Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Curses, Cookies, and Atoms

Chris: So, we were walking to get food, I think it was me, Kerry and Miles Jack: Okay.. Chris: And I saw a pregnant lady and a, a husband I thought like, what would be an inappropriate thing to say to them? And I, I’d be like “I curse your child” And the thing is, that they would get, they’d look at you weird, but then, if their kid was like a shitty kid, They’d always wonder, was it that guy who ran up to me at the parking lot of the restaurant and cursed him? (Gus laughing) Chris: They’d always wonder, was that, was that it? Geoff: Showed up this morning, Gavin, and there were two cookies on my desk I thought, I dunno what these are, so I put them on Jack’s desk Knew that he would eat them before he even said hello. Burnie: You know, science projects are just made by parents, right? My My dad one time and I, we made a nucleus, (Gavin: What do you mean you made a nucleus?) Burnie: We made a, like a atom, (Gavin: What do you mean?) It was like we had to make a model of it Gavin: Oh, a model! Burnie: No, I made a fucking atom ’cause I’m a God. (Gus and Jack laughing) Gus: Burnie Burns, atom smasher. Grab some protons and some neutrons and (crushing noise). Burnie: I have created life.

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Curses, Cookies, and Atoms

  1. 1:01 Here we see Burnie create life, bestowing him the title of lesser god.  To reach the next level, he must create intelligent life.

  2. "4k this 4k that" People be commenting about Roosterteeth seeing the big picture in 4k viewing even though they shit on people who make a big deal about 720p and 1080p during podcasts.

  3. The Atom Smasher
    The Horse Puncher
    The Fulcrum
    Transgender Burnie

    You get the point. Fill up with comment chain with all of Burnie's alter ego's.

  4. Imagine if you said you cursed that couple's child… and then you saw them again years later, and they told you that their kid was stillborn?


  5. its funny how people from the UK and around there tend to think americans are stupid, but a staple of a group in america is they tend to have a token british guy who is just dumb as hell. kind of ironic. 

  6. Rooster teeth animations are the only thing I can watch when having a margarine that doesn't make my head hurt. Seems logical

  7. Gavin is a really smart person, take where he is in life now as an example.
    but he just can't portray his intelligence, smart head – dumb mouth.

  8. I can already see that Gavin is Adam, Barb is Eve, 

    Burnie: "Alright, you can eat any fruit EXCEPT for those ones…"
    Barb mouth stuffed with apples "wut?"
    Burnie: "ME-DAMN-IT BARB!!"

  9. THATS IT GUYS. It was chris. He fucking cursed the entire new generation. Thats why we have teens getting pregnant and becoming gangsters and liking music that makes ears bleed.

  10. Cursing a baby segment – RT Podcast #216 at 1:25:55 (Miles also tells the story on RT Podcast #193 at 1:45:00)
    Atom segment – same podcast at 1:22:19

  11. I bust out laughing every time I see Burnie just over the entire planet. He's the opposite of what you think a god would look like.

  12. I wish I knew the outro song. I heard it in a Billy Mays commercial once and I could never figure out the name of the song.

  13. Coming to theaters near you: THE ATOM SMASHER!!! Normal YouTuber/CEO of rooster teeth Burnie Burns got into a freak accident turning him into the having creating atom smasher

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