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this is like a Picasso from afar it looks right but then when you get up close you’re like whoa I’m Vaughn I’m a tasty producer and I am here with my lovely friends Ashley and essence who are very inexperienced cooks can you please put the knives down sharp things on hands no no and today I’m going to be challenging them to abate without a recipe I literally just laid out ingredients for them and they’re gonna have to figure out what to do with them what we’re gonna be making today ladies is crusty brownies as my grandma would call them she calls everybody ah I see you have cookie dough Oreos and then brownie mix what you have to do is you have to figure out the order of those layers and you need to figure out what to mix with the brownie mix also how long do make it for I actually have some ingredients that aren’t portioned out correctly so you’re gonna have to also figure out the portions watch a tasty recipe first no so there’s no instructions whatsoever do you need to eat them at the end I do and so that’s the point at the end I get to test your work it is literally brownie batter and like pre-made cookie dough how can you screw it up this yeah I don’t even know what this is oh is it the brownie mix yeah got a nutmeg by the way if you think you’re up for the challenge no okay I thought it was moldy pizza why do we need sugar I thought they came to our meeting done like I’ve imagined a little devil yeah I don’t know how to make anything but I do know how to make a box cake and you never add sugar thanks awesome we don’t we need these too we don’t need all that oil in there dude oh I bet it’s wonderful okay that sounds good for me but how do we measure this out oh oh tablespoon okay Oh what scuttling birds laughter at college algebra twice just so you know you know you know they offered algebra oh you’re saying you took it twice like you were so good you wanted to take it yeah I think it’s so bad right look at me now you don’t need master beautif a Bueller’s a bit I’m really glad side note that I didn’t make y’all make macarons because that was gonna be the original we would have literally been here for days okay that’s it that’s 1/4 oh I’m making a mess hmm this is looking kind of shanky should we put all the oil maybe I like a drop a drop I like to have a lot of oil in my diet I’m dry skin right beauty editor yeah it’s good we did it right oh that’s weird no we need a brush we’re painting with butter do we need a little more just to make sure it doesn’t stay it’s a nick it’s what this is a nonstick okay let’s talk about density this is probably the heaviest second heaviest slightest I think these need to go first and then these and then this or is it these this and this bond has the most expressive face ever so I’m just trying to say things and like look over at the right time he really can’t hide anything my initial instinct is cookie dough because that’s dense and it’s heavy so it’ll stay at the bottom then needs and then this so you got a little brownie and each bite okay so are we doing these now yeah this is my heart I’m here then chewy Michael no do we just have to play with these with their hands okay I think this looks good okay yeah good job it’s all ready so now we’re going to layer the Oreos great cookie dough with Oreos are these solid are crushed what are you thinking I’m picturing like beautifully laid almost like you know how Khloe Kardashian lays her cookies in those cookie jars and like a waste of time yeah for BuzzFeed video listen I know what Pinterest dessert when I see well then that looks like it just call me Vanna black hahaha this is really crazy ready okay what if we do one layer like this and then we do one layer smashed okay and we can just stick it in here and just let out our aggression and smash them on the table headphone users beware she’s a little more gentle than me I like this little remix for doing like grouch you know these are our tiles oh oh this smells good it smells really good should we add a little butter I like butter thing just a little it’s gonna bake right it looks like caramel I know it’s heavy I feel good actually I’m really confident in this I think this is about three the best pussy brownie you’ve seen this side of the Statue of Liberty now y’all have to figure out how long to bake them then oh my god how long do you normally bake their box cake until they stick a fork in it and it’s not like so maybe we should do that but how do we tell if the bottoms cooks we can’t even see it because when we stick it all the way in there we’re gonna pull it back yeah fingers crossed [Music] okay it has a couple of craters I like when brownies have a crack in the top okay okay so that’s a win it might be from the that uterus ah just a little hole it smells really good it looks moist bad enough that means you know cook oh yeah oh right yeah I’m like let’s dig in or if you got we have to test it ah it’s not going oh shoot it looks like oh no no what there’s 12 the chips that’s what that is okay please hold the knife down and then you always announce in the kitchen when you have something sharp and when you’re behind the sympathy sharp behind no one who doesn’t cook wouldn’t know what that meant oh you got to be like girl watch that I got a nice that looks like it’s got a nice crunch on the top and bouncing it look at the butter oh it’s not good that is not good it’s not good medium rare Cheers there’s a really sweet this is so close to being hurt I can’t imagine if we had left it in longer how the middle would have gotten cooked there were a couple things that went wrong you were supposed to put the butter in the brownie batter too and less oil in the brownie batter uh we went for it with the oil yeah I mean it’s gooey like the middle of what temperature did y’all set it at I don’t know I just put it in there I think it was in there too high of a temperature with something that’s such high volume it should have probably been low and slow so that you has time to cook on the god I mean all in all for to non cooks with no recipe this is impressive Wow I’m shocked that I think I like it less than one it’s really sweet it needs salt on top what about the Oreos what’s the ground Oreo correct the full wheel I would have done full Oreo but you were good to break the Oreo and like kind of fit it in the cracks I feel accomplished and very proud of this because we don’t cook we had no recipe and it’s taste good to me like it’s edible I’m proud of it edible is good [Music]

100 thoughts on “No Recipe Challenge: Oreo Cookie Brownies • Tasty

  1. You don't need math to be fabulous. But it will make you fabulouser and you don't need language subject to make you fabulousiest. 😂

  2. When I first watched a video where Vaughn mentioned his name , I seriously thought it was spelled “Von.” And then in this video I was like “who the heck is this? He’s new!” And then I realized it was the guy from the chocolate cake video.

  3. I used to be a dishwasher. I remember all the stuff the chefs used to yell and I would yell "SHARP!!!" and "BEHIND!!!" like a little psycho whenever I had to get through with my knives. I would also scream "CORNER!!!" when I was about to round a corner with a stack of dishes or a tray of cups.

  4. Let Ashley and Essence do the French Macaroons next! I like seeing these girls work together. They're so much fun to watch.

  5. speaking of nutmeg, did ya'll know you can get high eating nutmeg? thats right kids! your daily dose of knowledge.

  6. i'm sad, cause likely this is the last no recipe challenge video from BZNY that i will see Vaughn, Essence and Ashley in.

  7. Essence: do we need more butter just to make sure it doesn't stick?

    Vaughn: Haha it's a non hahaha

    Essence: a what??

    Vaughn: this a NON STICK hahaha 😂😂😂
    Ohh my gawdddd😂😂😂😂

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