(upbeat guitar music) – Hey friends.
– Hey everyone. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Today we’re making
something semi-homemade. We’re making a puff pastry fruit tart. Justin created that, what’s it called? – Just the name.
– The name for it, yes. So the puff pastry is, you buy it in the frozen
section and then I’m gonna show you how to make
homemade vanilla pudding and then it’s gonna be a
dessert, so stay tuned. So here are the ingredients,
we’re gonna need puff pastry, any fruit of your choice, I chose strawberries and kiwis. Blueberries makes a good one too, peaches if they’re in
season, bananas are so good, any fruit that you guys like. We’ll also need some flour. That’s just for preventing the puff pastry from sticking when you’re cutting it. So for the vanilla pudding you’ll need two cups of whole milk, cornstarch, vanilla extract, salt and white granulated sugar. Let’s work on our vanilla pudding. So in a saucepan, you’re
gonna place your milk in there and you’re gonna heat that up. Not too high and not to a boiling point but just heat up the milk
so that it’s nice and warm, warm enough to kind of dissolve sugar. So the next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna add granulated sugar as well as the salt
(meowing) and cornstarch and you’re gonna mix,
you hear that meowing? That’s my cat, Charlie. The cats can’t go to daycare. So you just keep on mixing until you notice that the
pudding is nice and thick and it will thicken really fast. The more cornstarch you
add, the thicker it gets. So if you want it to be thicker, add a little bit more cornstarch. But I think four tablespoons
of cornstarch is good enough. And then after that, you are ready to turn off the heat. You don’t want it to boil. My fault is that I got
it to a boiling point that it kind of like
makes your pudding chunky and you don’t want that. But the cool thing is
you’re just gonna put it underneath puff pastry, so
no one can really see it. So but that was my mistake but if you want a really good, smooth pudding,
you don’t wanna overboil. And then after that, you
are ready to add the butter, the vanilla extract. Continue to stir a little bit and then place that in a container and put it in the
refrigerator to cool down and then now we are ready to
work on the puff pastries. So what I did was I went
ahead and I put flour on any area that I’m working on so that the puff pastry doesn’t stick
because it easily sticks and you want your puff
pastry to be thawed. I just thawed my puff
pastry in room temperature. But you could do it
overnight in the fridge if you want but mine was perfectly fine in room temperature
for like an hour or so. And then after that, I cut
it into little squares. You can cut it into any shapes you like. You can make triangles, squares, circles, whatever you want, right? And I went ahead and I put it on a baking sheet with
some flour underneath of course because I
didn’t want it to stick. That’s like a huge issue with
puff pastry, it just sticks. So I went ahead and I baked
that at around 350 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes. The back of the box tells me that I should bake it at 375, but I know my oven well enough to know that it kind of is in a high heat setting, so I just did it to 350 and
it came out perfect, you guys. And then the puff pastry, like puff pastry is called puff pastry because
like it puffs up, right? But then I used my fingers
and I just flattened the puff pastry once it was warm enough, I mean once it was cool
enough, I just flattened it up and then I added the vanilla pudding which was already cool from the fridge and then I added the fruit that I cut up. So what I did was the puff pastry was cool enough and then I added
the vanilla pudding and then I kind of designed it with fruit and I used chopped up
strawberries as well as chopped up kiwis and then
after that, you’re done. Like it’s so easy to make. (upbeat guitar music) All right, taste tester. Okay I have to be honest,
I had a whole one. Like one already, I was dancing. Oh my god, I already enjoyed it. – I want the one with the most pudding. – Oh honey, I’ve got lots of
pudding in the fridge for you. – Oh my goodness.
– It’s good. – This is really unlike, sorry, this is really unlike
anything I’ve ever had. The– – It’s like the, you
know like those places that Liam likes to go to, those bakeries? – Yeah.
– It’s kind of like that. – It is but having the
puff pastry be kind of the base that everything goes on, first of all the pudding is incredible. – Thank you.
– Really. I’m not usually like a pudding fan. But this is really good.
– It’s good. – It’s really good and
then the fresh fruits, but yeah, the whole
thing is so interesting. – Yes, I made it–
– It’s really good. – I made that puff
pastry myself, you know. – It actually, I don’t
know for some reason whenever you cook with
puff pastry it always seems like fancier than it actually is ’cause- It’s not hard to make right? – No, you guys will trick someone into thinking you a pastry chef. Just like get your frozen
puff pastry, any kind. Oh, let me actually show
you guys the one I got. Let me get off camera, and
hopefully it’ll still be like hopefully I won’t be like blurry. Am I blurry?
– No. – This is the one that I get, but Pepperidge Farms sells one. I was at Sprouts, so this
is the one that I found. It’s by Dufour. It says it’s award-winning but let me tell you it does
taste good though, so. – You sure that’s not Doo-fah? – Oh, my bad.
– No, I’m kidding. – You know what, probably–
– Need an S probably for that. – Dufour? – You guys, French lingo is not our– – No, no no. – Pronunciations, that’s not our thing. – No, not even a little.
– This is really good, honey. – Yeah you guys and it was so simple. The pudding itself, you can just enjoy. Like, it’s so good, I love the pudding. But I think this makes like a really quick and easy like appetizer. Not an appetizer, dessert. Like when you’ll be having people over and you’re like oh, ooh ooh, you know, like, High Tea. You know how some people–
– Well, yes. – Like they do little High
Tea dates, oh you guys. – You’ve gotta get that
stacked tray where– – No, we are not that boujie. We’re not even close to
boujie, we’re just like simple. All right friends, Justin thought I was a
pastry chef up in here. – I did, I totally did.
– With my puff pastry. And you guys can trick other people into thinking you are too if you try this. No but seriously, it’s really good. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed it, give this video a
thumbs-up, please subscribe and also check out our
vlog channel AprilJustinTV and my other channel AprilAthena7 and we’ll see you next time, bye. (clapping)

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