Sausage bread (Sausage-ppang: 소세지빵)

(cheery music) Hi everybody! Today let’s make sausage bread! In Korean: sausage-ppang.
Sausage-ppang. Have you ever seen this kind of bread when you go to a Korean bakery? Looks like a pizza. Inside is a sausage in a flower shape. Now you can make it at home. Very delicious and also very easy. Have you ever made my roll-ppang? Bread rolls? One of my most popular recipes, bread rolls. I’m going to use the same dough. But a little bit different, you can find out. This is 1, 2, 3, 3 tablespoons… Butter. Unsalted butter. … and put it in my pot. Let’s heat it up. Medium heat. So now my butter is all melted. I’m going to turn off the heat. Cold milk. I will just add a half cup. Because butter is hot, so the cold milk will cool down the temperature. And 2 tablespoons sugar. Two. And mix Mix until all this sugar is dissolved. Temperature is lukewarm. Temperature is very important. If this is too hot your yeast is going to be killed. Now, yeast. 2 teaspoons. … two … Let it sit just a couple of minutes until the yeast is a little bit melted. Just mix this. I will add a quarter teaspoon salt and 1 egg. Quarter teaspoon salt… And one egg. And just mix together. All we can do is just add flour. I will add 1 cup plus 3 quarter cups. One… And 3 quarter cup is a half cup plus a quarter cup. … half cup… … quarter cup… Next I’m going to quickly wash my hands and knead. Kind of sticky. Look at that! (laughs) So you don’t have to knead for a long time. Just one minute. Look at that, like this. (laughs) Then I’m going to cover this and let it sit here. This is warm, warm place in my house. Around one hour later it’s going to be doubled in size. This sausage, it says “grass-fed beef hot dogs.” And we need 5 but this is 6. I will just take them out and rinse in cold water quickly and dry out. (wind blowing) One hour passed. Let’s see! It rose nicely. Deflate all this gas. And knead more, like that. Exactly one pound. Baking sheet, 13 by 18 inches. Line with parchment paper, like this. We have to make this around 90 grams each. Each piece is approximately 90 grams And will just make these into balls like this. Put here. We are going to make 5 sausage breads. And cover this. Ferment around 30 minutes. Meanwhile we have to prepare toppings. So windy outside today! I don’t have to go outside, inside I’m cooking some delicious food and then make me feel cozy! Sometimes I prefer really unpleasant weather! (laughs) Windy, rainy, snowy! Main ingredient: 5 sausage. And for this, this is canned corn. And just a little bit of onion, and green bell pepper. And also this is mozzarella cheese. I will add a little bit of mayonnaise and also tomato ketchup. “Why! Why why tomato ketchup!” I know, but this is how we make it. And it will be so delicious! I need one cup, one cup of all these ingredients together. This corn, onion, and and this. One third cup, one third cup, one third cup. Corn around one third cup. Onion also, one third cup. Green pepper. One third cup. Let’s see. Together with these three ingredients, I made one cup. Transfer this to the bowl. This is mozzarella cheese, I’m going to use around 1 cup. It’s going to be on top, melting. Really tasty-looking. 30 minutes passed, my dough, these balls, have really expanded. Now is the perfect time for me to work. I’m going to add mayonnaise here. Around a quarter cup of mayonnaise. Like this. And one sausage here. And… … just seal this… Put this here. One ball. And spread this. All even sides is better. Kind of a cylinder shape. Last one… So next, I’m going to use my scissors to make a nice shape. Diagonally like this. Cut this like that. And here, too. Cut and flip. Cut… So press down. Especially this part. I’m going to put some toppings here. So press down.
Gorgeous! And, next… Lift, and go to right… Lift and go to left… So pretty! This is a really gorgeous shape and then with one sausage. One sausage, you just cut it with your scissors and then make it into a nice nice pattern. It looks like flowers or looks like some leaves. So now we are going to add this in the center part. So mayonnaise, onion, corn, and green bell peppers. And then cheese. And just spread… Almost done! Last touch, ketchup! Tomato ketchup. Look at this! Gorgeous, gorgeous, huh?! I can go to Korea and then find a job as a street vendor. So you guys can come over to meet me, “Oh Maangchi, I wanna buy your sausage bread!” I can open my business there, isn’t it?
(laughs) My oven is now perfectly hot, heated now. Let’s bake this! 350 Farenheit. After 20 minutes of cooking I will take it out and then I will just brush this egg wash. One egg I’m going to add and also a quarter cup water. Quarter cup water… And mix. 20 minutes cooked. Just 5 minutes I’m going to cook longer and this egg wash… Like this. Put it back again and 5 more minutes. We have a lot of egg wash. I will add more eggs and I will make gyeran-jjim. Steamed eggs — ttukbaegi-gyeranjjim. You guys can make it with this. Here you go! (laughs) I broiled 1 minute so that the cheese is sizzling. Awesome! Sweet, juicy. Corn, texture is so awesome. And also the green bell pepper, it tastes a little bit like a sweet pizza. Mmm! And this bread is also made with milk and eggs, it’s so nutritious. Good for children. Children will love it. Mmm! Now you guys can make sausage bread sold at a Korean bakery. Especially when it’s really hot, it’s so tasty. So today we made sausage bread. Sausage-ppang! (laughs) Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!

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