Puff pastry egg tarts, 酥皮蛋撻

Today I teach puff pastry egg tarts take out 125 grams cold butter from the fridge cut into 12 pieces wrap the butter in plastic wrap about this size roll the butter like this, place it in the fridge 1 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt 100 ml water, cook until the sugar is dissolved, no need to boil 220 grams sieved all purpose flour in a big bowl 26 grams butter at room temperature, mix together pour in the luke warm water stir it until it becomes a dough, dip some water in your hand, if it is too dry, wrap the dough in plastic wrap, place in the freezer for 20 mins place 260 ml milk in a sauce pan, 95 grams sugar cook until the sugar is dissolved beat 3 medium size eggs for 1 min 1 min later, put in 3 tsp evaporated milk 1/5 tsp vanilla extract, stir well pour in warm sugar milk mixture add in the eggs mixture a little at a time, stir well after stirring well, I sieved the milk mixture one time already now sieve it for the second time after sieving, leave to chill cover it up, put it in the fridge I took the dough out from freezer sprinkle some flour on the working place rub some flour on the rolling pin, roll out the dough place the cold butter on the dough, wrap like this close up the dough, gently roll it flat wrap the dough in plastic wrap, place it in the freezer for 20 mins 20 mins later, take the dough out of the freezer sprinkle some flour on the working place and the rolling pin roll out the dough into a rectangle when you see bubbles, use a toothpick to sting them fold the dough 2 times, creating 3 layers one, two, three wrap the dough in plastic wrap, place it in the freezer for 20 mins 20 mins later, roll out the dough into a rectangle this was the seam side before do like this, fold the dough 2 times, creating 3 layers wrap the dough in plastic wrap, place it in the freezer for 20 mins 20 mins later, sprinkle some flour on working place and rolling pin roll out the dough into a rectangle this was the seam side before fold the dough 2 times, creating 3 layers place it in the freezer for 20 mins 20 mins later roll out the dough into a rectangle I folded it 3 times with 3 layers already now I fold it like this creating 4 layers one, two, three, four wrap the dough in plastic wrap, place it in the freezer for 20 mins 20 mins later, take the dough out of the freezer roll out the dough into a rectangle fold the dough creating 4 layers place it in the freezer for 20 mins all together I folded the dough creating 4 layers for 2 times 20 mins later, take the dough out of the freezer sprinkle some flour on working place and rolling pin roll out the dough I use a size 11 round mould I drew 12 circles with the size 11 mould on a parchment paper this way I can see whether the dough is big enough use the mould to cut out 12 round pieces place the pieces on a plastic wrap like this seperate each piece from the others by plastic wrap like this in summer the puff pastry is very soft put it into freezer for 5 mins freezing the dough makes it become a little harder so it is easier to work on use some butter to grease the moulds put the dough into the mould like this press the dough like this with your thumbs press the dough up press the dough a little higher than the edge of the mould use a fork to sting holes in the dough same procedure for the rest pour in the filling 5 mins before baking preheat convection oven, on convection bake 250°C=482°F 15 mins, I did it already place on lowest stage close the oven door, turn to 230°C=446°F bake around 15 mins today I baked it for 18 mins until all the filling rose up turn down the heat to 200°C=392°F bake for 10 mins 10 mins later, turn off the heat let the egg tarts stay in the oven for 25 mins baking time may vary depending on the heat 25 mins later, open oven’s door a little stuff a cloth in the corner wait for 5 mins, after 5 mins, take out the egg tarts put on the rack, leave for 10 mins to chill 10 mins later, take the egg tarts out of the moulds Thank you for watching see you again next time

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  1. Hi when you were baking did you use the fan too in the oven. Thanking you. Is it 18 minutes bake and then another 10 mins at reduced heat and then turn the oven off and leave them inside for another 25 minutes and then door open for another 5 minutes I hope that i have understood as i would like to bake them too. Thanking you.

  2. Hi. I made some egg tart a few times and I always have some puff pastry left over. What can we do with them? I don't want to throw them away. It is such a waste. Can you give some suggestions? Thank you.

  3. I am having trouble translating the measurements into Canadian measurement. I'm nervous! But I am trying tonight. Thank you. Great video.

  4. For anyone who are thinking of making this: PLEASE DO. They taste amazing and the instructions are very clear from my point not skipping out any minor or important steps to the whole picture of the process.
    First of all the egg filling is perfect but if you want to tone the sweetness a bit please add 90 grams of sugar instead of 95 grams. Also mix quickly when tempting the eggs, it’s recommended to not cook the eggs in the process. Sieving the mixture will make sure that the mixture does not have any large bits in case. I recommend two times to sieve. You should definitely use your mixing cup to pour the liquid mixture into the pastry or any other jug with a spout. Do not fill to the top leave some room. Remember to refrigerate.
    The pastry part, I was weary whether to make the pastry or not. Instead I used puff pastry at the local store. I used the vegetable oil kind instead of butter. Because of cost reasons. It turned out fine and flaky perfect for something cheap to whip up instead of the long process of the butter puff pastry. It’s taste was amazing, everybody ate it. So keep in mind if you want to try it in an attempt please buy puff pastry from the store both kinds are fine. Next time I am sure to spend a little more and make the puff pastry. Since in my time I have a lot of time in the future of about a month. I will be sure to try and return with a helpful review to others.

  5. Hi Madam, I have 2 questions, (i) can you tell me the diameter of the mold you use in this video? (ii) What is the diameter of the metal to cut out the pastry?
    Once I receive your respond I then will purchase from internet. Thank you in advance, and greetings from Dublin 🙂

  6. you dont need to make the pastry too much work, just buy already made still taste good.remember fill the custard 3/4 not all the way to the top.not sure her filling will turn slightly firm because no corn starch. i will try it some time though. she's seem a good cook. i am glad its sub in English. before I dont have any clue what she's saying, thanks for sharing it

  7. 太失敗!如果用你呢種理念,一個蛋撻焗咁耐出爐後個撻一定似石頭…!你做puff pastry有如小學生,吓吓都停真係天光都冇得食! 快手啲差少啲咁咪唔使放咁多入冰櫃囉!好心你實習多啲先至post 啲video啦

  8. 想問一個問題,最後塊酥皮用模具切開十二份,多咗出嚟嘅頭頭尾尾你會點做?用嚟做牛角包?

  9. Can i leave the dough overnight and bake it in the morning? If i can, when i take the dough out of the refrigerator, do I need to roll and fold it a few times before I bake ? pls help

  10. Madam Wantanmein, I love egg tart so very much. I could eat 12 pieces in one sitting. I will find time to make them. I have tried your recipe on sesame ball. Love them too. I greatly appreciate your sharing of your valuable knowledge. Thank you very much indeed. Wish you have good health and happiness! ?

  11. 看見你做的麵團很乾身

  12. Just yesterday I was in Hong Kong Airport for my connecting flight. While I was there, I decided to try the iconic Hong Kong egg tart, so I went to a tart bakery in HK airport and let me just say, it was the most melt-in-your-mouth custard and crust I ever had. I want to go back to the airport just to get those tarts! I will try my best to recreate them here at home.

  13. To save yourself a mental breakdown, buy premade puff pastry from the grocery store. Make the filling from 1:33 to 2:30, and then skip to 5:50 ?

  14. 很多人话20分钟又20 分钟,我觉得呢个系量产流程,如果你一次做10盘出来,20分钟唔系问题。你的手根本唔需要停下来。

  15. I was having a hard time deciding which. YouTube video to watch on egg tarts recipe but after seeing the Naruto add I see I have made the best choice?

  16. I love to bake and cook but if the food takes lot of time to prepare I would not have that much patience to making it?? I just skip

  17. Mine keeps boiling over even though I only fill it 70% full. Why do mine keep boiling over? Is it because the dough from the bottom keeps rising up, thereby pushing the filling over? It's three times. I'm about to give up. It's no good for me. 🙁

  18. I love this egg tart recipe video. Thanks a lot I learned cantonese enough to understand what it says.

  19. my first attempt came out looking rather sad, toasted in short . I have a fan oven so I take it my temperature settings are totally off. what adjustment should I make for using such an oven or Is it very important that the oven has both top and bottom heating element instead?

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