Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe – Adventures in Puff Pastry 2

“It’s Pizza, Jim, but not as we know it!” [Opening jingle] I know that some of you will be freaking out at the idea of seeing the words “Puff”, “Pastry” and “Pizza” next to one another. So you have a choice. Either stop watching or carry on freaking, dude! So, let’s start with the puff pastry. I’ve got 300 g of puff pastry here. Mine’s ready-rolled. If yours comes in a block, you can roll it out to whatever shape you like, really. So I’m gonna re-roll it in a baking tray. Just get rid of the paper. I’ll just prick the base all over so it doesn’t bubble up. Alrighty. Now I’m gonna bake this, in the oven, 180 degrees Celsius fan oven, 200 degrees Celsius normal oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. So.. Things to go on the pizza. You’re gonna need some grated mozzarella and something kind of tomato-y. I’m using tomato paste but you could use pesto, for example. That would be good. For the other toppings, can you use mushrooms? Yes, you can. Can you use anchovies? Yes, you can. Can you use chicken tikka? Yes, you can. Can you use cat food? Yes, you can, if that’s what you want to do but I’m using some red onion, some yellow pepper, some white feta, some black olives and some oregano. Dried oregano to sprinkle on it. Should be a colourful affair. There we are. Lovely and brown. Now I’ll just leave this to cool a bit before I put the toppings on. Now that it’s cooled a little, spread on the tomato-based product, to move in about half an inch of the edge. Now I’ll sprinkle on a good dose of mozzarella. Now I can apply my toppings. Start with the onion, some nice yellow papper, feta cheese, crumbled up, a few olives, hubby likes sprinkle on the oregano ‘cos in this case, there’s no flavouring, really, in the tomato-based product. Some ground black pepper. We can pop this back in the oven. Same temperatures as before for just 10 minutes. Puff Pastry Pizza’s up! Ground control to Major Antonio. Pizza has landed. I think this is a really tasty use of puff pastry and please, don’t write to me, telling me that you’re from Naples and this is not real pizza because if you do you’ll just end up looking like a ****. Join me next time in Titli’s Busy Kitchen with me Titli Nihaan. Until next time… Khuda hafiz. [Closing jingle]

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  1. why did you cook the base without topping and then add it instead of cooking the base with topping? isn't it the same? I'm italian, and sometime we make pizza like this πŸ™‚

  2. thank you for this recipe, TitliJi can you give us Ramadan recipes using off Pastry? not desserts one but savoury recipes, like hmm with stuffed mince in it etc thank you so Much!

  3. Titli can you please make a video of how to make tamees(ΨͺΩ…ΩŠΨ³) in arabic, people mostly love to eat it in ramadan

  4. YOu could cut them into diamonds and fill them with cheese or other fillings and then fold them in half and press them down. Before you bake them you could also cover them in egg. That would be good.

  5. My guess would be since it's not being cooked at extremely high pizza cooking temps, the base under the toppings wouldn't cook in time if it wasn't blind baked first. πŸ™‚

  6. I'd recommend spreading the cheese out onto the crust a bit more or you run risking pulling off all of the toppings with the first bite. Unless you like that, as it can be its own kind of fun ;D

  7. Thank you for this lovely recipe Titli! Please, please ,please could you demonstrate an eggless cake for me? I will be grateful for the rest of my life!!

  8. I like to think this is a more healthier version? Either way, fantastic recipe, no need for pizza dough, slap out the store brought puff pastry, so easy!

  9. My Mom always used to make pizza like this when I was little and everytime i told people about it, they looked at me like I was crazy.
    But now I know, that I am not alone *u*

  10. LOL πŸ™‚ Richard… πŸ™‚ Although I like the new intros, I miss Assalam Aleykum… πŸ™ Lovely recipe!

  11. Esatto! Questa Γ¨ solo una variante casalinga della pizza con la base giΓ  pronta! Bisogna essere meno ipocriti, chi non ha mai usato una base giΓ  pronta per comoditΓ ?

  12. I tried this today. I have to say I love this recipe . So light not heavy like ordinary pizza. fast and really more-ish. well done Thank you for sharing.

  13. Before you put on the tomato sauce, the pizza looked like a massive cornish pasty pillow!! πŸ™‚

  14. woah, i would really like to know what kind of pepper grinder machine thingy you use? that's sooo cool!

  15. Thanks for the info. He's uploading loads of people's videos. I suspect his channel wont be open much longer…

  16. is there any way i could make my own puff pastry? because i don't think the nearest bakery ingredient shop to my house has that πŸ™ i only want your recipe!! πŸ™‚

  17. every video you make me laugh and cheer me up can i ask what language are you speaking when you say goodbye? x

  18. that looks good, good pizzas are getting dear too in the shops. off subject here but i have a load of fresh mint in a pot the garden..someone gave me it. what can i do with it? ive tried shoving some in the potates on the top and on lamb and in peas..but nothing seems to pick up the taste. what am i sposed to do with it? crush it? is there any receipies with mint in your collection please?

  19. Titli, can you help me out? What are some good meals for Ramadan? I'm a student, I have access to an electric slow cooker, a microwave.

  20. "Richard" haha. Thanks so much for this, I tried using puff pastry before, but what you just did makes total sense. A Paste so the water doesn't wet the pastry, and cook the pastry first, brilliant!

  21. Wow, I've never thought of puff pastry pizza! This is a great idea! I love rolling up dark chocolate in puff pastry for fake chocolate croissants.

  22. Oh Titli! You have made my Monday morning! I have stumbled across you and so glad I have! What a breath of fresh air you are! I can't wait to try your recipes with my daughter Lauren who loves to cook and has moderate learning difficulties (she is 23 and now independent living with a little help) Keep the recipes coming you wonderful woman! x

  23. when you have too much mint, you can pick the leaves and dry them naturally. leave them out in the open air to dry for a few days. dont wash them at any point, they'd be useless. store them in a jar as a spice or for tea… also, fresh mint is great with lemonade.

  24. thanks titli i love this idea of using puff pastry as a pizza crust i let my kids add there own toppings my 9 year old got creative with cookie cutters and made mini puff pastry pizza shapes really genius titli thanks

  25. first off, i love the way your videos are simple easy and funny to follow. i have watched quite a few but i think this is the first time iv used a recipe. made this puff pizza tonight although it was with chorizo and onion and just a tomato puree it was lovely. used quick chopped jar garlic an dried oregano no mushrooms or olives but used mozzarella for the first time. absolutely loved it. also made the missisipi mud pie which is cooling now. keep up the great work. p.s. i hope you have grandkids cause i can imagine the fun they have spending time with you.Β 

  26. I think You are my personality doppelganger!Β  I also love your recipes.Β  Just made your baklava.Β Β  I loved this idea for pizza!

  27. I selom comment on youtube videos, but your videos leave me with no choice! You are so funny!! I'm laughing my Richard off, while you cook the food in the most delightful mood, manner and merit I've ever witnessed.

    Joy to you from Denmark!

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