Office Cupcake Battle

It’s a classic office dispute. She stole your stapler. He ate your lunch. It’s gotten bad. And there’s only one way to resolve this. With a cupcake battle! Player one get ready! Player two get ready! The rules are simple. It’s like dodgeball. You get hit in the arm, you lose that arm. You get hit in both arms… then you’re pretty much screwed. If you get hit in the leg… you lose that leg. If you get hit in both legs… then you fight from the ground as best as you can. The head or torso… well that’s instant death. Catch a cupcake and you get a fatality blow. Players… Get ready to battle!!! Miss! Miss Leg shot! Leg shot! Miss! Leg shot! Arm shot! Fair catch. Fatality Blow! Sayonara, Sucker! GAME OVER! Office dispute settled.

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