Hey guys, it’s Ro! I got some requests to
make something from the show Shimmer and Shine! For those of you who aren’t
familiar with the show Shimmer and Shine, it is an animation series
about twin genies in training, named Shimmer, and Shine! Mmmhmmm! They grant wishes for their friend Leah which
often leads to magical adventures and they have really cute pets named Nahal
and Tala. Hey you guys! Cupcakes not ready yet, go over
there! Because I love the show, I watched the whole
first season, I decided to partner with Nickelodeon, who supported and collaborated
with me on this video, in celebration of season 2 coming out on June
15th. Which is, a week away from my birthday! I
wanted to make a baked good from the series and in season 1 Shimmer, Shine and
Leah make cupcakes for a bake sale, when I was watching the episode, it was so
cute you guys! I was like huuuuuhhhhhhhhh! I want to make
those cupcakes! So today, we are going to be making the cupcakes
that they made from the bake sale! Let’s get started! The things you will need to make these cupcakes
will be: 1-1/3 Cup of all purpose flour, 1/3 cup of water, 1/4 cup of oil, 1-1/3
cup of granulated sugar, 2/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, 2/3 cup
of firmly packed light brown sugar, 4 eggs, 1 cup of sour cream, 2 teaspoons of
vanilla extract, 1-1/2 teaspoons of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of baking powder,
1/2 a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, and pink silicone
cupcake liners! Then to decorate, the things you will need
will be: Lots of vanilla buttercream frosting, I’ve put them into piping bags
and dyed them pink with a #829 tip at the end. Purple, yellow, and teal sprinkles, bright
pink and lavender fondant, a fondant rolling pin, small brush, small
teardrop cookie cutter and a #6 tip. The first thing that we’re gonna do in a
large mixing bowl is we are gonna whisk together our dry ingredients. You’re gonna add your flour,
cocoa powder, brown sugar, granulated sugar, baking soda, baking powder,
cinnamon and salty-salty! Whisk together until it’s well combined
and then we’re gonna set it off to the side. And now we’re gonna mix together our wet
ingredients in a smaller mixing bowl, starting with our eggs. You’re gonna add
the full egg into the bowl. Then you’re gonna add your water, and your
vanilla extract. We’re gonna whisk this together first to
make adding the other 2 ingredients a little bit easier. Once you’ve broken the
yolks, now you’re gonna add your oil and sour cream! Then, whisk together 1 more time
until well combined. We’ve got our dry ingredients mixed together
and our wet ingredients and now we’re gonna combine both of them. You’re
gonna pour all of your wet ingredients into your dry. Then you’re gonna take your
hand mixer, I’m using an electric hand mixer. You can use a whisk and do this by
hand, but I’m gonna be using a hand mixer to make it a little bit easier! Because I’m not a genie and don’t have
magical powers…. Mmmmmm! Our chocolate cupcake batter is all
ready, it is almost time to bake. Now we have to scoop our batter into our little
cupcake liners. Over here I’ve got my cupcake tray, lined
with a bunch of these pink silicone liners. Sometimes I use paper but if I’m
using a lighter color I like to use the ones that are foil lined, or silicone,
because these are reusable, and on the inside, they even have a line that
shows you how full you should fill your cupcake. So, we’re gonna take a little
ice cream scoop, which, this holds about an ounce and a third, and we’re
just gonna do a scoop and fill ‘em all up. Our cupcake tray is filled,
we’ve got a dozen cupcakes ready to bake. And this recipe makes twice that. It makes
about 24 cupcakes so as soon as these are done baking I can put in another
batch! Now we’re gonna heat our oven to 325 and
bake for about 18 to 20 minutes. While our cupcakes are baking in the oven,
we are gonna make some decorations. In the episode, the cupcakes that Shimmer,
Shine and Leah make are chocolate cupcakes, with pink frosting, topped with
a pink flower! So over here we are gonna make our pink flowers.
I have a piece of parchment paper, which I’ve taped down onto the work surface,
so that the fondant doesn’t stick. And, I’ve rolled out our pink fondant and
our lavender fondant, and now we’re gonna cut out some petals and make some fondant
flowers. The first thing that you’re gonna do is
take your little tear shaped cookie cutter… Aw, so sad! And we’re gonna cut out little flower petals,
each flower is gonna need 6 petals! The petals are looking good, now we’re gonna
cut out the center of our flower so they look just like the ones from the episode.
I am using a #6 tip, but you can use any tip that you’d like because
we are gonna be using the back end of the tip, to cut out a whole bunch of little
circles. The shapes are cut out, time to assemble them,
I’m gonna show you how to do it, each flower has 6 petals. So, we’re
just gonna start with the first one, layer the second one, and then the third one.
It kind of looks like a little pinwheel, it will go all the way around. I’ve layered the petals, I put a little
bit of pressure in the middle so that they’ll all stick together, then we’re gonna take
our little baking brush, and a little bit of water I’ve got here. I’m just gonna
place a drip right in the middle. This is gonna act as an adhesive for our lavender
fondant to stick to our pink fondant. The next part is totally optional, you don’t
need to do it, you could just make a bunch of flowers just like this. And then
let them sit out so that they will harden in this shape. But, I want my flower
to look like a blooming flower, I want them to kind of curve up. So, a really
easy trick, when you’re working with fondant, if you would like it to sit
in a certain position, you can use different objects that you have around your
house. I am using these little, small bowls. I’m gonna flip it upside down,
then take my little fondant flower, and I’m gonna set him right on top, and his little petals
will mold to the side of the bowl. And I’m just gonna let it sit for a few
minutes. Once your cupcakes have baked and completely
cooled, now it is time to frost and decorate! I put them on top of a cookie
sheet so that when we’re adding our sprinkles it will catch all of the extras
that don’t stick to the frosting. And over here, I have our pink vanilla buttercream
frosting in a plastic baggie with a star tip at the end. It kind of looks
jagged like shark teeth. Now we’re gonna frost, I’m gonna be adding
2 swirls on top of the cupcake because that’s what they look like in the episode,
but if you want to have less frosting, just do 1 big swirl. I’m taking a pinch
of my sprinkles right away and sprinkling them over the top so that they’ll
stick to the icing. Then we’re gonna do this to the rest of
our cupcakes! Final decoration step! We’re gonna add our
flower toppers to our cupcakes. We’re just gonna place it right in the middle,
boom! Now we’re gonna do this to the rest of our
cupcakes! Ta-da! Here are the cupcakes we made today from Shimmer
and Shine, episode: The Sweetest Thing. I love them because they are adorable, they
look just like the ones from the show! I hope you guys enjoyed this episode! I’ll
be taking lots of pictures and posting them on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter,
and if you guys make these cupcakes, please send me your photos, I love seeing
your baking creations! Aw, it just makes my day! Also, if you guys want to check out Shimmer
and Shine, it will be airing the second season on Nickelodeon in June, I’m
very excited about it! Thanks again for watching you guys, bye-bye! You know what you guys, I made these the normal
way, but I’m wondering if I can make them the Shimmer and Shine way!?! Boom-Zahramay! Huh! It worked! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Hawgh! Om-nom-nom!


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