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hi guys today we’re making is that your
oh that you egg egg and feather milkshake oh thank you oh thank you just let the
oil inside you they come down in 40 minutes that’s a lot of ingredients so what’s your ingredients Titan and
what are you cooking what’s your ingredient okay are you
doing what are you doing now can I check your
smoothies yeah a Romany and this is much weaker look this ingredients is nice
it’s good antony until you get the answers inside right
okay Peyton I’ve got something oh you have to wash your hand yeah and
it honey and it has almost they’re always inside the juicy oil and
juicy and the only ones inside the Jew and it writes it go taste food why
everybode see that beep do that that’s the special ingredient
mala yeah thanks for lunch and go to your hand so sticky between
our special ingredients and it’s bread and bread jam and you come back and
close gonna be like sunset eggs sticky pudding
oh this is gonna be that’s hot baby don’t touch it therefore this hot
oh dear oh my god you’re gonna burn yourself oh you see this is a spoon grabber stick
in here you come here you’re cooking something there it’s burning now oh my
god don’t leave your cooking burning now we have to read it so high that it’s
done now guys and you can eat it can you serve oh thank you can you serve me this
is my plate it’s a more ice cream I thought you cooking fancy egg inside the
ice cream it’s a mixture of cold and hot because
it’s ice cream and the punch it is inside it’s so sticky because it’s got
sticky pudding and it’s got one set which is a noodle
it’s lovely is gonna make ice I thought when you cook it that’s it finished I’m
done now please thank you what are you making now oh there’s no ice cream there anymore look guys it looks lovely look it’s cold
so I’m gonna eat it I’m gonna eat it now by hand
look it’s lovely I’m gonna eat it by hand so delicious this fancy egg so
delicious I finish it all thank you is there surprise inside okay all right
that’s mine I’m gonna be full after this I’m gonna be full cuz I had three
already oh there’s a surprise inside are they chocolate eggs oh I’m gonna eat on
everything I’ve got eight chocolate eggs inside yum yum so delicious
so now I’m full and I’m gonna be fat because I had so many chocolate thank
you how much do I owe you sir about you are
you making bread oh that’s good is that your oven yeah jelly beans
what about jam and butter oh this looks delicious Payton is he a
pancake now oh my goodness so this is pancake Dada
oh this pancake looks lovely mmm thank you ma’am thank you Oh delicious I’m
finished thank you I’m full now I’m finished now cake why are you making
cake now pudding Wow this is a Yorkshire pudding this should be crunchy is it
crunchy it’s so crunchy how did you made it so
crunchy you make are you baking baby are you sure you feeding me too much I’m so
full now after this I don’t want any more food I can give now after this
finished what is this now oh ho token check and potato wow this is delicious but I have two chips are you finished
cooking now you need to say bye bye and take the red button if you want to
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