Our Family Reacts to Dry Ice Cream Sandwiches for Camping

It will be so yummy maybe… you don’t know! Nathan say ah… kapow! He wants a lot… let him have a lot! So it is going to be so yummy? I don’t know I think they are going to taste good. I think they are going to taste so good! I think they will be pretty good. Nathan is a doubter. I mean astroid.. uh.. astronaut ice cream was good. It’s the same concept What are these things that we are trying today? Ready to eat, no drip no mess, freeze dried ice cream sandwich You want me to feed you? all right good Joseph says yeah let’s
see Christian he’s thinking about it that mean it must
be equally no why not man thumbs down from William alright the next culprit yeah yeah okay dangerous ice cream kind of tastes like an Oreo cookie but
with nothing in it like you just took the cream out I like some sort of
monster and step just the cookie part in there yeah well if you’re starving and
you like talked chocolate ah apparently they think campers okay it’s like at
them sideways for me we get from family adventures TV what else should we take
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