OMK Vegans Gone Wild – Kalen Reacts to Veggie Desserts

OK, cake batter, radish– wait, radish? Hold on. What in the vegans gone
wild is going on here? OK, wait. Now look, something
ain’t right about that, because [? sister ?] child
I can’t believe that– oh baby, you could– oh, confetti cupcakes. Oh, is this a joke? Betty Crocker is rolling
over in her grave. Brownie, black beans? Oh, wow, wow. No, they did not put them
beans in that chocolate. Y’all going to make brownies? What you doing? Ah, why crinkling it up? Hold on, don’t toss it. What you put that–
what’s that going to do? That ain’t going to
change the taste of it. You’ve got to be kidding me. Child, the devil is a liar. Absolutely not. Now, you’re going to
bake it, and you’re going to serve it like that,
with them beans in there? Mm-mm, Beanie Brownies,
the lies you tell. Girl, I’d rather rot in hell. Oh, oh, y’all nasty. Mm-mm.

100 thoughts on “OMK Vegans Gone Wild – Kalen Reacts to Veggie Desserts

  1. All these are not vegan at all I’m not vegan or vegetarian but it bugs me cake mix has egg butter and then the brownies same thing idk what to replace the eggs with to make it vegan but the butter can easily be replaced by vegetables shortening

  2. The day someone puts beans I my brownies is the day my rainy day fund will be used for bail. I'm slapping the cook and forcing them to eat a bacon burger with extra bacon and no veggies

  3. OK but black bean brownies are a thing!! I once got one from a little bakery downtown and it was the fudgiest brownie I have ever eaten. You don't get a bean taste at all.

  4. This whole thing makes no sense!!!! What's the point of putting veggies in the dessert?? It would be impressive to use the veggies to make dessert, but your essential taking cake… And puting carrots in it. I don't get it.

  5. Theses are not vegan? Vegans don't eat any animal byproduct. That includes honey. I don't know if that is vegan butter or not, but those eggs most definitely were not.

  6. Black Beans Chocolate Brownies tastes AMAZING. I bodybuild protein bake and I add protein and black beans to make them packed with protein and can't believe you can't taste the beans at all

  7. I never tried beanie brownies, but there are several sweets from different countries made with beans and they're delicious.

  8. This is vegetarian, not vegan. Also I eat meat but those black bean brownies are fiiirrrreee. Tasty yet good for your digestive systems

  9. The one who made the cooking video certainly does not know what vegan means…she used eggs, she most likely also uses wool and leather.

  10. U gotta have him try the brownies! He should make them truly vegan, but only with a food processor and maybe a flax egg. Idk bout those cupcakes tho.

  11. Well, the brownies with the beans in it is actually good, plus healthy. Just as long as it i plain black beans with nothing on it.

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