Sesame Street: Cookies of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean Parody)

NARRATOR: The following preview
has been rated TP for task persistence. [MUSIC PLAYING] COOKIE MONSTER: [SINGING] Yo ho, yo ho, a cookie
snack for me. NARRATOR: Cookie Monster is
Captain Snack Sparrow in Cookies of the Caribbean. He was a pirate who wouldn’t
give up until he found the treasure. COOKIE MONSTER: Me got to find
Davy Jones’s cookie jar. NARRATOR: But finding that
treasure was much harder that he thought. PIRATE: Capitan Snack. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. PIRATE: Mira. The map says that the treasure
is in there. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh boy, oh boy,
oh boy, oh boy, oh, ah. Why this cave not open? PIRATE: Let’s look at
the map, Capitan. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, yeah. PIRATE: The map shows two hands
holding triangles just like those. COOKIE MONSTER: Where? PIRATE: Yeah, over there. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh. Ah, but these hands empty. PIRATE: Mira, Capitan. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
yeah, yeah. PIRATE: Shapes. COOKIE MONSTER: Where? PIRATE: There. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh. PIRATE: Maybe we need to find
the triangles and put them on the hands, just like
in the map. COOKIE MONSTER: Good thinking. PIRATE: Thank you. COOKIE MONSTER: Me got it. Me on this. Oh, that nice shape. PIRATE: Capi– COOKIE MONSTER: Hey. Why cave throw shape at me? PIRATE: Because that shape,
Capitan, has one, two, three, four sides. It’s a square. You need to focus and find a
shape with one, two, three sides, a triangle. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
but how me do that? How me focus? PIRATE: You’re a pirate,
Capitan Snack. use your pretend spyglass and
focus on the triangles. COOKIE MONSTER: Me
give it try. Hm. Oh. Yeah, it working. Yes, me focus on triangles. Oh, there a good one. Oh, that another one. Boy oh boy. PIRATE: A triangle. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh boy, oh
boy, oh boy, oh boy. Ah. Why this cave not open more? PIRATE: Let’s look at
the map, Capitan. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, the map. DAVY JONES: You’re getting too
close to me cookie jar. I’m changing the rules. [LAUGHS] PIRATE: The shapes in the
hands turned orange. Do you know what this means? COOKIE MONSTER: Scurvy. PIRATE: No. COOKIE MONSTER: No,
not scurvy. PIRATE: No, it means we have to
think differently and focus on the color. COOKIE MONSTER: Yes. PIRATE: And put the orange
shapes in them. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, well, then,
what we waiting for? PIRATE: Uh, but– COOKIE MONSTER: Hey. Why cave throwing
shapes again? PIRATE: Pero, por favor, Capitan
Snack, you put in something that wasn’t orange. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, sorry. Me thought we still doing
triangle thing. PIRATE: No, no. COOKIE MONSTER: No. Oh, boy. This so frustrating. Ah, you know what? PIRATE: What? COOKIE MONSTER: Me give up. PIRATE: No, no. Give up? Never Capitan. You need to use your spyglass
and focus on the color orange and only put orange shapes
in the hands. COOKIE MONSTER: Orange. PIRATE: Orange, yes. COOKIE MONSTER: Orange. Oh. PIRATE: Orange. COOKIE MONSTER: That orange. PIRATE: Orange. COOKIE MONSTER: That orange. This. PIRATE: That’s all the orange
shapes, Capitan. Look. The cave is opening. COOKIE MONSTER: Where? PIRATE: There. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh. Let’s go get Davy Jones’s
cookie jar. PIRATE: Yes, Capitan. NARRATOR: Thrill as
Captain Snack finally gets his treasure. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh boy,
oh boy, oh boy. Ouch. Me think narrator
spoke too soon. Davy Jones. DAVY JONES: That’s right. And if you want my cookie jar
then listen to me shanty. [SINGING] One of these things is not
like the others you hold. One of these things you
hold doesn’t belong. [LAUGHS] But you’ll never find which
one doesn’t belong. It’s too hard. Give up. COOKIE MONSTER: OK. Bye bye. Wait a minute. If me learned one thing today
it that me never give up. So let me focus. There a crab, clam,
lobster, parrot. DAVY JONES: [LAUGHS] You’ll never be able
to see it. COOKIE MONSTER: Well, me see
that the answer lobster, clam, and crab all live in the sea. But not the parrot. Yeah. Parrot live in tree. DAVY JONES: Oh. Oh no. You did it. You defeated me. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. Me focused. And me finally get Davy
Jones’s cookie jar. Come on. PIRATE: Yes. POLLY: Polly want a cookie. COOKIE MONSTER: Wait. NARRATOR: Will Captain Snack
Sparrow ever get Davy Jones’s cookie jar? Find out when Cookies of the
Caribbean sails to a theater near you. [SPY MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Cookie Monster is
Double-Stuffed Seven in The Spy Who Loved Cookies.

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