NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE – Decorating a Cake

Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Today I’m here with
my sister Mo. Mo: Hey Everybody! Ro: And Mr. Husky! Husky: Hello! Ro: We got so many requests from you guys
to play the not my arms game, so today Ro: I am gonna show you how to assemble and
decorate the perfect cake, Ro: but with a twist, I won’t be able to
use my arms, they are gonna be behind my back Ro: and Mr. Husky, who cannot see, will be
my arms! Ro: Alright, are you ready team? Husky: So
ready! Mo: Yeah. Ro: Alright, put it in, we’re gonna do perfect
cake on 3. 1, 2, 3! All: Perfect Cake! Ro: The first things that you’re gonna need to do
is grab a little hat, you want a little Ro: chef bakers hat, Molly, I got you one
too. Mo: This is so cute! Ro: Yeah, it’s got a little Velcro in the
back so you can like, adjust it, Ro: to find your, the right size. It’s good
to keep hair out, out of your face! Mo: Oh yeah. Ro: In front of us we have two round 8 inch
cakes, and they have chilled in the fridge Ro: so that they won’t crumble, they’re
really easy to work with and now we are gonna Ro: level them. You’re gonna put your cake
leveler flat, and wiggle it back and Ro: forth, back and forth and saw it all the
way down the cake. Ro: This is gonna make our cake nice and flat
so that we can stack them. Mo: Oh! Ro: Yeah, we don’t need, yeah! Mo:
Oh OK! RO: Who needs it! Ro: We’re gonna put the first cake on the
cake plate, and then I’m gonna place it Ro: on the turntable, this will help us decorate
later. Ro: There we, look at that! Look at that! Mo: Woo! These are pretty fun! Ro: Isn’t that fun? Mo: Err-roo-err-roo! Ro: So you’re gonna grab your icing, I put
it in a plastic bag with a little circle tip Ro: at the end for a little bit more control.
Mo: OK. Ro: And we’re just gonna ice, ice, ice,
the top of this cake. Ro: You can make a circle all the way around,
smooth out the icing, you just want it Ro: nice and smooth before you add the second
cake. Ro: Here we go…. Gotta eyeball it, make
sure it’s right. Ro: Oh, oh! Ro: The next step is to ice! We are going
to ice our whole cake, Ro: so you’re just gonna take a big bag
of icing. Again, I put it in a plastic bag, Ro: with an icing tip, just for a little bit
more control. Ro: We’re gonna start on the top, we’re
gonna ice the top of our cakes first. Ro: Thin amount evenly around, letting a little
bit hang over the side. Ro: Then you’re gonna take your big spatula,
and we’re gonna smooth it out! Ro: Smooth out all the bumps, the wrinkles. Mo: Can we just eat it now? Ro: Oh! Mo: Oh,
you are! You did it. Ro: Yes we can eat it now! Ro: Now that we’ve frosted the top of the cake, we are gonna take our icing and frost the sides of the cake. Ro: And this is where that turntable really
comes in handy! Ro: Because you’re just gonna hold that
icing steady. Mo: Mmmhmmm. Ro: And frost it all the way around as you
spin the turntable. Ro: Alright, done-sies! Ro: You know what I was thinking Molly? Mo:
What? Ro: What’s the next step there? Ro: Let me just get my hair out of the way
here. Ro: So now, the first thing that we’re gonna
do is decorate the sides of our cake. Ro: We’re gonna be making little loops that
go loop, loop, loop, loop, loop! Ro: And that is called swag! Isn’t that
funny? Ro: Watch a pro do her work Molly! Ro: Watch a pro in action here. Mo: Yeah.
Ro: Let me show you how to do this. Mo: How do you do it? Ro: So you’re gonna start at the top of
your cake. Mo: Uh-huh. Ro: And then you’re gonna do a loop on the
side, just loop, loop, loop. Mo: Oh, OK. Ro: You’re gonna go all the
way around, you’re gonna use the turn table as well. Ro: Just incase you forget, oh I got a little
out of control! Ro: Now we’re gonna take our pink icing,
I put a little bit of pink icing in a Ro: plastic bag with another star tip. Ro: This tip is a little bit larger than the
other one that we use for the swag designs. Ro: And, we’re gonna oooh! Ooopsie-doopsie! Ro: We’re gonna start on the bottom, we’re
gonna put a border all the way around the Ro: bottom, just boop-boop-boop, little stars
all the way around. Mo: Just little stars? Ro: Come on! Mo: Hey! Ro: Come, come on! Mo: You’re scaring me over there! Mo: You’re scaring me over there lady! Ro: Yeah, I take my baking very serious. Ro: I over-filled my bag. Mo: Oh. Ro: So,
this is another tips and tricks for you Ro: guys at home, you don’t want to fill
your icing too full. Ro: I got a little over-zealous, I just got
excited! I love frosting! Ro: Now we’re gonna move on to the top of
the cake, we’re gonna put little Ro: stars all around the top. Mo: Oh! Ro: But
mine looks so good, that I’m gonna skip this step. Ro: Because mine looks really good! Ro: But I’m gonna supervise to make sure Mo’s doing it right you guys, because… Mo: Yeah, can you just give me some tips.
Ro: Hagh… Yeah. Ro: Yep, there you go. Mo: Is that OK? Ro:
Mmmhmmm, mmmhmm. Mo: Uh, you know I think I got it, I’m almost
done. Ro: I can help, I can help. Mo: I’m feeling
really good about this. Ro: Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme! Mo: No, you’re
just gonna eat my icing. Ro: I will. Mo: So you just stay over, I can see that you’ve been eating it, I see the pink. Ro: You know me! Ro: Now we’re all done piping, now we’re
gonna add some sprinkles! For design! Mo: I love sprinkles. Ro: Me too! Mo: Jinx! Ro: Here we go! Ro: Make it rain! Mo: Oh, my gosh! Ro: Oh wow! Mo: You used
all the sprinkles! Ro: Ummm, I… Might have some extra. Ro: I have these cute little candles, these
are birthday candles, and I thought Ro: we could use those today to decorate. Ro: They’re little candles that spell Happy
Birthday. Ro: Place these in the cake to spell Happy
Birthday. I’m gonna put this… Here! Ro: Alright, and now I’m gonna add one more
set of candles, just for fun. Ro: Oh, here they are! Mo: These are adorable! They remind me of
little emoji’s at the top! Ro: Bewwww! Pscbhbbbbbbbbb!! Ro: There we have it, let me spin my cake
around so you can get a good look at it. Ro: Bew! Mo: Whoa, pretty good! Mo: Are you gonna eat that icing? You better
put that back on the cake! Mo: Oh my gosh! Ro: Just one more bite. Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the cakes that we made today,
they are perfect for any occasion. Ro: Mo’s is for a birthday, a birthday cake.
And then mine is um, for me! Ro: A big thank you to you guys for suggesting
a not your arms challenge, Ro: And a big thank you to Mo, and Husky for
being my arms today. Ro: And lastly, a big thank you to Wilton
for partnering with me to make this video. Ro: I teamed up with them to make a real video
of how to assemble and decorate a cake, Ro: with some awesome tips and tricks over
on their channel. Ro: So I’ll put a link down below for you
to go check it out, if you’re interested. Ro: And if you guys have any other ideas for
any other games we should play, Ro: please leave me a comment down below.
And, Molly, should we do a taste test? Ro: I mean this has been looking pretty good.
I’ve been nibbling a little bit throughout Ro: the day, but, do you want to have a bite?
Mo: Yeah. Do you just want to grab a piece? Ro: I don’t have a knife so I’m just gonna
karate chop it. Mo: Oh wow. Ro: Yummy little bite. Mo: Oooh! Ro: Oooooooh! Mo: Mmmmm! Mmmhmmm. Ro: Yep… Ro: Did I get a cake on my face? Right here?
Mo: Just a little. Ro: I feel like I got a little somethin-somethin
on there. Mo: I would just, I would just lick your lips
a little bit. Ro: Molly, you got a little something on your
nose, let me get it for you. Mo: Well, that…

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  1. When I saw this video I was so happy and thought it was meant for me because my b-day was that day and I was only like 7 ? love you ro!

  2. I initially thought that the first video I saw Husky In was in Ro's Meet My Boyfriend video, but after having watched the FBE videos where kids reacted to Ro (this video was featured in both videos), this is actually the first video where I saw him.

  3. watching this after husky surprised ro with blueberry his hair looks so different bleach i like it both ways

  4. The first time I watched this vid, I was like it's so awkward having a friend behind you that is awkwardly trying to be your arms… Now… Aaahhhh.. I ship it!!!!??❤❤❤

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