Puff Pastry Pizza with Veggies/ Banh Nuong Rau Cai (English CC)

Welcome to Cathyha Cooking. Today I want to present a veggie dish that
doesn’t involve too much cooking but just baking. It’s a pizza and using veggies. What I have here are some tomatoes, button mushrooms, etc. If you want to include meat, such as chicken, you can. Here’s just a dash of salt to the pan. And then a little black pepper. It should cook down in 3 mins or so. In the summertime, we got really sweet tomatoes, so we should definitely use them here. Now I’m adding a
little olive oil to the brush and onto the pastry sheet. Now I’m adding some mozzarella cheese. I love this cheese since it’s buttery and
not too salty. Let’s sprinkle the cheese along the sheet. Most pizza loves to include this cheese as
it melts so nicely. Now
a little Asian to this is the use of the chopsticks like this. Bet they don’t use choptix in Italy for this…
haha. Now arrange your tomatoes. So colorful… so pretty. Now let’s add some fresh basil. You ask which kind, it’s the sweet basil kind,
with large leaves. Much larger than those of Vietnamese basil. Let’s chop some basil to sprinkle some on
now and save some left for later on when the pastry is just out of the oven. The heat will char it a little and it’s great. Now I’m adding the parmesan cheese. This will add some saltiness to the pie. Now let’s put these in the oven for about
under 15 mins. I can’t wait! It’s just perfect on those days that I’m eating
vegetarian. Oh, so hot. Looks like two little boats here! Or could be a pair of slippers… so cute! A little cheese. A little basil. And a little black pepper, just like the Italians
do. Let’s move these to the plate for our family
to enjoy. The cheese are melted now. More cheese… Now I’m adding a little balsamic vinegar. It’s aged and has a nice sweetness to it. One part is like a croissant and the other
is like “pizza” pizza, haha. However you want to call it, as long as it’s
delicious! Wishing you a wonderful day with family and
friends. See you next time!

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