Pudding Cookie Trial (Easy in Dia) CookieRun OvenBreak, 푸딩맛 쿠키 훈련소 다이아 쉽게가는법!

Please turn on the subtitles! Pudding Cookie’s ability is a rhythm game! Please press the button according to the color (direction)! Please use 3 treasures! I’ll explain why later. Map difficulty is not very difficult ~ So let’s run! Please press the slide button after transformation! There’s a camera treasure + ring treasure! Its ok u cant eat jelly enough. There is an important part behind it! Please press the bell well! Jump right after the transformation! Bonus time is coming soon ~ Eat jelly as much as you can ~ Important part coming soon! Don’t press the green button. So need ring treasure! Focus on not hitting! If you miss jelly. its ok to get Diamond grade. Please match the bell well ~ Almost there! Last transformation success! Wish you a diamond!

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