Rose Cupcakes (Rose Flavour + Decoration) | RECIPE

hello and welcome back happy Thursday so today is the first video in my Valentines Day video recipe seriously um so to start off we are making some rose cupcakes so these cupcakes both look and taste like rose so there’s lots and now there’s rose water and vanilla bean in the actual cupcake and then there’s some rose water again and at the fire cream so it has a very nice rose flavor and they look like roses as well I love this buttercream technique I think they turned out so pretty you can turn it into any kind of color rose that you like you don’t have to do like the pinky red trend the color if you like purple or yellow or like even blue if you wanted something really cool and if you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day recipes recipe ideas I don’t know what I’m doing today um I’m racing weight bag by the way to my channel if it gets been a year so next week starting Monday all the way going through Friday everyday I’m going to be uploading a recipe for Valentine’s Day so make sure to stay tuned but first watch this video and yeah I’m so excited I have them all so now and they’re so pretty and I’m so excited for you guys to see them so anyway step further adieu let’s get started okay so first make the cupcakes on the flour baking powder and salt in a bowl in a separate bowl beat the butter with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy add the sugar and beat until combined another egg vanilla bean seeds and some rose water [Music] then at the dry ingredients into additions alternating with the milk divide the dough into two bowls and I one bold light paints as a pink powder to the white batter and mix just two or three times until its swirl but not totally mixed in this with a better interline cupcake tins and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes or until they’re fully cooked make the buttercream and cream the butter with an electric mixer and folktale and fluffy add the vanilla extract in rose water and beat until combined and as the confectioner sugar one cup at a time send it for 35 minutes until it’s fluffy the other buttercream a very pale pink color in place but a third of the buttercream in a separate bowl add a couple drops of both red and pink food coloring to create a rosy color and to decorate the cupcakes you want to place a large star shape piping tip into a piping bag and then spread the bread buttercream on to justice sides of the bag then swing a lot of buttercream right down into the center concerning the center of the cupcake type in a swirling motion until you reach the edges of the cupcake and it should look like a rose and you’re done so thank you so much for watching I hope you like this recipe we try it out definitely send me a photo on Instagram I would love to see it I also hit 100,000 followers on Instagram the other day so thank you all so much for those of you who are following it means so much to me lighting hopefully this year I’ll reach that milestone on YouTube as well and if you guys can already know Paddington hydrazone Instagram account called Paddington palm here so if you’d like to follow tiling didn’t see when he gets up to make sure to give that follow as well and yes I hope you guys want a fantastic weekend and again I will see you on Monday for the start of Valentine’s Day feel weak I am so excited

12 thoughts on “Rose Cupcakes (Rose Flavour + Decoration) | RECIPE

  1. Cute! Two questions: what tip are you using and if we didn't want to use rosewater in the icing, what would be a substitute? Regular water?

  2. I just had the idea to make rose flavoured cupcakes for a Valentine's Day bake sale and this would be perfect! I love the two-toned icing, it's so pretty!

  3. My dear young lady thank you so much for this recipe.I have been wanting to make these cupcakes and buttercream with wild rose flavor.My second grandchild just turned 18 yesterday and this will be sort of a 'sorry nanny's late' happy birthday all in one.Thanks again from the northwest territories .

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