Sesame Street: Cookie Counter

COOKIE MONSTER: Ernie. Ernie, Ernie, Ernie. ERNIE: What, Cookie Monster? COOKIE MONSTER: Look. Oh, look what me got. ERNIE: What’s that? COOKIE MONSTER: Oh, Ernie. Special thing. Me bet, with this machine, me
can find out how many cookies in that cookie box. ERNIE: Oh, how are you
going to do that? COOKIE MONSTER: Well,
this called cookie counter, my new invention. ERNIE: Oh, I don’t believe it. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
yeah, yeah. Let me show you. Me turn it on. There. Now, stand back. Point rod to cookie
box and listen. One, two, three, four, five. Five bells. That mean five cookie
in that box. ERNIE: Oh, wow. COOKIE MONSTER: Go ahead. Check. Check. ERNIE: Hey, let me see. OK, just a second. COOKIE MONSTER: Good boy. Good counter. Good counter. ERNIE: One, two, three,
four, five. COOKIE MONSTER: Good boy. ERNIE: Hey, you’re right. There are five cookies
in here. That’s a wonderful thing. Can I look at that machine? COOKIE MONSTER: Sure. You hold the counter. ERNIE: Oh, what a great
machine this is. COOKIE MONSTER: You’ve
got to talk to it. Be nice to it. ERNIE: Oh, gee, I could use a
machine like this because sometimes I can’t tell how
many cookies I have in my cookie jar at home, you know? And I could use a machine like
this to count the cookies in the cookie jar because I can’t
see to the bottom of the cookie jar, you know? I could– I could– hey, listen, Cookie Monster, can
I, can I, can I try it on a box of cookies now? COOKIE MONSTER: Well, I mean– ERNIE: Let’s see. Here we go. Pointing it at the box. Hey. Hey, CM? COOKIE MONSTER: What? ERNIE: How come there
are no bells? COOKIE MONSTER: Well, because
there’s no cookies. ERNIE: Hm? COOKIE MONSTER: Ernie? ERNIE: Would you care
to explain that? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah,
Ernie, take rod and point to my tummy. ERNIE: To your tummy? COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. Don’t tickle, just point. ERNIE: Two, three, four, five. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah. Cookies in tummy. Five cookies. Thank you, Ernie, bye bye. ERNIE: Yeah, but–

67 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Cookie Counter

  1. Cookie Monster is awesome.

    He stole Ernie's cookies and then told them where they were just to show him how badly he got owned in practically no time whatsoever. 😀

  2. If there's one thing I'd change is that I'd make it so Cookie never admits to eating the cookies and Ernie happens to point at his tummy, making the machine ding, answering his question of where the cookies went.

  3. So you're saying you'd want Ernie to casually point the rod at his tummy without even thinking about it, and the bells to take him by surprise?

  4. The machine implies that all five are in Cookie's tummy, and yet while he's eating them, we see two of them fall out of his mouth.

  5. That would be pretty funny. I've seen how Ernie reacts when surprised, and it's actually quite humorous. Yeah, that might have been a real plus.

  6. this skit alone shits on all the new episodes nowadays. first they got rid of Kermit, then let Elmo part of every new skit, then added bad muppets, while making cookie monster eat vegetables……

  7. I'm always amazed how all the elements of these old sketches came together and really made them great. The combination of Jim Henson and Frank Oz has always been magic, but in the context of a kid's show, it's really phenomenal.

    I also liked Cookie Monster's slick nickname in this skit!

  8. @djmrnelson Cookie monster always ate vegetables. He sung about them when I was little, on the show around 20 odd years ago. But the rest I agree with, it used to stand out because it spoke to children not down at them. Now I'm not so sure anymore, seems just as patronising as the rest nowadays.

  9. cookies monster be like cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie !!!!…its likes ahhhh!!!! what kinda cookies are you talkin bout??? chocaolate chips dont do that to people lmao

  10. If Cookie Monster ate more than five cookies (which he eats a lot of cookies maybe 500,000 or 1,000,000 or maybe a lot more, that's what he always eats unless he turns into Veggie Monster or eats vegetables) imagine more than five bells.

    Ernie: -ding- 5, -ding- 6, 10 YEARS LATER 499,987 -ding- 499,988 -ding- 499,989 -ding 499,990 30 YEARS LATER -ding- 1,999,998 -ding- 1,999,999 -ding- 2,000,000 100 YEARS LATER -ding- 1,056,456,234,643 10,000 YEARS LATER -ding- ONE GOOGOL! -Ernie dies-

  11. No, he still eats cookies, "Cookie is a sometimes food". Cookie still eats cookies, he hasn't changed, he knows he can't just eat cookies, so he sometimes eats fruits and veggies, that's since the 70s and 80s. Kermit got tired of Sesame Street that's why he left, I think. I think Elmo's world is gone. We need to see more of Grover and the other characters, I agree.

  12. Cookie Monster was a one of the guest judges on Top Chef, along with Elmo and Telly, and he ate cookies. The video is on Youtube. Cookie Monster still eats cookies and everything else.

  13. Oh no don't worry he still eats cookies but only 1 a day thanks to Michelle Obama's "Let's move" program to fight childhood obesity

  14. I see what you mean. Ever since Cookie Monster was introduced, has eaten things other than cookies. It is just that, as political correctness kicked in, he started to do it more and more often.

  15. I noticed that no one is operating Ernie's right arm. When did they add the second performer?

    01:27 Oh! I've never heard him called "C.M."!

  16. How can the cookie counter count the cookies in Cookie Monster's tummy? They should be crumbs now.

    That first part sounded like a tongue twister! XD

  17. Wow! I haven't seen this for about 40 years. So much good stuff from this show that I've been saying "I haven't seen/heard that for 30-40 years" ever since I bought the Old School DVDs and finally discovered old Sesame Street on Youtube in Autumn '08. I wonder how many more memories from Sesame Street are yet for me to rediscover. I hope to rediscover these old memories consistently for as long as possible, and hope to eventually see every episode from seasons 3 through 6. Thanks for posting!

  18. One of the few times Richard Hunt wasn't there to operate Ernie's right arm while Jim did the rest.
    I always remembered the "Don't tickle!" line out of everything. Ha! Ernie SHOULD HAVE given C.M. a good tickling for eating his cookies! ?

  19. Notice Cookie Monster leaves without taking the cookie counter. Did that mean the cookie counter was now Ernie's to keep? After all Ernie does say that he could use such a machine himself. Ha, ha.

  20. At the beginning of the sketch I thought: What if you point with the Cookie counter on Cookie Monster? Will it count it or will it be "Overflow Error"? How we know! 😀

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