Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Miles’ Strip Club Predicament

Miles: Speaking of nudity Micheal, having you here tonight reminded me of the last time we actually hung out for an extended period of time Jack: I don’t like where this is going Miles: Which was at a strip club I don’t like strip clubs It’s just, I don’t know, it makes me really uncomfortable So, Brandon picked up on that real quick And I was having a conversation with you I was sitting at the table All the chairs had wheels And all of a sudden, like the table’s getting farther away “Ahhh! Where am I going?!” And I see, like, Brandon just in tears laughing Chris is snickering I’m like “ohhhh, no they didn’t” And I turn around, and I see the stripper Now, everybody at home I want you to imagine a stripper with the name Darque Chocolate Imagine a stripper named Darque Chocolate, make her three times as big That was this stripper Whenever I’m in an awkward situation, I just laugh That’s how I deal with nervousness So, she leans forward and she says the words “Imma smother you in mah tittays” And I just, I burst out laughing And the next thing is I’m suffocating In her ‘tittays’ And I’m laughing my ass off She stops mid her thing and rears back and she looks at me, she goes ‘Are you retarded or somethin’?’ *All laughing* And I go “no, I’m just really having a hard time” and just continue to laugh

49 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Miles’ Strip Club Predicament

  1. Some one should animate this but with David,jasper and Daniel going to the strip club and bonquisha as darque chocolate

  2. Anybody else come back to watch this again cause they've been playing Fractured But Whole and just finished the Spontaneous Bootay fight?

  3. Look out, ladies and gents, it's the queen of quiffies, the mistress of BDSM. Your dominatrix dream come true, it's Spontaneous Bootay

  4. When I got to the strip club part in The new South Park I almost choked on my drink when Spontaneous Bootay came out 😂😂 all I could think about was this

  5. I'm playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole & can't help but be reminded of this during the 'Spontaneous Bootay' boss escape sequence…….

  6. Miles, Burnie, and Geoff are my favorite story tellers tbh. Can they just sit around a campfire and improv random stories and do Dr. Suess Parodies?

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