Private Investigator Guesses Who Stole The Cookie

so everyone’s saying that they hate the cooking I’m not helping your case here I think whoever did this heinous crime didn’t have the time to that it was obviously a crime of passion that is a noted lie hi I’m P I John I’ve been a private investigator in Los Angeles for about two-and-a-half years and today I’m on possibly the most important assignment of my life deducing who ate the cookie I don’t know how this is gonna go I’m now going to close my eyes okay when is this fiasco over with I can open my eyes yeah okay I know all right well why don’t you come up and join me here what’s your name Jasmine Jasmine would you have for breakfast my roommates mom is here from China right now so she made vows so I had a bow oh is that those um those like sort of dough lumps with like jelly filling and stuff in the middle or are they like pseudo dumplings what they’re steamed buns with like meat pork filling in there okay we’re describing the same thing just in different ways okay yeah they’re I mean gonna say it’s like akin to a dumpling sort of isn’t completely wrong right okay so I so I was right okay all right so you had Bao this morning yeah okay how many one and then a different thing called a being Oh what’s it Bing it’s like a flattened dough okay yeah you take the same dough and you flatten it and then you can fry it oh just the dough yeah and then I came in and ate the cookies gone I might come into play later we deliver Oh Gower in sunset you walk to work no I don’t because I work out in the morning so I’m like in a rush to get to work so I Drive we like to do at the gym I take hate classes okay how long are those an hour an hour of hit mm-hmm Wow how often you go to hit class every day every day yes what’s your favorite dessert bobba bobba where you from not counting calling you been out here 12 years why’d you eat the cookie cuz I like cookies okay you can return the lineup for now thank you you look very nervous why don’t you come down here what’s your name destiny destiny how was it the cookie yeah delicious okay so everyone’s saying that they mate the cookie where are you from no it’s Airy everywhere nowhere evasive where do you live now Hollywood East Hollywood face it again what’s your favorite kind of food can I say breakfast sure but now we got to dig into that mmm what kind of breakfast all of it I’m not helping your case here you’re not helping your case yeah that’s three evasive answers in a row you have to get more specific so let’s start with eggs do you do eggs for breakfast you okay omelette scrambled I’ve recently discovered the runny egg that’s weird I know but it’s good nah you should undiscovered that cereal mm-hmm favorite cereal milk doesn’t really say right hmm would you say you’re anti milk no not okay but milk doesn’t sit right you say not in a full bowl not in a full bowl yeah cuz you’re gonna have milk with you cereal you’re right do you ever drink any nut based dairy substitute beverages I have it is good do you put that on your cereal I’ve had it before I have steered away from it how does that sit it’s too sweet to know ethereal what’s your favorite dessert can I say my mama’s chocolate chip cookies sure I’m sure they’re fantastic no offense to your mama one I just don’t buy it are they’re my favorite no I don’t think that answer is legit I think you want me to think you’re a cookie person that I am a picky person I’m sorry are you a liar yes I think in general you’re very very untrustworthy mmm but I don’t think you ate the cookie but that’s not an official verdict okay anyway this has been wonderful thanks for your time you can return up how about you please a little this is a real meeting of the minds here we’ve circled each other for years well dual stars and here we are our gravity drawing us ever closer what’s your favorite food from Remy so what’s your favorite type of shrimp dish straight-up shrimp cocktail shrimp cocktail why do you think that is why did you follow with shrimp mmm when I was a kid particular experience or a restaurant there was a all-you-can-eat buffet at this one place that my parents were on vacation and I would just sit there and just eat an entire bowl of shrimp what about baking when I enjoy baking I’m not a baker you know okay what’s your favorite baked treat I don’t believe that I feel like you’ve calmed down a little bit since you sat down I’m were these more at ease yeah interesting posture he thinks that he’s got I think we’ve all got me I know oh man okay I I think I’m done for now Kevin I’ll probably need more from you later the shrimp cocktail really threw me for a loop I don’t know how they always know navigate my way out of that so how about you could you come join me please sure what’s your name Mitch Mitch what’s up where you from Whittier California where do you live now same place you commute in mm-hmm where you work what do you do here I’m a social media strategist what’s your favorite food steak what kind of here are you like a steak a guy you know the cuts medium-rare anybody that’s a well-done is crazy you’d probably get a well-done Wow Mitch from Whittier tea attitude what’s your favorite dessert tiramisu Terry soon sorry tiramisu in Milan okay okay you say you’re in social media here yes okay yes so what’s that entail we pretty much analyze how well in love it is dude how are the videos with me doing pretty bad that’s a lie pretty better that is a noted lie I need you down here please what’s your name Kirby Kirby how was the cookie it was pretty good that’s actually a pretty good way to describe on the lot oh yeah yeah a little too crunchy too crunchy okay what kind of cookies do you like I like fresh out of the oven half baked chocolate chip oh really aren’t you worried about like Salmonella or the lie it’s a myth this took a dangerous turn into misinformation land but all right so what’s your favorite kind of cookie challenge oh okay where you from originally I’m from your LAX and now I live in Culver City what’s very time for type of food anything with cheese okay very broad food answers here for many people cheese let’s get a little bit more specific mac and cheese mac and cheese okay oh so you you’re you’re kind of running a risk of ever eating mac and cheese huh how did you make mac and cheese with like almond milk you tried okay sweet or savory Phoebe favorite ice cream flavor could be line there’s no salt and mallanna’s you add salt I think whoever did this heinous crime didn’t have the time for that it was obviously a crime of passion no I keep us all back in the pocket something that’s weird um okay Kirby I’d rather spend more time in here and with you and go down this cheese rabbit hole but again if that’s good stuff back on the line and my my last subject what’s your name Brian Brian where you from Kansas City Missouri or Kansas side was eerie okay thank you for asking sure well don’t ask I know and I always need people to know how much I know I’m smart how long you lived out here three years I’m where’d he work husband what do you do here video producer where do you live sally village what’s your favorite type of food I’m gonna bait to I really don’t I just like food in general so it’s like not I will eat whatever you put that answer sucks top five top five top five if I just like I’m rambling things I’m gonna say Pat see you I’m gonna say red velvet cake I’m gonna say waffles I love chicken tenders and the new popeyes chicken sandwich it’s fantastic do we have to hashtag this ad that was answered okay I think you mentioned like a Thai dish first right see you yeah that’s you okay and then red velvet cake chicken sandwich what else wasn’t that that so Jenner I really will eat just about anything favorite ice cream flavor cookies and cream ooh cookie dough actually cookie dough that’s better cookies yeah oh I should have looked at this first what a weird bite that got taken out of this I don’t think you should talk about my teeth rookie mistake I should have investigated the the evidence first all right well I guess I gotta I gotta come to a conclusion here Ryan thank you sorry we couldn’t speak more Jasmine could you come here please so I need you to explain to me the difference between a bow and a ding okay a bow is they’re kind of the same structure fundamentally um when you have a bow you roll it so that the bottom like the center is still pretty thick you have a filling I like the meat filling what kind of meat what what’s your favorite meat probably be so you like pork in the bow the flavors just mesh well because you add like garlic ginger you just like pigs or hogs no I’m actually you’re the pig anyway Oh Mitch make a bigger sure watch very movie understood by what’s your favorite comedy – interesting all right it’s all I got thanks Mitch all right I think the person who ate this cookie came from this half of the lineup jasmine or Mitch or Ryan I have written down here lie under Mitch’s name oh it’s because Mitch was not making a lot of eye contact with me I called Jasmine back one last time because I wanted to try to get her to laugh because whoever ate this cookie was laughing I’m just gonna say Jasmine I think Jasmine gave the cookie oh oh we got her he got her oh thank you for your time Mitch hey man nothing but love man oh wow [Applause] [Music]

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