Pelo Talks – The Ice cream

Here, where I live there is a place we are going to call it DAIRY KING and they sell ice creams. I always bought big size covered ice creams.. well no big, because there is no big size
ice creams instead, Midium size covered ice creams… with an extra ball… so it can be big size covered ice creams. BUT ONE DAY I was greeted by a guy … and next to him… it was the manager AA FAAAAAT GIRL I am not saying I am skinny,
fuckin starving… BUT SHE WAS A FAAAATT GIRL!! AND SHE WAS A DAMN, A DAMN FAAAT GIRL but with a good face… For for hiding the THE DAAAAAMN FAAAAAT I asked for an Ice cream, and she gave it
to me but she didn’t put chocolate… in the last ball… and I was like and this? why you didn’t put chocolate here? Because is not like that … and why is it not like that? because we don’t gift the chocolate I was lookin at her and I said don’t serve me again, you fuckin fatass and I went the fuck out. So I was talkin with my brothers and I said hey, this fucker served me bad OOOOOH, it could be a rule NOOOO!!! WHAT RULE?!?! THEY DIDN’T SERVED ME LIKE
THAT BEFORE!!!! NOW LOOK!!! WHAT IS THIS?? THIS IS NOT AN I SCREAM!!! WHAAAATS THIIISS?!?!? but in the other Dairy King there is a good
service and I ask’em and they said “oooh it’s her problem” Then I went to the house and I told to my
brothers hey, there is a good service in the other one and suddenly my big brother appears and said STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT FUCKING ICE CREAM!!! STOP YOUR BULLSHIT and I said NO MY ICE CREAM!!! [Ice cream pain] The other day arrived… I went to the same store I was greeted by a girl and the fuckin damn fatass wasn’t there and when they were putting the chocolate they were whispering to eachother and I said what did you say to him?? and they stare at me you said what I think you said?! don’t
covered the last ball! well… well yes… we shouldn’t covered the last ball BUT WHY?!?!? IT’S JUST A FUCKIN BALL I AM BUYING THE ICE CREAEAEAEAEAEAAEEA! and a black guy came… I think he was the boss… of the manager… of the employees he was the only one with black clothes… and he was black then I said Listen, they are giving me bad service ok look, if you see here…here here it’s just 3 balls with chocolate, and you are buying an extra one so we don’t covered that one and I said but I’m buying a covered ice cream but it’s like that and I said aaaaaahh fucking black asshole that’s why you are black!! starved fuckin black!!! you fuckin blah!!! and I was in my house and I said god damn it, now what am I going to do? and I remember something.. my mom! for some weird reason… if someone needs to argue, and the mom is there… she helps ya so I approached to my mom and I told her hey mommy Their Service is bad WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! stop your bullshit, are you complaning for an ice cream?!?! and I told her everything, and she decided
to go with me, and I was like YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE That day arrived, we went to the ice cream
store and we ask for our ice cream, but when the guy was covering the ice cream. The… the FUCKER!!!! she was smelling, smelling how she was lossing chocolate so she came out HEY, DON’T PUT CHOCOLATEEUEUEUEU AND I SAW THAT!!! I SAW THAT!!! and I said BULLSHIT!!! and he gave us the ice cream hey hey hey… it’s not all covered well… they just told me that AND THE FAT GIRL APPEARS!!! HEY YOU FUCKIN ASSHOLE THIEF!!! WHY DON’T
YOU PUT THE CHOCOLATE IN YOU AS BUT my mom was shutting up at me cos she knew I was going to swear SHUT UP! I TALK! Hey I am buying an
ice cream with chocolate oh, yes but we put it with every ounce But you are charging us more money YEAH YOU FUCKIN THIE SHUT UP THE SHUT UP SHUT THE SHUT UP yes mommy AND BECAUSE SHE IS AN ASSHOLE! SHE COVERED
BUT ALL WRONG They gave you the chocolate like that? They GAVE ME the chocolate, you fuckin ass face My partners are doing it wrong well, thank you so much!! OH Thank you to you! GO FUCK YOUR MOTHEUAFNHEUHFAJEH and we went to the car see? she is an asshole! A Fuckin asshole all is puting the fuckin asshole what? why are you taking care of the owner’s ass?? [Ultimate anger]

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  2. I never knew you can make an argument about something so simple with an easy solution.

  3. I’m not saying skinny fucking starving.

    Ok damn I’m not that skinny but I’m a little bit fat. But the fatass is like,

    * T H E D A M N F A T ! ! ! *

  4. So I was visiting my grandma who lives in Mexico so I went to dairy Queen I mean dairy King and they the same thing I think it is a rule

  5. Sr Pelo is my role model

    He can speak spanish and english,
    He has a job,


  6. Dairy Queen has really delicious food. Even though they shot down my Elementary School, I still like Dairy Queen's food.

  7. No sé compara la forma de transmitir emoción en español que en inglés, en español se nota la gracia que de verdad le pones al vídeo JAJAJA buenísimo igualmente

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