Princess Pull Apart Cake!

Are you ready for our pink overload? Welcome to Pins and Things. Today we’re going to be making this princess pull apart cake. So I’m going to be making my own frosting today just so that it’s stiff enough to hold its shape And what you’re going to need is rose colored food coloring, Powdered sugar, milk, vanilla and butter. You’re going to need four and a half cups of powdered sugar And now put in your 1/2 cup of butter and mix it. And then add 2 teaspoons of vanilla and 3 tablespoons of milk The frosting is starting to firm I have Joe, Pink or Rose food coloring. I’m just gonna stick in there Perfect! And you’re going to need to double the frosting recipe. This you can get in any cake decorating section I got it at Walmart. You can get it at a craft store You can get it basically at any store that might have cake decorating supplies Also, you can just use a regular frosting bag that has the right frosting tip. So you’re also going to need 31 cupcakes. And this is the order that you’re going to set them in So there’s going to be 8 on top, 3, 4, 2 rows of 5 and one row of 6 So I’m just taking each cupcake and with my frosting decorator starting on the outside And going in a circular motion and then just pulling up once I get to the middle So that’s how you’re going to decorate every cupcake. [Music] Once you’ve got it all put together you’re gonna want to dollop some frosting in between just to give it a Fuller look and wherever it needs it. Just fill in the gaps. Now, doesn’t that look better? I have pink sugar sprinkles. This is an optional thing. It gives it a little bit of a glittery Look, I like it. So I’m doing it I got these by the cake decorating section just where the candles are in the baking section at Walmart They are right by the six lits. They’re just a tiny bit smaller. They’re just Candy, so we’re just gonna line the whole bottom of this address with these little beads Give it a little bit more Flair put a few more of these beads onto Just the middle to give it title in a little bit more. Are you ready to add some bling on a roll? This is in the craft section. I have the hardest time finding it, but I’m giving you guys The heads up. It’s in the craft section at Walmart So these are just the width of these three cupcakes and I washed them off and dried them So they’ll just be able to go right on here right in the middle of these three cupcakes And I’m just trimming them to make them the exact right size. This is a little keychain I got in the jewelry section at Walmart and I just I’m gonna stick it on there and then whoever wants it afterwards I’m sure my one-year-old will just use it on her keys every day when she gets in her car drives places If you want You can put a little bit of a dollop of frosting Underneath it just to give it something to stick to I’m just putting it right on this corner right here and then I added a little heart necklace. And last but not least a Princess crown and a princess wand from the dollar section at Target. I have washed all of these by the way, and I’m just sticking this crown right Into the frosting. Just like that. It turned out so amazing. It’s so cute. And what little girl wouldn’t want a cake like this. I love it so much! I love it so much guys, so much! Also comment below if you like this video or if you want to see more Check out my facebook page and follow me on Twitter links are in the description below Subscribe to my channel and also share this video with somebody who you know has a birthday coming up. They might enjoy it And stay tuned for all the funny stuff. It’s always at the end See you guys next time. Quick, quick quick! [Blowing] Sing one to me. Oh, you want me to sing Happy Birthday to you? [Singing Happy Birthday] James and Corbin in a few months [Blowing] Happy Birthday to you! [Laughter]

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