Serial Cookies Entrevista: Glenn McMillan (parte 2)

We’re here again with the honor
of interviewing Glenn, who’s here in Curitiba. Glenn, thank you
for coming back to our city. It’s an honor to have you
with us again. By the way, our video
with your interview – was a huge success.
– Yes, yes. It’s a pleasure. It’s very good
being here in Curitiba again. Thank you for my new gift. A super gift.Meganavemade
a helmet for Glenn and it is here. – I loved it.
– In exhibition for the first time. – Nice, nice.
– It smells good. – New.
– A “made today” smell. Was it made today? – Finished today?
– Yesterday. The smell will last a while.
Fresh paint. – But what matters is that’s here.
– I loved it. Let’s go. So… You have been traveling a lot
across Brazil and the conventions. I’d like to know
how is it been like, knowing all the fans, going to conventions in Brazil
and abroad. Tell us a bit how is it
being for you. For now, the conventions are only here in Brazil. But now, I think I went
to 12 conventions. So, before I went
on these Power Rangers tours, I didn’t know anything
of Brazil. I knew Sao Joao da Boa Vista,
my hometown in Sao Paulo state, a bit of Rio and Sao Paulo. Now I know Curitiba, Recife, Salvador, Olinda… Many places. Which convention is the next? This time, I will stay for 10 days
in Brazil, so it’s Curitiba and Poços de Caldas,
which is next to my hometown. Unfortunately that’s all. I need to go back
to Australia, because… 8 days already, so… But I hope that this year
there will be others. And maybe others
over the next years not only here in Brazil,
but we will see. Very cool. There is a Serial Cookies’ reader
called Guilherme from Rio that everytime we announced
this meeting, he would say:
“Ask Glenn to come here.” So, look.
Unfortunately he won’t go, but he’s here knowing
that you want to know him. I’d like very much
to do a con in Rio. I went to a con near Rio, but I’d like to go to Rio,
because I know there’s a lot of fans there, so I want to get
to know there and you. I love Rio. – So we’ll see. Maybe this year.
– Maybe in the future. – That’s right.
– About that matter, how do you divide your life
between Brazil and Australia? What do you like most and less
about each country? What a like less
is the trip. – It’s a difficult part.
– It makes sense. I arrived before yesterday
at 10 P.M., so that timezone is crazy. 35 hours traveling. 15 plus 15 hours of flight. So it’s not near. It’s a bit difficult, but… I always had an huge affinity
with Brazil, because I was born here. And in Australia, my home
had a lot of Brazilian culture. A lot of music, food,
we… – Speak Portuguese.
– Speaking in Portuguese. That’s how I kept my Portuguese. In Australia, I always felt
out of place. I felt that connection
with Brazil. And I knew that I had more
than only being an Australian. But now… Here in Brazil I love
the Brazilian people, the people from here
is warm. I like it a lot. The Australians, sometimes,
can be a bit cold, with the English culture. Australia is beautiful.
I love Australia. For me, Sydney is a amazing city. So beautiful, so clean,
so organized. The only thing I think
it’s missing is that warm
that Brazilians have. That’s what I love about here. Here in Brazil.
Your favorite part are the people? The people and the Brazilian culture. The depth of the culture,
history, music… That’s what I miss
in Australia, sometimes. I love to come back here
to see my family and friends. And the fans from Brazil. Australia doesn’t have that. – That’s why…
– No conventions? There’s a few,
but Brazil has a lot more. And there are loyal fans. Power Rangers fans,
so for me… – Like us?
– Like you guys. That’s why I love
to come back and see the fans And see how much Power Rangers imprinted in a generation
of so many fans across the country. And I’m very proud of being
a Brazilian to participate in Power Rangers to represent Brazil abroad. Speaking of Brazil
and Power Rangers, being Brazilian… We’re also proud having you
as the first Brazilian ranger. And that opened doors
for others actors like Davi Passos
from Dino Charge and now Chrystiane
from Ninja Steel. Imagine, you think
“I’m Brazilian, I watch Power Rangers,
I am a fan.” and then turn into an actor,
a ranger, joins into the production. That is so awesome. How do you feel
being that door? Do you think there’s a chance for other actors
also become rangers? Brazilian actors?
Who doesn’t want to be a ranger? I remember of when… we were talking about it here
and someone asked how was the audition when you did Power Rangers? Because I was also a fan. And after years… I think it was 8 years after
I watched Power Rangers on TV, the opportunity
of an audition arose. Who knows someone there
who is watching with 10 or 11 years old… It was my story. I was 10 or 11 and never imagined
that would emerge – an audition to be a ranger.
– An awesome audition. So who knows, the next ranger
might be right there watching. Speaking of Chrystiane, there are rumors
being published about a crossover between
Ninja Steel and Ninja Storm. Do you know anything
about it? Can you tell anything
about it? We have a Facebook group with the actors
from Ninja Storm And as soon as I knew about it I sent a message there
asking if someone knows about anything,
and no one, for now, from Ninja Storm knows anything. – Who knows?
– Who knows? It’d be cool. I’d like to see as well
a crossover with the Brazilians It would be really cool. With Chrystiane, Davi
and Glenn. – For sure.
– That guy is not Brazilian. – Glenn McMillan
– Yeah. Yeah, it’d be really awesome to have that opportunity.
I think everyone dreams – about being a superhero.
– Yes. And having your own
little toy. Having your own
action figure. Who doesn’t want that?
Having your own suit made for you, – a helmet made for you.
– A helmet. – It even sparkles the eyes.
– Yes. Yeah, that’s right. Very cool. So you didn’t watched
the new movie? – The Power Rangers one.
– No. Yeah…
We want to know… when you watch it,
you’ll tell us your thoughts
about the new Zordon. In the last interview,
you said you’re his fan and we wanna know
how you’re gonna evaluate, as a fan and a ranger,
the new movie. Me too. I’m a super fan
of Bryan Cranston as an actor,
mainly for Breaking Bad. How is it possible not to? He is a master. Amazing. I learned a lot
during the show I was doing on Australia, Wonderland. I was watching Breaking Bad
for the second time. – A fan for sure.
– Super fan, yeah. Noticing the things
he was doing and testing on Wonderland. Is his role big as Zordon
or is it a cameo? – No, his role is very important.
– Is it big? Very important. – But it is always just the…
– Just the face. – The digital…
– We won’t tell the details to keep the surprise. So you’ll watch it and tell us,
and we’ll publish it on our website. – Cool, because…
– A little note. Bryan Cranston
voiced the monsters. – Yes.
– So he’s already a part – of the Power Rangers.
– He’s already included in it – for some time.
– Yes. It would be a dream
to work with him. – Who knows?
– Who knows? – We also saw a photo of…
– NOH8 (No Hate). – Yeah.
– The campaign. Which is a very cool campaign
which promotes the equality between genders
and human rights. How were you called
to participate in this, how were the photos… I got to know about it
through Firass Dirani, another actor who
did Power Rangers. I know him from Australia. He’s in another show
similiar to the one I’m in. They got into contact
with me through him. I was an ambassador to many campaigns. – Cool.
– Yeah. NOH8. – That campaign is very cool.
– Very. Yeah, it’s a message
that everyone must learn and always remember to accept the people the way they are. To… Always treat others with respect. Definitely. The campaign messages
are cool, because there are many messages
that we learn in the show. It’s very cool to ask for
Power Rangers actors to participate in this campaign. I thought it was very cool
that you was part of it too, because it makes your message
very nice to the public. Good, good. So you can search
for NOH8, No Hate, in English. – It’s a very cool campaign.
– Very cool Back to Brazil,
do you happened to be invited to participate
in a Brazilian show or movie? No, I… Last year I went to Rio to meet the people
from Globo (Brazilian TV broadcaster). I think my challenge here is my Portuguese.
I’d have to wait for a character… – You speak very well.
– Kinda messed up, I know. But I think I’d have to wait for a foreign character
who’s living in Brazil or, who knows,
something… Funny that the current
Pink Ranger’s role, who’s Brazilian, was like that before
she got the Pink Ranger role. She also was an American
who was in Brazil, speaking a “Portuglish”… – What a coincidence.
– Was it onMalhação? (Brazilian TV show) Yes. She spoke kinda in English. – Is that right?
– I didn’t watched it. I don’t remember.
I watched a few videos and that reminded me
of your story of, maybe, get a character
like that. Oh, cool. – We’ll see.
– You haven’t be called yet, right? – No.
– People are missing the opportunity. – There’s a great actor here.
– Come on, Globo. Call him. I think the quality
of the productions from Brazil are excellent.
They have very good actors, the production quality, very good directors, so… I’d like it. Netflix itself is making
Brazilian shows. It’d be very cool having Glenn
on Netflix. – Who knows.
– It’d be great. The more you go on screen,
the fans will get to keep up with your work. – Yes.
– That would be great. About that matter,
how do you see the Brazilian art on TV and movies entertainment? I always was a great fan
of the Brazilian music. Growing up in Australia… At my house there was always… My mother is a musician.
She plays everything. Piano, acoustic guitar, accordion… So, I love Chico Buarque, – You love your origins.
– Tom Jobim, Djavan. I think that Brazil… I think there isn’t another country
that produced so much music
as Brazil did. So many great musicians
as Brazil did. – Composers.
– Yes. So, I… I’d love to meet Tom Jobim, go to a Chico Buarque concert,
a Milton Nascimento concert, I think that Brazil is a country with a culture
with so much music, but also with great movies and TV. The entertainment here
has improved a lot, with many impressive productions. That insertion of Netflix making Brazilian productions also enriches the country. What I think that also helped is that the Brazilian people
supports the Brazilian art. Sometimes the Australian people, when an Australian movie debuts
in Australia, they don’t go to watch it. They prefer to watch
an American movie. That helped the Brazilian culture. The Brazilian people
supports their own culture. So, congratulations to you guys
for amplifying that culture. Speaking of career, what are your next plans? – Well…
– Projects, ideas. Well, I have… I’d love to do
a Power Morphicon in Brazil. It’s a project that I’m doing
with a producer here in Brazil and I’d like to bring
the other actors of Ninja Storm to Brazil. Maybe next year, so we need the support
of you guys… – It would be very cool.
– It would be great. I know that they want
so much to come So… Unfortunately, I’ll stay
only 10 days here in Brazil. Then I’ll need to go back
to Sydney. But I think
there will be a lot of things to do here
this year and the next. Let’s wait anxiously. I hope that everything
works out with that convention. We will want to be there,
for sure. – Definitely.
– I hope everything goes right. Let’s hope. So thank you very much again
for being here. Let’s leave a message
to Serial Cookies and Brazil? We’re honored to have you here. We’re very happy indeed. Let me get my new helmet. Serial Cookies, thank you very much.
I love you guys, I love you guys
for your work and I hope that this year
and the next I come back again
and we can reunite again. That’s right, with the helmet,
maybe with a suit. – Right? Who knows.
– And maybe with more actors. – Maybe with more actors.
– Who knows. Right? And of course,
to go with the occasion, following our tradition,
we have cookies for Glenn. Those cookies will nourish me
on the plane to Sao Paulo. Thank you, I loved it. – I’m glad.
– I loved it. Also, we’re going to gift him
with the original poster – from the 1995 movie.
– From 1995. It is from 1995
and really has 22 years old. – To Glenn.
– Thank you. I loved it. Thank you. What a nice poster. – Cool, right?
– Very cool. – Very good.
– That is a relic. – Right?
– Preserved like that. – A super relic.
– Here’s my collection. Gifts colletions. Thank you, guys. Thank you.

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  2. He seems so warm! Good to know that Brazil is very close to his heart. Hope seeing him here in Argentina soon🙏

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