Parle G Biscuit Cake Recipe in hindi | पारले जी बिस्कुट केक | Easy Eggless Cake in Cooker

How to make Parle G Biscuit Cake | EASY Cookie Cake | Cooker Cake Recipe | No Oven Cake | Simple Cake Recipe Did you try our delicious pan cake and Choco Idli Cake ? Please see the ingredients list for Parle G Biscuit Cake in you tube video description. Grind the biscuits into powder in a grinder. Add biscuit powder in a bowl to prepare batter. Add Sugar and Baking Powder and mix it. Add Vanilla essence and mix. Add milk gradually and mix as shown. Don’t add in one go. Stir in one direction only else cake might break. Keep the consistency/thickness almost similar to shown. It shouldn’t be not too thin or thick. Apply little butter on pot as shown to prevent sticking. Pour batter into the pot. Optionally add some Raisins or add any other dry fruit if you want to. Tap lightly on sides as shown to prevent the forming of air bubble. Add some water in cooker and let it become hot for few minutes say 5 mins. Now put the batter pot in the cooker. Close the cooker and remove the whistle and leave it for 40 minutes on medium heat. Open the cooker and check if the cake is cooked or not. Else close again for 5 minutes. Keep doing till done. Transfer it to serving dish. You can garnish it with your desired icing or you can put some gems/cherry on it. Thank you for Watching! Enjoy your Parle G Cake | Biscuit Cake If you LIKED the recipe then please
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  1. It looks scrumptious! I will have to substitute the biscuits to graham crackers; it’s what we have available at our store. ? Thank you for sharing.

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