Hey guys, it’s Ro, welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! I got so many requests from you guys to make
something Po-Ke-Mon! Themed, and I have been playing a lot of Omega Ruby on
my 3DS XL, and my sister has been playing Alpha Sapphire, and we’ve been doing
battles. So today, we are gonna make some Pokeball
pops from the game, let’s get started! The things you will need, will be: 1 baked
cake, I’ve made a vanilla white cake, 1 box of cream cheese, technically these are
8 ounces, and we’re only gonna need to use 6 ounces, so we’ll have a little
bit left over for some, I don’t know, bagels and cream cheese or some snacks or
something! Then to decorate we’re going to be needing
Candy Melts, we’ve got different colors, black, white, blue, purple, red, and, we will
need lollipop sticks, a piece of wax paper, a baking sheet, a big mixing bowl,
some round candies, I’m gonna be using Smarties, and, royal icing, I’ve dyed the
royal icing 3 different colors, red, yellow and pink. alright, now let’s put
it all together! The first thing that we’re gonna do to make
our cake pops is crumb our cake into a big mixing bowl. So you’re gonna take
your cake and I got a little butter knife here, and you’re gonna cut it into 4 sections,
doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Then you’re gonna pick up 2 pieces, and
if they’re falling apart, that’s wonderful, that is what we want. And then you’re gonna
crumb them into this big bowl, just rub ‘em together. And I try not to
eat it all right here. That’s my problem! Now that you got your cake crumbed, we are
going to add the cream cheese. Oh! Now we use our hands again, this is…
You can use a wooden spoon, or something to mix it up, but I’m gonna get in there! Then you’re just gonna keep kneading together
until everything is well mixed. Once combined, we’re gonna roll our cake
mixture into little cake balls, and we’re gonna place them on top of this cookie sheet,
lined with a piece of wax paper. You’re gonna take a little bit of dough,
and it’s really lumpy, so you’re gonna roll it, and press it into a ball shape.
Then you’re gonna do this to the rest of your mixture. Once you’ve got your cake balls rolled,
like I do over here. I’ve got some extra batter, so I’m gonna be making a couple
sheets of these. You are gonna pop them into the freezer for about 30 minutes to set,
or you can put them in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Once your cake balls have
chilled, I just took them out of the freezer, and I like to give them an additional
roll. So you just roll, roll, roll, roll ‘em one
more time to get super smooth. Over here I’ve heated up the white candy
melts, and you can also use your microwave, but I’ve got one of
these little fondue pots. So what you’re gonna do, is you’re gonna take your lollipop stick, dip it in just a little bit, and then, you’re gonna press it about 1/2
way into the cake ball. Then you’re gonna do this to make the rest
of your cake pops. I gotta dip ‘em all! Now it’s time to dip our cake pops, you
want to make sure when you’re dipping them that they are completely cool, but not frozen,
the temperature matters. And also we are gonna be dipping all of our
pops into some white candy melts over here, I have them heated up and ready
to go because, all of these little pops are gonna look like Pokeballs. So you’re just gonna take a pop, dip it straight
down, straight up, let the excess drip off, boop-boop-boop-boop, ba-boop-boop, boop-boop-boop! Then you’re gonna place him over here on
a Styrofoam block. Then you are gonna do this to the rest of
your pops. After all the cake pops have been dipped,
I’m gonna let them sit for about 10 minutes, and during this time… I’m gonna play a
Pokemon battle! Ro: Hey Molly you want to play a game with
me? Mo: Sure! Ro: OK! Better watch out because, somebody caught
a legendary with their Master Ball… Ro: Hey Mo, ready to battle? Mo: Oh yeah! Ro: OK, let’s just pick 3, because I still
gotta finish the cake pops. Mo: Deal. Ro: OK! Ro: What 3 are you picking? Mo: I’m not
telling, I’m not telling you, stay over there! Ro: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm? Mo: Stay over there.
Ro: Fine, fine, I know who I’m picking! Ro: Oh Mo, you’re so cute with your little
bow! Ro: Oh Mo, you would have little Pika. Mo:
Starting with my best. Ro: Earthquake! I did that in the spirit of
California, because we have so many Ro: earthquakes here. Mo: You just wiped me
out! Ro: You’re welcome! Mo: OK, OK. Mo: Walrein! Ro: Oh my god it’s Walrein! Mo: Isn’t he cute! Ro: He’s really cute,
he kinda looks like Dad to me! Mo: Body slam! Ro: Oh! You squished me! Ro: Luxray! Mo: Oh my gosh! Ro: It’s super
effective! Mo: OK, I’m gonna give you a taste of your
own medicine, we’re gonna shake it up! Ro: No! It’s a California earth quake! Mo:
Shake it up! California style! Ro: No! I was beat with my own tactics, no! Ro: GG Molly, you got me good. She’s good
to battle against, she’s pretty good! Ro: She’s been playing Pokemon forever,
so she definitely has an advantage! Mo: I love it! Ro: But, um, then I can also
learn from her! Ro: She’ll take your techniques and turn
them against you. Ro: Don’t use earthquake on this one! Ro: She’ll shake out a win! Now that the cake pops have set, we are gonna
dip them for the second time, so that they will look like a Pokeball. And I’m gonna start with the original Pokeball
look, so we’re gonna be dipping them 1/2 way into red. So you’re gonna take your cake pop, and
I’m just gonna eyeball it, I’m gonna dip it about 1/2 way down. Let the excess
drip off, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! And then place it back in the foam block.
I’m gonna dip a few more to look like this, but then I’m gonna move on to another melted candy
color, because I also want to make Great, and Master, and Ultra Balls! Now we’re gonna dip a few cake pops 1/2
way into blue, these will make the great balls. Got our black candy melts all heated over here, ready to dip! And now we’re gonna dip a couple of these to make our Ultra Balls, Ultra Balls
are like, twice as good to eat! Last but not least, I just heated up the purple
candy melts, and we are gonna be making a Master Ball, usually you only get 1 master
ball, but, I’m gonna be making 2 because I’m gonna be giving 1 to my sister. It’s time for my favorite part, it’s time
to decorate! The first thing that we’re gonna be doing
is taking the black royal icing, I put it into a plastic bag with a number 2 tip at
the end for more control, and we are gonna ice a line all the way around our cake pop,
in between the 2 colors. Just finished icing on the black line, all
the way around all of our Pokeballs. And now, we are gonna add the little candy
button. I’ve separated a bunch of white Smarties, if you don’t have white Smarties
you can use any round white candy. They’re so cute! So for this next step you’re
just gonna take your black icing again, and ice a little circle blob right in the
middle of your Pokeball, and then, stick on the candy while it’s still wet. Now we’re gonna add the final decorations
to our great ball, you’re gonna take your red icing, and we’re gonna decorate with
2 strips of red, on each side. Now we’re gonna decorate the ultra ball,
so take your yellow icing and black pop. You’re basically gonna draw an H, so it’s
super easy. Last but not least, we’re gonna decorate
our master ball, so you’re gonna take the white icing and I put a number 2 tip at the
end. And we are just gonna ice a letter M right in the middle, and then
on each side we’re gonna put a little bloop, bloop! Of pink! Ta-da! Here are the Pokeball Cake Pops that
we made today! We’ve got the regular ball, the great ball,
the ultra ball and the master ball, which is a must if you want to catch any legendary
Pokemon! I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these
on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And if you guys make these, please take a
picture and send it to me, I love seeing your baking creations! It just kinda makes
my day! My sister and I did Pokemon Battle in this
video, but we also made another video over on Play Nintendo’s YouTube channel,
so if you’d like to check it out, I’ll put a link down below so you can click
there and see us game, we love gaming together, we have a good time! A special thanks to Nintendo for partnering
with me to make this video, I love their games, and I love Pokemon, if you can tell! Gotta eat ‘em all, Pokemon! Alright, and if you guys have any other ideas
for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down
below and I will do my best to make it happen! Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye!


  1. hi iam alex iam 6 years old and i like your vidioes i want to say I want to say I want to eat your pokiballs

  2. "And the master ball, which is essential for catching legendaries."

    Or you could just chuck twenty some ultra balls at it.

    I never use my master ball.

  3. more Pokemon charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard charizard

  4. I play pokemon moon and my team is

    Fircepaw (scoutland) lvl 100
    Flame (incinaroaor) lvl 100
    Splashy (primarina) lvl 100
    Teveant lvl 100
    Drampa lvl 100
    Night shade (luluna) lvl 96
    Thats my pokemon moon team

  5. Can you make golden snitch cake pops if you haven’t already? Or any other Harry Potter dessert you haven’t made yet 🙂

  6. I dare you to scroll down this comment.

    You've entered the endless void of nothingness.

    Keep going…

    Ok you're almost done. SCROLL DOWN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!! You have made it to the "bottom"! Trust me there is way more than this, but I blocked it off.


  7. I have 2 master ball stud earrings! I can't wear them yet though. Because I only got my ears pierced 2 weeks ago. And the tattooist said to wait 4 weeks.

  8. Rosanna do you know what could be the best coloured chocolate to melt in a microwave? P.S just asking so me and my dad can do this recipe! Also I probably wouldn’t be able to show you because I don’t have those apps and all I have is Snapchat ?. But anyway it would mean a lot to me if you could get back to me, Thanks ?

  9. I'm teaching high school right now and every Friday we do a cooking day to show them different things to cook. Today I'm going to do cake pops, doing this recipe only since its cream cheese I changed the cake to red velvet. We made the cake Wednesday, crumbled it and made the balls Thursday so I'll see what having the balls in the fridge for almost 24 hours will do, hopefully it'll be okay. Only difference instead of doing the pokeballs were going to use the food coloring like paint to paint it on as I've already taught them to pipe.

    I love your videos and recipes on a personal level already but its great to show the kids: you show close ups of what you're working on, you're upbeat and chipper, and you talk about video games and TV shows and movies they like. I fell in love with the cake pop idea and will probably one day make the pokeball decoration since I am a lifelong lover of pokemon I just dont have time in the class to do that. I will probably take pictures of both.

  10. @Rosanna Pansino Please make something in honor of the brand-new Pokémon movie that came out, titled Pokémon Detective Pikachu, the very first live-action Pokémon movie, and the very first Pokémon movie, in franchise history, to ever be rated PG.

  11. Can you make real cake pops in the oven with a sphereical mold? The crumbled up cake all mushed up is kind of gross? Otherwise decorations are nice on the outside.

  12. This is the channel that cures my depression irl
    (Edit: surprised she didn’t do voltorb as a joke ?)

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