Santa Hat Cupcakes from HERSHEY’S Kitchens

Welcome to Hershey’s Kitchens. ‘Tis the season
for baking, and today I’m going to showcase one of my new favorite sweet treats
— Santa hat topped red velvet cupcakes, featuring Hershey’s
Kisses candy cane mint candies. You can find the recipe for these red velvet cupcakes at I already have mine baked and cooled, so now we’re ready to frost.
I’m using a buttercream frosting, but you can use a canned
frosting for this as well. You just want to have a white
frosting. After your frosting is prepared, put a little bit of it aside, maybe about
a quarter of a cup. This is for actually making the Santa hats. But you could
put it in a pastry bag with a tip, or if you don’t have that, you
can simply put it into a food storage bag, and clip off the corner. Once you have the
frosting divided, go ahead and frost the cupcakes. You can be as
generous as you want with your frosting, and you can pile it up
as high as you want to. The cupcakes are frosted, so now we’re going to add the sprinkles. You
want to do this right after you frost the cupcakes, so
that the frosting does not set. Once it sets, the sprinkles will not
stick. Now we’re ready to make our Santa hats. Pipe about a quarter size dollop of frosting
onto the top of the cupcake, push the candy cane kiss into the
dollop, forming the fur edge of the hat. Then finish up the —
another small dollop of frosting to make the tip. For this and other festive recipes, go
to baking.

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  1. I'm not kidding I could seriously eat an entire bag of those candycane kisses in like 5 seconds flat, they are HEEEAVEN!!! yum yum yum

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