‘OMKalen’: Kalen Reacts to Microwave Chicken, and Prepares a Cola Salad Cake

Happy SaturKay, everybody. We are back with season two. And we are your new, hot off the
press, hot topic digital show. Whoo! Whoo! Let’s get into it. So on today’s lineup, we got
Kalen reacts to a nine minute fried chicken. And the countdown,
featuring BBHMM, babysitter momma
better have my money. Boom! Show me the chicken. Alrighty. Well, I’ve already prepared
myself for the worst. But hopefully, Jesus
will be a fence. Here we go. OK, so fried chicken. Here we got chicken,
salt and pepper. Should have used seasoning salt.
But y’all love some bland food. OK, marinate. Oh, wait, we got
more seasonings. OK, well this is
going pretty well. So I don’t know why people
told me to watch this. OK, yeah, that’s how
I make my chicken. Put in a bag. Shake it on up. OK, I don’t know what
them sticks is for. Microwave– Microwave. Oh! Now, I have seen a lot
of food videos, baby. But that’s honey, no, she
need to be put in jail. Baby, let’s talk about
this culinary atrocity. OK, listen. Strike one, they
misspelled chicken. So that was already a red flag. You in danger girl. Strike two, they made
this stick contraption like somebody’s Boy Scout. Baby, why are you taking
toothpicks and putting them in a little crisscross? You trying to play
Tic-Tac-Toe after you choke on that salmonella chicken? Strike three, I
don’t know what she was watching on that laptop. But I can tell you this much,
she about to Netflix and die. She don’t love herself. She can’t. Who would put some
chicken in the microwave? Welcome to K’s countertop. Today we will be
making Coca-Cola salad. Do I know what
Coca-Cola salad is? Absolutely not. Do I want to know what
Coca-Cola salad is? Absolutely not. Am I going to? Yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, so here are our ingredients. I supposed to use pecans, but
they was all out of pecans. So I got sunflower
seeds instead. I prefer that anyway. OK, so first, we’re going
to put it in our jello. Boom bam diggity. There it go. Look like a yogurt. Now you gonna put in
the warm Coca-Cola. Ooh. Is this supposed
to react like that? This look like somebody
science experiment. And now we’re going to put
in the room temperature Coke. That’s a lot of Coke. Then we put in pineapple juice. Baby, this is not healthy. Now, crushed pineapple. This a lot of crushed pineapple. We gonna put a
dollop of everything. This look like a stomach
ache waiting to happen. Just like that 7Up salad cake. OK, now we gonna put in
these sunflower seeds. I don’t know what the purpose
of these seeds is for. Ooh, that’s does not look good. It’s just sitting on the top. Now I gotta mix this all up
there and get it all mixed up. Let’s take a look at this. Now I gotta pour it in here. So here we go. Ooh. Oh no. That don’t even
sound appetizing. Ooh, where did that come from? What in the– now we’re going
to put this in the refrigerator and make Jell-O. All right, so our Jell-O
has formed consistency. Time for the moment of truth. Oh wait, I should
actually put this on top first and then flip it. Otherwise, that
could go very wrong. OK, here we go. OK. Oh, oh, I think it came– tada! Well, aren’t you a
little ugly little thing? Bon appetit. Let’s cut us a piece. Ew, why it sound like that? I feel like this
something they would eat on Shrek or something. It don’t smell good either. OK. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] It’s actually not bad at all. Once you get past the
crunchiness of the sunflower seeds, it’s fine. That’s a little off putting. I kind of felt a little nauseous
when I took that first bite and it was crunchy ’cause Jell-O
ain’t supposed to be crunchy. But honestly, I couldn’t even
tell that there’s Coke in it. Honestly, it just taste
more like lemon-lime with some pineapple in it. Would I make it? No. Would I serve it to people? No. But, whoop, there it is. All right, time
for the next story. OK, so the headline
is, mom refuses to pay baby sitter
because she gets, and I quote, free ice
cream and day of fun. OK baby, this is a
case for Kalen’s court. All in session. These are the facts. So the baby sitter has just
babysit these kids today. She wants to come and pick
up the money tomorrow. So I will be playing the role
of baby sitter and parent. Here’s babysitter. It was great watching
Jack and Jill today. I enjoy them. Do you mind if I swing
by tomorrow at 2:00 PM to collect the money? I wasn’t aware a
payment was involved. You got free ice cream
and a day of fun. I’m sorry for the
misinterpretation. So the babysitter
actually has some receipts and she says you
were the one that actually proposed to me that
I will get paid $16 an hour. Great. See you then. $16
an hour sound fair? Perfect. I’m looking forward
to working with them. I’m excited. Well, you’re acting kind
of stuck up, aren’t you? Can we compromise at $20? The momma still ain’t
trying to pay up. Lies you tell. Absolutely not. At that point, only thing you
can do now is call the police. Final verdict, [BEEP]
better have my money. Case closed. Until next time,
peace, blessings. Love ya.

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