Sesame Street: Les Mousserables (Les Mis Parody)

following preview has been rated ME for
mixed emotions. [MUSIC PLAYING] Coming soon, Les Mousserables. It’s the story of Jean
Bon-Bon, a French guy who is very sad because
he had no cookies. PUPPETS: [SINGING]
Look down, look down. No cookies anywhere. Look down, look down. JEAN BON-BON: [SINGING]
My tummy in despair! NARRATOR: Until one day,
things started looking up. JEAN BON-BON: Really? Hey. Ooh-la-la. That French for cowabunga! Cookies! Om-nom-nom. NARRATOR: But not
everyone in France was as happy as Jean Bon-Bon. FLANTINE: [SINGING] I dreamed
a dream of cream gone by, a cookie I could
give my daughter. Not having cookies makes
me sad, makes my eyes fill up with water. [SOBBING] NARRATOR: Jean Bon-Bon knew
just how Flantine felt. JEAN BON-BON: Oh,
actually, me not so sure. It’s hard to tell
with all that crying. NARRATOR: He looked at her face. She saw what she was
doing with her body. JEAN BON-BON: She crying and
she hugging, so she bored? NARRATOR: No. JEAN BON-BON: No, she not bored. She, um– well, me cry and hug
meself when me feeling sad. NARRATOR: Yes. JEAN BON-BON: Thank you. Why you sad, Flantine? FLANTINE: Because my daughter,
Creamette, she lost cookies, but I don’t have any
to give her. [SOBBING] JEAN BON-BON:
Well, just look up. CREAMETTE: [SINGING] Once
a cookie on a cloud– NARRATOR: Uh, yep, OK. That too far up. FLANTINE: Wha? Well, what about those cookies? JEAN BON-BON: Whoa, no. These me cookies. Au revoir, lady. FLANTINE: But– NARRATOR: Cookie Monster
was so happy he had cookies, until he heard his
friend, Epienine. EPIENINE: [SINGING] On my
own, wishing I had cookies. JEAN BON-BON: More singing? EPIENINE: [SINGING] On my
own, wishing I had yours. NARRATOR: Suddenly,
Jean Bon-Bon understood what Epienine was feeling. JEAN BON-BON: She sad. NARRATOR: No. JEAN BON-BON: No, not sad. NARRATOR: No. He looked at what she was doing. JEAN BON-BON: Oh, good idea. Oh, well, she try
to take me cookies. Uh, she want what me have. Oh, me know dat feeling. What that feeling? NARRATOR: Jealous? JEAN BON-BON: That the one. Oh, um, it OK, Epienine. When you find you own
cookies, then you not feel so jealous anymore. Bye-bye. Oh, om-nom-nom. ENJELFOOD: Do you hear
the cookies crunch? It’s really more
than we can bear. PUPPET: That’s the
sound of Jean Bon-Bon. He’s the guy who
would not share. PUPPETS: [SINGING] Why’s
he’s taking all the treats? Why’s he leave us
with the crumbs? Maybe he’ll learn to share
with us when tomorrow comes. NARRATOR: Jean
Bon-Bon understood what his friends were feeling. JEAN BON-BON: Uh, yeah. Me no have clue. But, me can figure it out. Me just look at
their face and see what they do with their body. Mmm. They raising fists
and stomping feet. Dey angry! That’s right, Jean Bon-Bon. We’re angry because you
have all the cookies. PUPPETS: Yeah! ENJELFOOD: So why don’t
you share your cookies with all your friends? JEAN BON-BON: Moi? Maybe if me sing song
about it, me have epiphany. JEAN BON-BON:
[SINGING] Who me am? I’m the monster
who doesn’t care. Or me monster who want to share? If me have cookie and
friends have none, then me should share with everyone. Who me am? ENJELFOOD: We know who
you are, Jean Bon-Bon, but will you share your cookies? JEAN BON-BON: Yes,
Enjelfood, me share cookies. PUPPETS: Yay! PUPPET: I’ve got marshmallows. S’mores fo everybody! PUPPETS: [SINGING]
One day s’more! One day s’more, one day s’more! NARRATOR: Don’t miss
Les Mousserables, the feel good and not so
good movie of the year. Life of Whoopie Pie. PUPPET: Did he say
ravenous beast? COOKIE MONSTER: [BURP] Hi. PUPPET: Ah! Who are you? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, me,
uh, me Cookie Monster. Who you?

100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Les Mousserables (Les Mis Parody)

  1. Why oh why isn’t this a full length movie???? I would definitely watch the movie it’s in entirety and repeatedly!!! ❤️🍪❤️🍪❤️🍪❤️🍪

  2. Oh my god, you actually parodied "I Dreamed a Dream"! 🤣The kiddies won't get why this is hilarious.

  3. …I’m not… quite sure… why in the world this is in my recommended in 2019… but here I am… so yeah

  4. I remember watching this while it was airing when my sister was so obsessed with les Mis, and knowing this song. I was honestly so confused lol because I hated les Mis at the time since it was so over played by my sis. Now I'm the one who's obsessed lolol

  5. That's way too far up
    CM だそう!
    – え? えー
    – 🎵まえにちひとつなめじきみ

  6. It's envy, not jealousy.
    Jealousy is when you are worried someone will take something you have
    Envy is wanting something someone else has.

  7. If the other monsters had problems with Cookie Monster sharing, why is Cookie Jean Valjean and not Louis Phillipe?

  8. The songs, the food puns with the names, I can't. XD This is brilliant. I wish there was a behind-the-scenes of this showing the first table read. I bet the cast cracked up laughing.

  9. Marxism For Pre-Schoolers. Puppets of the world unite! The ruling class's cookies belong to the workers whose toil made them!! 🙂

  10. I suddenly wonder what Thernardier would get up to in this vid. Probably attempt to make cookies out of mud and sell them off as dark chocolate cookies!

  11. i remember watching this when i was younger and i just thought it was based on jealousy
    i then recently watched les mis
    me in after wtaching les mis: OH MY GAWD HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID

  12. Songs:
    0:23 "Look Down"
    0:52 "I Dreamed a Dream"
    1:59 "Cookie on a Cloud"
    2:20 "On My Own"
    3:12 "Do You Hear the Cookies Crunch?"
    4:10 "Who Me Am"
    4:43 "One Day S'more"

  13. I enjoyed this more than I did the actual thing. Seriously. And I knew it would be better to me than Les Mis, so I clicked. XD

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