88 thoughts on “Sesame Street: When Cookie Met Sally (When Harry Met Sally Parody)

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  2. did anyone notice Miss Piggy's leg hanging from the ceiling shrink wrap as pastrami oh that Kermit is a free frog finally keep your eye out for Kermit on tender kids jk he gives out free Swamp candy #realtalk

  3. O. M. G. This is so priceless and adorable.

    So, Cookie and Sally did become friends: "Nom, nom, nom, nom."

    Background Puppet: "I'll have what they're having".

  4. Omnivoice: "Cookie, was a monster, who was totally out of control."

    Sally to Cookie: "Care for a cookie?"
    Cookie to Sally: "Don't mind if me do." :Ahm, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom".

    Omnivoice: "Sally, was a girl, who was totally in control."

    Cookie to Sally: "Care for cookie?"
    Sally to Cookie: deep sigh; almost rolls eyes–if she could "No, thank you. It's only 10:15 and it's right between breakfast and lunch, and I wouldn't want … "

    Omnivoice: "Could these very two different characters ever be friends?"

    Love it! Thanks for making my dim day a wee bit brighter. 🙂

  5. Not sure why I thought how they culd make a 50 shades of grey parody since they made a parody of an adult movie or show before like "true mud", not to mention the fact that Berne had allready read a book called "50 shades or oatmeal" and Bernie was Like "oooooh steamy" as he was reading.

  6. Sad they have dropped their morals so low when this is a target learning show for kids, not adult entertainment. Perverted agenda. Alot of the new stuff has hidden sexual inuendos written all through it.

  7. I think this is clearly the best Crumby Picture yet – probably even better than the actual movie it was based on.

    I'd love to see Billy Crystal's reaction to this… probably had a huge laugh about Cookie's hoodie and curly wig in the car scene…

  8. That oughta be something. Cookie Monster winning the World Series. His prize would be a cookie baseball bat.

  9. You know what? You're totally right. Kids should definitely see the R rated movie known as "When Harry Met Sally".


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