Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts

– Are you vegan? Good. (classical music) – I don’t think I’ve ever touched a single vegan food in my life, except like by accident. – I usually do like vegan food. – I’m skeptical of these vegan desserts. – This is the vegan glazed doughnut, but I hear the word doughnut, and I’m on board. – It looks like a regular doughnut. – It doesn’t smell like a doughnut. It smells like a lemon square. – Oh, this is good. – That’s terrible. – This kinda tastes
like fruit loops to me. – If I was having this and
you told me it was vegan, I would not believe it. – Yes for the vegan doughnut. I’m liking it. – Tofu vegan cheesecake? (disgusted noise) – It’s more wiggly than
regular cheesecake. – It does not smell
like cheesecake at all. – Mmm. – No. – It’s really gritty. – The texture’s awful. – Or like soaked, mushy bread. – I could not describe to
you what this taste is, I can just tell you that
it’s working for me. – It’s like eating a giant tofu with a lotta sugar in it. – Why call it cheesecake if it’s not gonna taste like cheesecake? – The more that I have
it, the more I like it. – Vegan snickerdoodle. I’m feeling good about
these snickerdoodles. – These are so soft. – They look like rocks. – All vegan desserts look like dirt. – Oh yeah. – It tastes gingery. – These win. – It’s mushy. It’s just
not working for me. – Cookies should crumble and I can mold this into any shape I want. – Vegan cherry ice cream. It looks like a regular
piece of ice cream, except it’s really hard. – There are little pieces
of chocolate in it. – Smells like ice cream. – It’s really good. – That sucks. – That’s super fruity. – It tastes kinda like cherry
flavored Bubblicious gum. – Knowing that it’s vegan, it tastes fresher. – Here’s the thing, I would probably eat any
dessert no matter what. – Raw vegan brownie. Looks like a brownie with seeds in it. – It looks like a granola bar. – Nothing about this
screams brownie to me. – That’s delicious. – I don’t like it. – It’s definitely chocolatey. – It tastes exactly like a Cliff bar. – Mushy texture seems to be a running theme through vegan desserts. – I would eat it again. – I wish vegan foods
would just stop trying to imitate non vegan foods. Just be yourself. Be whatever it is that you are. (classical music)

100 thoughts on “Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts

  1. “I wish vegan foods would stop imitating the taste of non vegan foods”. Ahh the classic “if you’re vegan why do you eat things that are made to taste like meat/dairy” meat and dairy tastes good- we just don’t like the cruelty and murder that comes with eating meat 🙂

  2. I feel like this was heavily biased… I am very allergic to dairy and so often eat vegan deserts. There are some amazing options out there with no dairy (or animal products)!

  3. I find it unfortunate that they made a tofu cheesecake… I've been veg for 20 years and have never heard of such a thing. However, I have had raw vegan cheesecake that was made of cashews and it was DIVINE! Even the dairy-eaters were raving about it.

    I think they purposely picked the tofu to make it seem worse.

  4. legit eating the worst foods ever. they picked the random flavors. tasty has plenty of yummy delicious vegan foods. why didn't they try those recipes??

  5. Having a negative mindset going in makes such a big difference on how they like the food. It disgusts me how negative people can be about the idea of food tasting good (even if not the same as non-vegan options) while also not hurting animals and our environment. Open-mindedness is so important to leading a peaceful and happy life.

  6. Seriously that girl in the baseball cap was so rude.I haven’t even finished the video because of her.Who hires someone who is so negative?I am not vegan myself and personally don’t enjoy vegan food that much but i at least respect it instead of criticising like i am a five year old.She should have known better if she was going to be in this video

  7. As a non-vegan, all these vegan desserts look fabulous and delicious and I want to gobble them up. I'm just saying..

    YUM. 😊😄

  8. Girl with glasses i hate her she is annoying n nerrow minded no one can change her without even testing any thing she start makeing her mouth weird n start commenting…….she is not good learner…..bad attitude….

  9. I hate when videos misrepresent veganism, like I’m vegan and those deserts looked not that great, like I have eaten so many better things, please stop giving my community a bad rep

  10. People say 'I hate vegan food, it is gross"
    But did they know potato chips, french fries, oral cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also vegan foods? XD

  11. Should do one where they invite a bunch of non-vegans to try vegan & non-vegan food, rate it, then decide whether what they ate were vegan or not. A blind taste testing is more fair

  12. okay but they were giving them terrible versions of these foods. There are vegan cheesecake recipes that (gasp!) don't use tofu, and they are far better tasting. This goes for all the foods. There are better ways to make them.

  13. Jordan yeah you looking your having food their so shut up and eat it because their are billions of people who don't eat everyday and you're crying so be quiet and think you are lucky

  14. Well non vegans love to eat animal assholes and genitals including rotten flesh so it is true that they won't like vegan food. Go vegan!!

  15. So no eggs,breast milk,or butter makes a bad brownie? I never understood why people think vegan desserts would taste bad,there's vegan butter it's not gross at all,and almond milk. Sugar and chocolate is what makes it good.

  16. "I don't think I've ever touched a single vegan food in my life" so you've never had oreos, spaghetti, guacamole, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or french fries??? yeah okay

  17. "I wish vegan foods would just stop trying to imitate non-vegan foods. Just be yourself."
    How about you just stop trying to make animals look and taste like food? And just let them be themselves?

  18. "that's super fruity" what else would you expect from ice cream that is fruit flavored. Like seriously that girl needs to get a job

  19. Now i musty say, some vegan desserts taste horrible because they put too many extra ingredients in the recipe

  20. "Are you vegan?"
    Wtf. Most of these people are going in to this with such a negative mindset. Its honestly disappointing.

  21. So many vegan hypocrite with their signature cancerous comments here..yikes..if u wanna be respected, be respectful first😧

  22. People who hate on vegans are even more irritating than vegans themselves. Seriously, grow up you tantrum throwing babies

  23. All the angry vegans in the comments . . . like god can you just respect that some people don't LOVE your lifestyle??? It's so annoying that all someone has to do is say "I don't like tofu" and you act like you're a victim of racism or something

  24. “I’ve never touched vegan food in my life” 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂HAVE YOU EVER HAD FRUIT???? A POTATO??? 🤣😂OMG

  25. you got some mean chefs there
    who gave you raw tofu in a cake LOL
    You have these people who are considering trying plant based foods for a change.. at least make them good lmfao.

  26. The girl with the glasses is beyond the impossibly annoying. Really pisses me off. Btw I'm not vegan but I would like to be

  27. “I’ve never eaten vegan food, except maybe on accident” what? So you only eat meat and dairy? Creep

  28. I’m vegetarian and people always say, “what do you eat then?” WTF BOI, not animal flesh that’s all bish.

  29. All food that doesn't come from an animal is vegan so potatoes, tomatoes, oatmeal, beans, etc are all vegan foods. Everyone has eaten vegan foods.

  30. Never eaten vegan food ever, so he blends bacon in his orange juice wtf. Is wrong with people, they should give them the desserts saying this is not vegan and give them the same vegan dish plated differently and I am 99% of them would say the first one tasted better.
    I have actually done that many times. Some idiots refuse to believe its vegan at all.

  31. There’s a bakery in Columbus, OH that’s one of the top on the city. It’s 100% vegan, every single item. And most people have no idea. Cheesecakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, whoopie pies etc. it’s called Pattycakes. You’re welcome.

  32. She says she wishes vegan food would stop trying to imitate non vegan food. And really she's right i mean whole plant based foods is what i strive for but the point isn't so much to sell you as much as it is to scratch that itch for us. We mostly all transitioned after decades of animal products and we miss some of those food experiences.

  33. I don't understand why does the first thought about vegan food of most people is:
    "Eww it will taste bad cause it's vegan"

  34. I thought Buzzfeed people were supposed to be liberal and open minded, but regarding veganism, they are more 10x more closed minded than Donald Trump.

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