People Try Chocolates From Around The World

– One time I had a Belgian waffle that had chocolate drizzled on it. And that was in Belgium. And that’s it. – [Voiceover] Well, It’s in Spanish. (reads in Spanish) – Ooh! – I picture being in a
South American countryside. – You know, like an old, like brick house. – There’s something
about this chocolate that takes me back to childhood. – I’m going to guess this is from — – El Salvador. – Argentina. – Mexico. – Mexico. – Oh my God. – Yes! – Boom! – I’ve had this before. – Oh, that’s such another
satisfying little snapped. – Woah, what the (beep)? – Uh-uh. – Oh God. that’s dark chocolate. – That just hit like a
whole ‘nother dimension. – When I bite into it I envision — – The rainforest. – With the birds kind of flying
around, and they’re like — – People wearing lederhosen. – In Germany. – Germany. – Poland. – Brazilian. – Ooh! – I’m close! – Of course. – Argh, you’re playing mind games with me. – Oh gosh. – Oh my gosh! Wait, this is a good one. – ‘Cause this one has,
like, a little design on it. – Mmm! – Fancy. – It has some kind of like
weird filling inside of it. – Hazelnut. – This makes me think of, like — – A mountain top, a
little, like, yodeling hut. – This is definitely from — – Germany. – From Belgium. – Italy. – France. – Switzerland! – It’s so peaceful over there. It’s in the chocolate, you could taste the
freedom in the chocolate. – What lovely packaging. – Word, this thing is gold, son! – Every bar of chocolate
is a golden ticket. – Oh my god! – What is that? – I picture — – An oil refinery. – A cloudy sky. – Jail. – The place is hot, the place is swampy. – Russia. – Russia. – Finland. – Oh, I was going to say Vietnam! – Saigon! – I’m so pissed I didn’t say Vietnam. I’m just thinking with
my gut, or my palate, if you will, next time around. – Ha, Pineapple Lumps! – Oh! No, that looks fun. – That’s like chocolate and bubble gum, like if they had a beautiful child. – South Africa. – Brazil. – Australia. – New Zealand? What? – Wow! – (beep) I’ve got to book
a flight to New Zealand. – My favorite chocolate by far is the pineapple New Zealand one. – I think the Pineapple Lumps. – The Swiss. – The Switzerland one. – New Zealand’s Pineapple Lumps. – The Swiss one. – The Venezuelan one was
definitely my favorite. – I’m still eating it right now. – I think chocolate seems
to be a universal language that everybody can appreciate. – Chocolate’s the best, no
matter where it comes from. So, everybody, just keep doing what you’re
doing and make chocolate.

100 thoughts on “People Try Chocolates From Around The World

  1. 1:58 who else is from New Zealand and thought that they were gonna get the favourites chocolate box?

  2. I'm Vietnamese and I've never had that. We pretty much eat chocolates from other countries

  3. I'm so happy seeing so many other New Zealanders in the comments.

    Maybe there is hope for our tiny Australian island country.

  4. Ok if you had tried pineapple lumps from New Zealand. Do you like the Frozen, Melted, or Normal??

  5. wtf buzzfeed whats wrong with you ahhahaa Im Venezuelan and If you will make a video of chocolates ffrom around the world, You have to pick something traditional for Venezuelans like Carré or Milk chocolate by savoy

  6. I love how most of the packaging was clean and sleek and fancy and you just have NZs bright yellow pineapple lumps package lmaooo. I love my country

  7. does ANYONE know who edited this video?!?!? it looks like they spent SO much time on it or they're a beast at their job.

  8. I'm sad because Pineapple lumps aren't going to be made in 2018 ☹️☹️☹️ NZ stock up while you can

  9. Finally in some videos they hate pineapple lumps in this one thank yooooou for liking it its been a long time since ive seen a like for pine apple lump yaaaaaaaaaaaay

  10. "Oh gross it tastes like dark chocolate"

    Oh, you mean delicious, amazing, and superior to every other kind of chocolate on the planet?

  11. I'm in the US, but I know a lot about New Zealand and Pineapple Lumps are one of my favorite NZ candies as well as Minties

  12. 99% or the comments: Something about New Zealand.
    1% of the comments: where is the Swedish chocolate?
    (btw I'm from New Zealand and I was so happy when I saw that they put pineapple lumps in the video 😂)

  13. Ok as an Vietnamese I was disappointed, how come new york times wrote an article claiming it was the best chocolate in the world??!I guess not really a reality

  14. in my opinion
    swiss chocolate is so yummy, the lowest price chocolate is still so delicious! im really happy that buzzfeed has a video includig switzerland 🇨🇭 !

  15. Lmao in New Zealand when u leave pineapple lumps for too long they go hard like bricks so people would just through them at each other and give them bruises
    Anyone else do that or just my school?


  17. The pineapple lumps sounds good. I've covered orange slices and fresh pineapple in chocolate. The pineapple is hard to cover because of all of the moisture in it but it was good.

  18. York peppermint pattie commercials used to sound like this(somebody would take a bite,then describe skiing in the Swiss Alps or hiking in Iceland,putting into words what biting into the candy made them feel)

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