Replacing a Bread Maker Drive Belt

Today on Mike attempts, replacing a
bread maker drive belt. The wife said our bread maker was acting weird and there were a bunch of small pieces of rubber underneath so I ordered a new belt. Flip
it on its side and remove the five screws from the bottom. Remove the screw securing the heating element as well as the eight other screws holding the metal
interior to the bottom. Grab the edges of the metal interior and
lift up evenly. There’s a nut on the opposite side of the block that the
heating element attaches to, push it in so the nut clears the edge of the
plastic housing. Wedge the jaws of needle-nose pliers on each side of one of the rear plastic clips. Gently pry back on the pliers as you
pull up on the lid but stop pulling as soon as it’s released. There’s one ribbon-cable that needs to be unplugged which you can access through the lid or by
squeezing your hand up under the front of the plastic housing. Remove the seven screws holding the
metal plate to the plastic base. The power cord wire is still attached so
gently lift the metal plate and prop it up on its side to access the belt
sprockets. Yikes, no wonder this thing was acting
weird! It’s technically still attached but it’s
a mess under here. The original belt was reinforced with
string which is now wrapped tightly around the smaller sprocket in a big
clump. I used a razor knife to carefully cut
the string without damaging the sprocket. Once all the string was removed, I used
the tip of the razor to gently clean the chunks of rubber out of the sprocket
teeth. Install the new belt by placing it around the smaller sprocket and onto the
top of the larger sprocket. Rotate the larger sprocket to fully seat the new
belt. Reassemble in reverse order. I reconnected the ribbon-cable by
reaching through the lid which seemed easier than how I disconnected it. When
inserting the metal interior, push in on the nut to clear the plastic housing as
well as the small metal lip on the opposite side. When reinstalling the
interior screws, save the heating element screw for last so it’s easier to reach
the others. Reinstall the last five screws on the bottom and you’re done! See the description below for a link to the replacement drive belt. Feel free to rate
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6 thoughts on “Replacing a Bread Maker Drive Belt

  1. Sunbeam model 5891 drive belt: (affiliate*)

    *Purchasing from these affiliate links earns my channel a small commission. Think of it as a tip that doesn't cost you a thing. Thanks for the support!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! I used it to replace the belt of a machine I bought second hand last week. After one round of perfect bread baking I found the belt coming out of the machine in tiny pieces. So I bought a new one and replaced it with help from your tutorial. And it worked!

  3. How long does a new one last? Do you have any idea? One thing though, I have been keeping my breadmaker in a warm room, where the heater is, and the belt got broke, any link? What do you think?

  4. Thank you!! I was able to fix my Breadmaker 😀
    This works for the UNOLD Brotbackautomat 8600 Both, the UNOLD and the Sunbeam seem to be identical in construction.

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