Hi Polynesians! How are you? We are super happy. We finally went back to our house. We had already recorded many challenges.
I’ll say something. Aria was sleeping. And as soon as she heard: “Hello Polynesians”
She came and Kler left. She said, “Oh, they’re going to record, I’m leaving.”
But ok Polynesians. Today the challenge Well, before the challenge, before we talk about it, I want to… I’m showing the Polynesians
this beautiful t-shirt that I’m wearing This is from “No te pases”, that’s the coolest of all t-shirts. (Lesslie) The best is “Los amooo!”
(Karen) The best is “I’m the queen” No, mine is the best.
(Lesslie) Mine is the best. Polynesians, comment which is the most beautiful.
(Karen) And with my super imaginary crown That I drew in my head
(Rafa) I already know how we will know which one is the coolest. The one who sells more.
Mine! From now on, the best seller t-shirt is the one that the Polynesians decided to be the coolest.
We were looking at many comments on Facebook videos and posts, that you wanted to know how to get these t-shirts.
In the online store, there were no more. And then they were saying: Where do you have more t-shirts? Where can I buy? And these things …
You putted memes of children crying, Because they hadn’t gotten a Polynesian t-shirt Exactly!
That’s why we already have more Polynesian t- shirts (Lesslie) Below in the description we will let the link so that you can buy the t-shirts anywhere in the world
Polynesians from Korea, I’m talking to you. I know you’re watching me.
You’re going to have a t- shirt. Anywhere in the world you can get it.
To all Polynesians, so they can have their t-shirts Polynesia. I have 30 in my closet.
(Rafa) The best will be this, Polynesians. Let’s start this challenge.
And Polynesians, today we are going to do a challenge with this beautiful spinning roulette that spins for both sides. It has our names and what we did was To make super special cupcakes, and if appear the name of any of us, that person will give the cupcake who made because we made some very ugly cupcakes. So, we don’t know. Then this person is saved.
But it will make us eat its cupcakes. If the skull appears, everyone has to eat and in this one the person is saved. (Karen) Let’s start! Spin and hold. You won’t see where it will stop, okay? (Rafa) Then spin the roulette wheel and hold to Let’s what do we have. Rafa! So did you save yourself?
I saved myself and you will eat my cupcakes, Let’s see, here they are.
Choose one, whatever you want. The flavors I putted on are good.
This big one is probably more stuffed. Oh no, how disgusting!
Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat!
(Rafa) No, you’re smelling it.
Bite it! Garlic cupcake What did you get? (Karen) It’s garlic
(Rafa) Karen got the garlic one. A big bite, get it.
No. (Bite) well. Strong!
No, she doesn’t know what it is. SOAP CUPCAKE
(Lesslie) It’s soap!
What? (Lesslie) Soap? (Rafa) What?
(Lesslie) Soap!
(Rafa) I’m not listening. Chew it well and give me the cupcake so I can listen to you. What do you mean, give it to you?
(Rafa) It’s soap! It’s soap! (Karen) How gross, Rafael!
I want you to look at the garlic. Here’s the garlic.
(Rafa) And now, I spin the roulette to the next person. I’ll spin. I don’t know what I’ll get.
I stop it. Tell me who is it, Lesslie. (Lesslie) Oh no! You saved yourself again.
What can I say? Say what?
Come on, choose another one of my wonderful cupcakes. They are smelling them. We can’t know what it is.
No, that’s cheating! (Karen) Come on!
I’m super ready! (Lesslie) You’re not ready, just be quiet.
(Rafa) Okay, eat. Oh, what did you get?
Blue cheese cupcake
(Rafa) Oh, Lesslie’s cupcake is not that bad. Ah, Karen’s cupcake is super good. No, I wanted to eat this. Come on, what did you get?
Grass cupcake.
(Lesslie) Grass And Karen? Blue cheese!
(Rafa) It’s so delicious! (Lesslie) How much grass you…!
(Karen) Oh no, there’s a lot of blue cheese here. (Lesslie) It’s badly cut and… (Karen) And this grass is from the garden where Kler and Aria pee.
Well, I had no other place to get grass No, not really.
(Rafa) Do you think I’m going to give that to you?
(Karen) Where did you get it? In the front garden where Kler and Aria pee. Okay, Lesslie, it’s your turn. Polynesians, I’m the kind of girl that can be traumatized by these cupcakes. (Lesslie) Oh no, why?
No, self-destruction! Come on, choose one of your cupcakes, except for this cute one. (Karen) You know what you have.
(Rafa) No, it’s unfair, we have to choose.. (Karen) The beautiful one. You don’t know the taste.
(Rafa) Bite it! (Lesslie) No, give me the little paper.
(Rafa) Oh, she got a big bite. Grasshoper cupcake It can’t be! It can’t be!
They are grasshoppers! No! Look! This is horrible. This is a grasshopper, here there are its paws.
Don’t bite it! It’s super crispy and salty with sweet, disgusting.
If in other countries don’t know what this is It’s a grasshopper .
Now it’s your turn, spin, spin. Stop it! Stop it! And we have…
Lesslie was saved …
(Karen) Let’s eat Lesslie’s. (Lesslie) Eat mine!
Karen strongly smells very garlic. (Leslie) Ah, the breath! (Lesslie) Which one do you want to taste? This… stop, I can’t eat anymore
(Karen) Okay, half. (Rafa) Yes, just half. Ground cupcake (Lesslie) Your mouth!
Your mouth! Laxative cupcake
(Lesslie) Let’s see! (Karen) Is it plastic? (Lesslie) Rafa got earth cupcke and
Karen’s one was made with tablets of … (Karen) Lesslie, what are these pills?
(Lesslie) These are laxatives! (Rafa) They are for losing weight. I hope this helps you, sister. And if not,
there’s no way. Now, my turn. (Lesslie) I save myself! (Rafa) Do you save yourself?
We eat yours, don’t we?
(Lesslie) Yes! (Rafa) I choose Well, I don’t have any choice.
Let’s do it! No, take another bite. I didn’t put enough stuffing.
No, it doesn’t. What does it have?
Go, bite it! Bite it ! Bite it! Bite it! Bite it! Grasshoper cupcake He wants to cry!
(Rafa) No, Lesslie, wait. It has paws! It has paws! He’s caught in the tongue. I’ll skip this one. (Lesslie) Okay, skip.
(Rafa) No, it got stuck in my throat. (Karen) So Polynesians…
What’s this? Stop it, Lesslie. Lesslie, it’s here, it’s here in my throat. (Lesslie) It’s like a grasshopper, I didn’t know what else to put in my cupcakes so I put it on. Pepper cupcake
Karen’s is very hot. Yes, she got a spicy. (Rafa) What did you get? (Rafa) I don’t know what Karen got.
(Lesslie) A spicy cupcake.
(Karen) I got the pepper. Okay, now my turn.
Come on!
spicy. (Lesslie) Okay, self destruction! Ready, brother, just your self destruction cupcake is left.
(Rafa) Self-destruction cupcake, ok! (Karen) Bite it!
(Rafa) I’m coming! Onion cupcake (Karen) You have to eat it.
(Lesslie) What is this?
(Karen) It’s onion. Gross! (Lesslie) The onion you can eat.
The onion smell is coming here, brother. I’ve already eaten it. Stop it! How do you eat onion like that with brownies? Next!
(Rafa) It’s Karen’s turn! Ready! Your turn, Karen! (Lesslie) Ouch! It’s between Rafa and Karen. But fine.
(Rafa) So Karen is saved and we have to eat her cupcakes. (Lesslie) Here we have her cupcakes. (Karen) A tasting super delicious for you. Choose whatever you like. Thislooks like, pretty thick.
(Lesslie) I’ll eat first.
(Rafa) Go ahead! I’m so afraid.
(Karen) See how precious! Yes, this is beautiful. Stones cupcake (Rafa) What is it? Really? Karen, are you serious?
Do you want to send us to the hospital? She putted stones! How, imagine this way what happens to the body! My turn.
SAND CUPCAKE (Lesslie) What is this? (Karen) Eat! You have to guess what it is. (Lesslie) What is this? (Karen) It’s sand! (Lesslie) A sand cupcake? A stone cupcake Karen wants to send us to the hospital, Polynesians! (Rafa) Come on, it’s my turn. And I got. (Karen) Me, me
(Lesslie) No, brother, Karen was chosen
(Rafa) Karen was chosen! My creations. Take them!
(Rafa) I’ll choose this one! Wait! You know? I wanted to get another stone, don’t you have one there? (Karen) Well, I’ll give you this …
(Lesslie) No, I want the other, I want the other, I want the other. (Rafa) What is she doing? She’s cheating.
(Karen) Lesslie is cheating. (Karen) Lesslie is sniffing the cupcakes and that’s cheating. (Lesslie) Oh, what is it? Strong, big and chew!
(Rafa) No, and what if it’s a stone? And break my teeth ?
(Karen) No, nothing will be broken. Stones cupcake (Lesslie) Let’s see what this is.
What is it? (Rafa) What is this?
What is it?
No, it tastes very bitter. What is it? This is…
(Lesslie) Ah! (Karen) it’s vinegar. (Rafa) Go, eat! Go! Go!
(Karen) Take a full great bite. (Rafa) Yeah, well, I bite it well, well …
(Karen) Lesslie, bite it well. Go!
(Lesslie) Ok! I’ll do it. Habanero pepper cupcake (Rafa) What is this?
What is it? (Karen) It’s pepper.
Oh, if you do that and smell. No way, Karen! (Lesslie) Oh no, I’m not going to give you such a strong pepper. (Karen) It’s a habanero pepper, of these habanero peppers. Oh, the worst! My sister is dying.
There are stones on the stomach and pepper on the tongue. You know what, Karen? You need to eat this one. So, you’re going to have to eat. We’ve all had our cupcakes.
(Karen) Okay, I’ll eat. Pink salt cupcake
(Lesslie) No, no she hasn’t bit it.
(Lesslie) What is it? (Rafa) Sugar? (Lesslie) Salt.
(Rafa) Oh! It’s salt.
(Lesslie) Oh, how disgusting! It’s too salty! At least that’s good. I prefer that than an Habanero pepper. Karen, don’t cry! Well, Polynesians, to finish this
beautiful challenge, we have these delicious Decorated cupcakes that didn’t come out on the roulette. They came out from everywhere but cupcakes.
(Karen) This roulette hates us. (Rafa) Yes! We had everything except these ones. (Rafa) But I won’t be with the wish.
Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! (Rafa) But it’s doesn’t have anything!
(Karen) Is it a joke? (Rafa) What is this?
What is it? What did you do? (Lesslie) It has mermelade. She changed my cupcake. I got scared! It was very, very, very cool this challenge. Polynesians, write down here in the comments (Karen) That was the worst!
(Rafa) Which one do you think it was the worst? And this challenge was sponsored by the Polynesian Crown. And there is not a winner.
(Karen) I’m the winner because you gave me a cupcake. Oh no, she’s naming herself.
(Karen) Since you gave that to me, I’m naming myself so, bye! (Rafa) No! Polynesians, put a like to this video if you liked it. (Lesslie) Comment below what your Favorite part was and see you in the
next video. Bye Polynesians! (Rafa) A lot of likes, Polynesians. Bye !!! I love you!


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