42 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (RECIPE) 【美味】パンプキンスパイスカップケーキを作りました

  1. These really look fantastic and just like cute little sparkly pumpkins!! On my way over to see how she liked them. Her bread looks delicious!!

  2. Sorry guys.My friend Cook Kafemaru's bread video is still being edited. I will let you guys know when she has released her video. It should be ready in a couple of hours. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Look so good and delicious for both :o.
    But pumpkin … it's sooo good. We always made pumpkin soup during autumn and it's my favorite <3
    🍊 <— I know it's an orange but let's pretend is a pumpkin 😄.

  4. When you dipped those cupcakes into that orange sugar, my tongue hung out! They are the most attractive cupcakes I've seen this year. I wish I had some self control so I could eat a moderate number of them. But these cupcakes are just too irresistible. I would eat a baker's dozen! Thanks for another great recipe my friends!

  5. these are so adorable and i bet they are just as delicious! it's funny how much those little lines and the pretzel stick make it look just like a pumpkin 🙂

  6. Wooow! A beautiful treats that I definetly try out !!! And shouldn't forget about the tricks ;P
    Thank you guys ! 😸

  7. These cupcakes are very groovy…seriously you guys are awesome! Very inspiring too. I don't care for pumpkin flavor, but I'm going to try this with a white cake. That pumpkin top you created was so clever.

  8. おお!kafemaruさんとのコラボ嬉しい!!

  9. カワイイケーキですね!これはハロウィンに最高!
    cook kafemaruさんとのコラボ!羨ましい・・・^^

  10. Yum!! Cream cheese frosting is my favourite frosting, so much better than box standard butter cream. They look so cute as well glistening with the orange sugar 😋 great job again my friend!! That loaf looks amazing too, can't wait to check it out! 😊

  11. I wouldn't want to eat those pumpkin cupcakes because I would be sad to see them disappear haha they looked amazing and the bread was awesome, I will check it out 🙂

  12. That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing~ I can't wait for your to watch your next videos! You guys are awesome and very entertaining, keep it up! <3

  13. It looks so cute! =)
    Unfortunately I don't find many of the different ingredients you use… They don't sell it where I live.
    I came here from the cook cafemaru video, and now I am subscribed to your channell too. =)

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