Perfect Limbu Sharbat | Nimbu Pani | Basic Cooking | Recipe by Archana in Marathi | Sweet Lime Juice

Summer has arrived and you should strictly
avoid cold drinks from outside, correct? Instead of it, opt for a homemade drink. So, today I will show you a
very simple homemade juice, ‘Lemon Juice’. Here we have 3 lemons. Now, let’s squeeze the lemons. Add sugar as per your liking as
some like it sweeter while some prefer sour. So, decide accordingly. A bit of salt and water. Approximately 4 to 5 glass of water. Mix it well and make sure that sugar is
fully dissolved.. ..or else it will settle down without
mixing and juice will taste a bit sour. Sugar has dissolved fully. But as it’s Lemon Juice, we are bound to
taste it. So, I will quickly taste it. Aha! It’s perfect! Now, let’s pour it (in a glass). It would be great if someone offers a glass of
Lemon Juice after returning home from a sunny afternoon. To know such easy recipes.. ..keep watching Ruchkar Mejwani with
Archana – Basic Cooking! And, cheers! Cheers! (sound from the crew)

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