Royal Icing Recipe For Cookies, Decorations – Easy & Quick

Ingredients 250 grams powdered sugar Sift it ^-^ Sift.. sift. sift.. ^-^ 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar (optional) 60 grams egg whites Stir a little Then use a mixer to mix it Scrape sugar from the edges Beat until it is nice and smooth Separate in batches
**amount of batches depends on how many colors you need to make Add food coloring and mix Spray with water
to get the right consistency Now we can pour them into piping bags/ bottles! ^-^ To keep piping bag clean put it in zip locks first If you don’t have piping bags or prefer to just use zip lock bags, you can ! ^-^ I would love to hear how yours turned out! ^-^ Royal icing! Thank you for watching! ^-^

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