Hi I’m Steve Owens and today in Steve’s
Kitchen as part of this week’s Nutella Bonanza we’re going to be making this Braided Nutella Tear and Share bread.
This is a delicious recipe, it looks great, it will impress
your friends. Let me show you how we are going to make it and what you are going to
need. The dough we are using for this recipe is an enriched dough, a little bit like a brioche dough. and I’ve got 450 grams that’s a pound of
bread flour in here, now it does have to be weighed out, rather than with cups because it’s far more accurate. I’m going to add the dry ingredients
I’ve got a third of a cup of sugar and I’m using dried instant yeast here. I’ve got
two teaspoons that just going to pop that in the bowl. and a pinch of salt which I’m going to
put the other side of the bowl so it doesn’t inhibit the yeast in any way.
Now just take a fork and mix those dry ingredients together
now into that I’m going to add some melted butter that’s about 30 grams or
an ounce of melted unsalted butter and three quarters of a
cup of full cream milk which I have warmed slightly in the microwave so it
just helps activate the yeast now into the mixture I’m just adding
the yolks of 2 Eggs, I’m going to keep those egg whites for later use in the recipe
now we’re just going to take our fork again and start to bind these ingredients
together and I use a fork because it just keeps your hands clean to start
with and after a moment we’re going to get
our hands in there now and start to combine the dough together now this is starting to form a nice dough
I’m just going to take it out pop it onto my workbench and I’m going to
start kneading the dough now at the moment it’s a little bit grainy
and gritty but as you work this over five to 10 minutes you are going to get a beautiful
smooth silky texture now of course you could do this in a
stand mixer but I really like to do this by hand it’s your choice. Now I like to knead this
for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes you are going to end up with this beautiful silky rich dough and if we squeeze that round, draw that
round you can see when you push a finger into there it springs back beautifully. So now back
in a mixing bowl and just adding a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil, and I’m just gonna pop the
dough in there roll it around in the oil. And then we want to
cover that over with some cling wrap just to keep the moisture trapped in or
damp towel and because this is an enriched dough it’s going to take a little
longer to rise than a normal dough so I’m going to leave this for a couple of hours
in a warm area to rise or at least double in size now you see my dough has risen
beautifully It’s got a lovely elastic texture to it. Going to
bring that out now and pop it onto a warm surface not onto a cold worktop and I’m just going to knock the air out of
that and then I’m just going to roll it up tightly, and then going to divide the
bread up into four quarters now let’s take one of those pieces of
dough and I’m just going to roll into a ball
then taking a little flour on our surface, we’re going to take
that piece of dough and then we’re going to roll it out
until we get a twenty centimeter or 10 inch round circle a little bit like a pizza dough you can
just spin this on the surface and just push it out toward the outside too
stretch it out nice and thin one final roll now that’s looking a good
size to me now I’m using a dinner plate just to
work out my size and that’s about the right size that
I want and at this point I’m just going to slide that piece of bread onto a grease proof baking paper i’m going to take
my plate now and put it onto the dough and push it
down just to make an impression and the reason being is because I want to
put Nutella on here now but I don’t want to be doing it on the
areas that are not going to be using now in a small bowl or ramekin we’re just going to take about a cup of Nutella and because that’s thicker than I want it
for spreading on this dough, I’m going to warm that in the microwave for about 30
seconds that just makes the nutella a lot more
runny so we can put it on here without missshaping the bread place them on the center there and you
can use a knife or spatula just to spread the nutella evenly across the dough and try to keep it
as close to those lines as possible I’m now just going to slide a baking
tray under there and I’ll pop that asside while I prepared the next layer and now we’re gonna repeat the exact
same process with the next two quarters of dough and
with the second layer when we got it the size of the plate what we want to do is we want to lift it
and lay it over-the-top of our first layer, so now we
have nutella between those two layers I’m gonna pop the plate on top again push it
down just to make a mark and I want to spread that warm nutella
over the surface again then pop that aside and repeat for the next
layer Now that’s the third layer there, I’ve checked it’s the right size I’m just going to lay this one across the top
of the second layer again pop my plate on their just push it
down now this is the last of the layers which
we going to cover with chocolate so we can I set that one aside now and
prepare that final top layer. now we’re going to lay that final layer
across the top stretching it out a little bit and
make sure it’s the full size at the plate then I’m just going to take it off my baking
sheet and I’m going to place that plate back
on top of the four layers and what I want to do
is take a very sharp knife push down firmly and cut away the excess
of the sweet dough and then what we should have
when we pull that away is a perfectly round layered Nutella bread. Now I’m going to take a
small drinking glass I’m going to place it as best center as I can and I’m going to
leave that there in the center whilst I take a sharp knife again and I’m going to cut all the way through
the dough at three o’clock 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock and then I’m going to divide each one of
these in half and then again I’m going to divide each of
those segments in half once more. The next thing we can do
can be a bit tricky if you’ve got a camera in the way but what I want you to do is take up each these pieces and twist them twice around and the second piece next to it we want
to twist in the opposite direction twice around and
lay it back down let’s see if I can just show you another one
you could do them both together like this, lift both up and turn them in the opposite direction
to each other twice around and then lay them down like
so I’ll just continue to turn the board
around we’re going to lift these up double turn and lay them down now the next thing I’m going to do is
lift it finally for one stage and I’m just going to pinch these two edges together just do another one to show you, we’ll just
continue in the same direction going to pinch these two surfaces together and what you end up with is this beautiful
floral shaped bread and I can slide that now back onto the
baking tray now I’m just going to cover that with a
damp tea cloth and leave it for 20 minutes or so just
to let it rise a little bit and while I’m doing that I’m preheating the
oven to 180 degrees Celsius 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Now our oven is
nicely up to temperature and you remember the egg whites that we kept
aside well I’m going to use those now just to brush the surface, I’m using a silicon
brush here, just to coat the top of the bread before it goes into a preheated oven and there it is, now I’m gonna pop that in
there for 15 to 20 minutes just keep an eye on it we don’t want to
go too dark and there it is out to the oven that
looks and smells delicious the whole house absolutely is full of the smell Bake
Nutella and Bread now we need to set it to cool down
before you start to try and eat it now will you look at that,that’s cooled down
now it looks absolutely delicious and it
looks a picture too, I almost don’t want to break a piece off but here goes, pull that away my that is absolutely fantastic it’s sticky Gooey and chocolatey I wish I could
share a piece of this with you, come on reach out and take that piece I’m going to give it a
try yum dingerty that is not going to last long
at all that is so good well I hope you’ve enjoyed another Nutella crazy recipe today don’t forget all this week we’ll be doing Nutella recipes, because it was world Nutella Day last week and also it’s Valentine’s
coming up so I thought chocolate should be the theme of the time please share the love give this one a
thumbs-up I’ll see you in the next video take care!
My these Nutella recipes are absolutely fantastic did any you
notice the deliberate mistake during that last recipe video I’ll let
you comment down below if you did? Anyway I’ll leave some links to some other videos here please subscribe stay in touch be good see you next time.

100 thoughts on “NUTELLA BRAIDED TEAR AND SHARE BREAD ♥ BlumenBrot

  1. Next time you find you've made an error that affects the results, how about PUTTING AT THE TOP OF THE NOTES??? I wasted an entire bag of flour trying this goddamn recipe over and over, with crappy results. Then I FINALLY saw your note about the flour AT THE END OF THE NOTES, hidden WAY DOWN THERE where it's hard to find. THANK YOU for the wasted money which I could ill afford!!!

  2. Hi. I made this bread and it was really tasty except the flavor of yeast was really pronounced. Is it okay to use baking powder instead?

  3. Hi, can we make the Nutella bread and keep it in the refrigerator for 3 hrs will the taste be normal and instead of using eggs can we use something else in this recipe

  4. Followed the braiding procedure with my own white dough recipe, turned out amazing!! Use the leftover dough for nutella-infused French loaf. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

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  7. I always have to put more liquid in. When you consider that 2 egg yokes are about 25 grams each and 3/4 cup of cream is about 180 grams your liquid to flour ratio is only 51%. Rule of thumb for bread is the liquids should weigh 65% of the weight of the flour. At 450 grams of flour you would need at least 290 grams of liquids. So I'm not sure how this works out for you, I must be missing something somewhere??

  8. I prepared this yesterday. it was delicious! just few changes I had to make. the top of the brioche was getting too dark mid way so I covered with foil and had to bake it 15 mins more extra as everyone's oven is different!
    after 20 mins of baking I got no colour on the base and was uncooked so had to bake it more with foil on.
    any idea what went wrong here?

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  12. Hi Steve, I found your channel via VB Ed and am looking forward to looking through all the videos you have on here. I have a question, have you ever done a video about the ways to increase audience on YT? I am fairly new to YouTubing but I think I am doing the right sort of things. I have a website, Facebook page, Pinterest page etc. but despite all that I seem to be stuck in a rut and things aren't moving forward. Your channel looks like it is incredibly successful and it would be very interesting for newcomers like me, to find out the kind of stuff you had to do to get where you are now.


  14. Thank you so much for this pretty and yummy Nutella Brioche Bread. I made it 2 times and each time my family loves it so much. I shared your Video in my fb and so many tried and they are love it too.

  15. Steve hello to you, can you make it with brioche dough that I have already in the fridge. Then he just added the Nutella? I'd love to hear from you, thank you

  16. Definitely not a quick recipe for a preggo with three little kids that want to help 😅. But I so had a craving for it.

  17. Made this in school and it was nice. I am going to make it again at home using this vid. Liked 👍

  18. Steve, I was so excited to make this! It's gorgeous and it looks delicious! However, I found that 400 g of flour was way too much when measured by cups. I'm in the US. I used AP flour instead of the bread flour, which was all I had, and I measured about 3.5 cups according to the conversions found online. The dough was really tough to knead and despite working with it for about 20 minutes it never did become silken. It was just dry and cracked. I continued working with the dough, and let it rise overnight. It never did take off, it just got a strong yeasty odor. So I went ahead and made the bread, but it did not turn out, unfortunately. It was tough and I had to throw it away. So disappointed. Yours looked amazing! I'm hoping I can recreate that. Any suggestions?

    Also, just an idea, I think this would be great drizzled with some homemade hot buttered rum as a finishing touch.

    Thank you for the recipe! I look forward to trying again. 🙂

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