OMG Moment: Cookie Still Saves The Day | Season 6 Ep. 3 | EMPIRE

So those last two
minutes that’ll get you– the OMG moment. OMG episode 3. I am so proud. Why Kingsley? Why would my hallucinations
manifest in that way? GABOUREY SIDIBE: Kingsley, I
think it’s his way of being like, look, I’m in you forever. And I’m going to be haunting
you forever, pill or no pill. This baby’s in trouble as
long as Andre is its father. Also–
– What you can do? Huh? You going to shoot
me in the back? GABOUREY SIDIBE: I’ll be damned. Damon actually shot Cookie. Didn’t you kind of think the
bullet was going to bounce off of her like Superman? Well, it didn’t. How did I let men like you
and Lucious play me for a fool. Damon calls Lucious and says– You’ve got two hours
to bring my damn laptop. Oh no, she ain’t
my problem no more. Lucious is terrible, and
has always been terrible, except for I guess now when he
starts thinking about a time when like, he promises– I got you. I’m going to always
have you, Cook. GABOUREY SIDIBE: If you want
to use it now for a reason to go save her, cool. Everything I needed
to clear my damn name is in that computer. It’s gone. But in Cookie
like fashion, she somehow still saves the day,
and it’s all a big mess.

35 thoughts on “OMG Moment: Cookie Still Saves The Day | Season 6 Ep. 3 | EMPIRE

  1. yo but real talk! y'all need to start showing hakeem more fr cause he only had one appearance so far and I'm hoping they'll show more of him in the next few episodes. btw it's not the same without jamal

  2. I honestly believe frank gathers daughter shot luscious and damon cross need to eliminated instantly he shot her for nothing

  3. Still no Hakeem which means still no Takeem 🤦🏾‍♀️ I might just wait till the season is over and binge watch.

  4. okay so when freda showed the guy the gun in the beginning of the episode last night, it looked like the same gun that was used to shoot lucious. but what does it all mean??

  5. well that's not fair to call lucious right now terrible cuz cookie always going around saying how she don't need nobody but yet always rely on lucious that's some BS

  6. Now we know why Damen’s daughter keeps her distance: dude is Cuhrazy!! Is he gone for good? And what about Diana DuBois? The Lyons still have a lot of enemies out there…

  7. I'm not watching a single episode until the entire season has finished. That way, I can watch them back to back on HULU.
    (I will NOT "wait until next week" to find out what happens! I wanna know NOW! 😂😂😂)

  8. Wood played his part. KUDOS! When he shot COOKIE! LAWD!
    She and Lucious had me fooled, but…. LUCIOUS LOVES COOKIE/COOKIE LOVES LUCIOUS. I hope the writers will let Andre be happy with his new family. I like seeing Kingsley, but let him haunt Lucious.

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