rest for about an hour in a warm
place. My space is kinda cool right now so I’m putting
it in the oven with just the oven light on. After an hour, your dough should have risen
to at least double in size. Punch it down, knead it some more, cover and
let it rise again. I know, you’re thinking this is taking forever. Well, good bread takes
time, folks! Ok, after we wait until it’s doubled in size
again, go ahead and punch it down. Remove the dough from the bowl and divide it into
two to four pieces. However many loaves you want, really. Just roll them into some nice long loaf shapes.
There’s some proper technique for this…but you guys know my style is casual. Probably
driving some authentic French baker crazy out there. Sorry. Set the dough on a baking sheet prepared with
parchement paper. Now get a clean, lint-free cloth, soak it
in warm water, then wring it out and cover the loaves lightly with it. Leave the dough
in a warm place again and yup, we’re waiting again. They should double in size after 45 minutes
to an hour. Now, place a pan on the bottom rack of your
oven and set the other rack in the middle. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees Farenheit
or 232 Celsius. Remove the cloth carefully from the dough.
If the dough sticks to the cloth, just wet the cloth from above and it should release. Go ahead and make some slashes with a sharp
knife across the tops of your loaves. You can do diagonal slashes or one down the middle.
Up to you. When your oven is well heated, get a cup of
water ready to pour into the baking pan that’s in the oven. Spray tops of the dough with water, then place
the tray on that middle rack. Pour the water into the hot baking pan, then close that oven
door quickly! There will be steam so be careful! Now we
wait for 25 more minutes for this bread to bake to crusty perfection. After about 10 minutes, you can go in and
remove the parchment so the bottom will get crustier, but I’m usually too lazy. Finally, remove the loaves from the oven and
let them cool on a rack like this. That’s it! Not a lot of work, but kind of
a lot of waiting around. So worth it though. Hear that hollow sound? That’s the sound of
deliciousness. Let the bread cool for at least a half hour
before slicing. I know, so difficult. But I don’t want you to burn yourself! Use a good serrated bread knife to slice thick
pieces of crusty French bread. The inside is super soft and fluffy. Just look at the
fluffiness! Now eat the fluffyness! Now, spread some good ol cultured hemp cheese
on that. Or some Earth Balance buttery spread. Thanks so much for watching this! Don’t forget
to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. It really helps me out when you do. Tommorrow, I’ll be showing you how to make
rejuvelac, the easy probiotic you can make at home and the key to making amazing cultured
vegan cheese that can rival the dairy stuff. Bye for now and don’t forget to subscribe!

100 thoughts on “Simple Homemade French Bread

  1. Great video thanks. I am in the UK and it's only myself and hubby do the French bread rolls keep well the next day. x

  2. I did all the steps perfectly. Honestly very easy. The only thing that didnt happen was the rising of my dough for the 3 periods. They barely did and when making the roll out only gave me 3 small loafs:(

  3. You said at about 0:49 … after the flour is fully mixed in dump in two more cups of flour BUT, the video shows you dumping in THREE more cups of flour. So which is it; two or three cups of flour?

  4. I've made this many times. When I get to the final 45 min wait time I go for a walk my girlfriend calls it the bread walk.

  5. I've made this recipe twice in the past two days (I ate ALL of the first batch in one day) I want to make a loaf of this every week. Never thought I would be a bread-making ass bitch but here I am!

  6. Me when I make homemade bread and someone asks for some: slams plate with bread on table "EAT. THAT. FLUFFINESS!"
    without blinking, proceeds to watch them eat every crumb

  7. Oh surprise when I tried to remove the cloth from the dough it was fun to remove it!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ haha

  8. Good attempt but doesn't look very French to me. Looking forward to seeing the rejuvelac vid!

  9. Girl I hope mine comes out like yours…I can make a mean artisan bread but I’ve never had luck with French bread…waiting for the yeast to do its thing right now fingers crossed…I’ll post when all is says and done 🤞🏼….well in oven and it’s taking a bit longer than 25 minutes to reach browning … a bit worried 😧

  10. I can’t never get my bread to come out soft from the inside 😞 I try and try and I fail all the time but I’m not giving up

  11. This video scream r/fellowkids or just boomer in general. That being said I'm probably going to make some of this later.

  12. This recipe is perfect!!! I added rosemary and some other spices and it’s so so good and perfect!! First time making bread and I think it’s going to become a weekly thing bc of this recipe!

  13. When you say kneed it simmered. It there a certain amount of time I need to kneed it. Or just a few times?

  14. Just made this .great way to make something so simple but amazing it does take about 3 hrs to get your bread…well worth the time thank you soooo much

  15. The pan is supposed to implode(I dont now what else to call it?) When you put water in right? I'm just nervous I dont want to destroy .y kitchen, cause it's not mine

  16. Made this and it was perfect! I used my kitchenaid though because why not, basically did it all in one bowl for the whole process. Let the yeast boom on the bowl, added flour, mixed it with the paddle attachment (or whisk it by hand doesn’t matter you’re still making a dirty utensil either way) then I switched to the dough hook and added my two cups of flour and turned it on 2 until it was a ball, then let it rest for 15 minutes then I kneaded the dough on a cutting-board for a good minute just to make sure I didn’t need any more flour (It didn’) then plopped it back in the bowl and turned it on 2 for a good 2 minutes (which equals 10 minutes of hand kneading according to kitchenaid) let it rest for an hour, punched it and kneaded it for 1 minute, repeat, and did everything else

  17. What a I doing wrong why is it not all over ur hands when u r kneading it before it rises???? I can't get it in perfect ball likeu

  18. Just dump the flour into a mixer bowl add sugar,salt,and yeast on top. Pour in very warm water– using dough hook, turn on mixer and blend till it forms a ball. Take out. Knead a few times, put in a large bowl cover with clean dish towel, allow to rise about an hour.
    Punch down, knead a little, form in desired shape– allow to rise again- bake.
    (See recipes for measurements amounts, and cooking times).

  19. Pro tip: when rolling them in shape, just roll them into a 0 shape a keel folding the edges and pinch them together as if you are making a rice dumpling 😁🥟i hope its understandable😅😅😆

  20. I am trying this as I am typing this. I am at the 15 minute gluten relax time before kneading. My first time doing any sort of bread making (out of a machine anyways) I will post an update when I am eating that fluffiness!

  21. a baby friendly . I made for my daughter the recipe but what i did is to prepare the drough and leave for 2 hours i round it and let i rest again . i cover it overnight and in the morning i devided the portions and i baked it. Because I didn't want to add sugar and salt in it so it can be healthier ?( dads first attempt 🙂 ) i used half vilage flour half normal the village or traditional flour gives some natural salt in it. I followed the recipe as it is just some extra flour and it worked like charm. My wife also loved it

  22. This is the very first bread recipe that was a fail for me. It got all stuck to the towel, shame as I was looking forward to this.

  23. I was a little kid when french bread appeared in my country as a novelty,next to our brown and black local bread.We liked it for its whiteness and puffiness.Later in life i learned that it was also the least healthiest of all breads.

  24. my dough didntrise how urs did it rose really small n i did it just like urs idk wat i did wrong it is my first timetho maybe thats why T-T

  25. Oil makes a soft bread. If a recipe calls for melted butter when mixing I use oil. No more than 3 teaspoons oil to one cup water. 1 teaspoon corn starch makes things soft too chef's say.

  26. Weird how I made this exact amount but when I go to make loaves, I don't get anywhere near the size shown. I make sandwich roll sizes, and I only get 4 normal sandwich roll sizes out of this recipe. BUT… They are perfect as shown… 😉

  27. I would recommend using olive oil in the bowl when you rest it so it gets a crust and doesn’t stick to the bowl

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