PANETTONE (Italian Christmas bread: traditional recipe)

Today at Giallo Zafferano we are going to prepare naturally leavened Panettone. Let’s start! Let’s start with the first mix for panettone using the following ingredients: Manitoba flour Water Butter Egg yolk Sugar Sourdough Malt Let’s start preparing a syrup with water, sugar and malt Let’s put the sugar in the bowl the malt and water Let them dissolve once they’re mixed let’s open our machine put the syrup in the machine Flour and let’s start mixing In about 5 minutes, as soon as the dough starts
compacting, let’s add sourdough that has been freshened three times during the day and let’s start the machine again. In the meanwhile, while the mixer is operating, we’re going to prepare an emulsion of butter and egg yolk Let’s put the butter already
softened in a slightly bigger bowl and let’s whisk it with a little whip. Then we add the yolks in two moments And now the emulsion is ready and we add it to the dough in two moments In order to facilitate the absorption I’ll remove it from the leaf. Once the dough is nicely dry we add the second part of the butter. As you can see the dough is smooth and dry: it’s not sticky. We remove it from the machine The dough as you can see is nice and smooth We will as they say do some “dough rounding” And then we’ll leave it to rise in a glass bowl at 27/28 degrees for about 12 hours until it is three times its size. I’ll cover it with cling film. In our panettone I’ll use citrus fruit paste I’m going to show you how to make tangerine paste which is made with tangerines and sugar. Let’s take our tangerines which have already
been washed Let’s cut them. Now we add sugar Let’s stir it. Leave it to mature for about 15/20 minutes until the sugar melts. After the given time, some juice forms Let’s cook our tangerines for 35/40 minutes at very low heat. Once they are cooked I’m going to blend them into a paste. This is how you can make also orange and lemon
paste. The first rising is done and for my second mix I need the following ingredients: Raisins Flour Candied orange Orange paste Lemon paste Cider Egg yolk Sugar Butter Vanilla pod Honey Salt and tangerine paste Let’s start our second dough putting first leavened dough and the flour Look now how it collapses Let’s add the flour. Let it absorb the flour. Once the flour has been absorbed we can add
the aromatic compound: the orange paste lemon paste the tangerine paste the honey and the vanilla pod. We open the vanilla pod cutting it and then opening it with the tip of our knife to scrape the beans. Now the dough is ready for us to add the aromatic compound and the vanilla beans. Let’s turn the machine on to let the aromatic compound be absorbed by the dough. Whilst the mixer is operating, we’ll prepare another emulsion using again softened butter like we did before we are going to whisk it
a bit add the yolk in two separate moments. Let’s put the second part of the yolk… ok, we have prepared our second emulsion. The dough is ready for us to add the sugar: Let’s stop the machine Notice how the dough is nice and elastic Let’s pour the sugar and start the machine again. Now we add salt See that the dough is glossy and elastic. Only just 1 minute to let it be absorbed and we start the butter emulsion. Let’s stop the machine I’ll add the second part of the emulsion. Let’s let the dough be done. In the meanwhile I will mix the fruit that is raisins, orange and cider. I’ll take another glass bowl. The raisins have already been soaked before; the diced orange, and the cider Let’s mix it. Let’s check if the dough is ready. Notice that it is nicely transparent and elastic. When the dough has reached this elasticity we can add the fruit. The dough is ready, let’s stop the planetary. Let’s detach the leaf and let the dough rest for 20 minutes in the bowl. The dough has rested: we take it from the bowl and put it on the table. We round it and let it rest again for another 30 minutes at room temperature. After 30 minutes we are ready to put our panettone
in the paper mould. In the meanwhile we have weighed it: our panettone weighs 1,50kg. With the extra dough we made two panettone muffins. For dough rising follow these instructions: Turn the oven to 35 degrees, turn it off, cover the panettone with a glass bell cover and let it rise for 6 to 8 hours. Once risen, I have uncovered the panettone and left it open for 30 minutes so that it would develop a little crust. Now I’m going to cut a cross with a little
blade I’ll put a walnut size piece of butter in the middle of the cross and now we are ready to put it in the oven: 175 degrees, static mode for 50 minutes. Our panettone is cooked. We pierce it with two skewers we turn it upside down and let it cool down all night. Here is our panettone I suggest you to close it in a food bag for two days to let it express all its perfume. The perfect cake for Christmas holidays and
more. Try it out, I’m sure you’ll manage!

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  1. ๐Ÿ˜ณ Iโ€™ve been on a keto diet for about 2 months not bread! But for this I donโ€™t care if a cheat on my diet I could eat the whole thing with some coffee! Amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Compare 12:19 to 12:30…it looks like he's cutting a different panettone than the one he baked. ๐Ÿค” PS: I'm grateful that GialloZafferano is translating his content in English. Thank you, guys! Grazie mille!

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