NAILED IT! Challenge. Experienced cake decorators attempt Nailed It challenges from Netflix!

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today I’m going to take on one of the Nailed It! challenges from the
Netflix series. A few of you have asked me to do it if you haven’t seen the show
basically what they do is they take a group of bakers who have said they
can’t bake and then they give them a challenge and a time limit to reproduce
a cake. Now I’ve watched this a couple of times
and both times I’ve gone there’s no way you can make it in that time … the cakes
aren’t going to be able to cool it’s not gonna work. So I thought would actually
give it a go and see if experienced bakers can do it in that time. So I’m not
holding out hope I think it’s all not gonna work but we’ll give it a go.
I’m not gonna do it alone though… I have all the way from the UK Zoe from Zoe’s Fancy
Cakes! If you have not seen her YouTube channel before make sure you go check it
out. #SaveYouTubeBakers she’s actually a
proper youtuber with great baking and does really really high-quality good
stuff! You can’t come all the way to Australia 🇦🇺and not get gifts! Awww thank you. Tim Tams in all different flavours, Caramelo Koalas and you’ve been
here before so I assume you tasted Vegemite. Do you know, I can’t remember if I have. Just in case I got some! It’s not as offensive as I imagined! I personally hate Vegemite sorry to all the Aussies out
there I don’t like Vegemite. My kids love it my husband loves it. Yeah it’s okay. Alright so we’re gonna start this
challenge we’re going to do the one where they made princess cakes. I’m not
going to give you a picture of how you have to decorate it because you know how
to decorate a princess doll cake you can do it however you like. So we are gonna
have 45 minutes on the clock starting now! Ahh this is so stressful… I never have to do it to a timer! The clock is ticking. I feel like the nerves … I can’t get the margarine out when I’m in a rush! Ann’s not going to invite me around to bake again. She’s stealing the microwave! We only have one
microwave this is a major disadvantage they all have their own work stations we
have his cramped space for both of us. No extra time … we’re just gonna stick to 45 minutes
because I feel like the people competing I’m going to find your timer and change
it! It’s over there, you can see we’re about
five minutes gone already and we haven’t got our cakes in the oven! We haven’t melted the chocolate we haven’t finished step one!
45 minutes is not looking like it’s gonna happen. I keep reading the same line in the recipe and it’s not going in… Eggs, chuck this in… you’re way ahead of me. Yes but you can do this on the electric mixer. I have to do it by hand because my mixer isn’t big enough for this bowl. I just like watching you! You’ll be finished yours in 10 minutes. No way, it’s gotta bake. Normally I would break them into a
separate bowl so I can see if I’ve got egg shells in but it’s just an extra step I’m
gonna put them straight in here. I’m just putting flour everywhere, this is not good. Okay just slow
down. I think it’s safe to say I’d be pretty rubbish on the British Bake Off. Yes but that’s timed too but I feel like they give them a decent
amount of time for that. okay so that’s 36 minutes, we’ve we nearly used ten minutes and our cakes still aren’t in the oven! I’ll make it a bit thinner than normal, hoping it will bake. Get these in the oven… oh almost forgot my baking powder. Buttercream, here we go! Evenly spaced, evenly distributed. My bowl is tiny because I’ve got the mini mixer, I gave you the big mixer. Oh thank you 🙂 So I’m going to try a little trick and see if it works. I’m going to put Glad wrap over the top. hey that’s a really good idea!
I don’t know if it’s going to work yet, don’t give it too much praise. Ok here we go… I feel like I need to do the same. The hole is massive in mine so it’s not gonna contain that much. I’m going to get it out of the hot tray and then put this in the freezer and see if I can get it to cool down. Now I can copy you because now you’re ahead of me. I do you think homemade cakes taste heaps
better. Definitely. But if you don’t have time if you got 45 minutes you don’t
have time. She’s put on a few pounds since I dressed her. Good that’s more realistic. Everyone always asks about this spray that I use when I’m rolling out fondant …
it’s literally cooking oil spray and it just stops the rolling pin from sticking
stops the fondant drying out. I should probably not spend too long on this. How much time I’ve got 15 minutes okay when it gets to 10 I want
to start assembling, actually right now I really want to start assembling but I’m just
gonna put a few little decorations on. The competitors on the show don’t
have to fix cameras in the middle of their time, this is a bit of an unfair
disadvantage! 🛠 We have 10 minutes left …
oh my goodness! She’s going to have to go in a warm cake. 10 minutes and we haven’t even started assembling. One way of making a cake fail because it’s
warm it’s not gonna carve. Are we high enough yet? It does make such
a big difference there doesn’t it a one cake I’m not even convinced it’s
gonna stay upright. Cut a hole down the
middle … we have six minutes remaining I’m wondering if she’ll go in without a
hole. Moment of truth … there we go it’s in . Oh no, she’s leaning! Is that because it’s warm? I think so and also when I put a bunch of
cream on I think I’ve kind of pushed the cake over to one side.
Take your time do it carefully but we have four and a half minutes left and I
haven’t even started rolling my fondant I don’t think I’m going to get fondant on my cake! In 45 minutes nobody can do a cake.
So I feel like it’s setting up a show to go hey let’s get something you’re not
very good at setting you up for failure and then we’ll laugh at you! Now that we’re on
season 3 if you’re gonna go on the show you should know that that’s the context
of the show. Stick my fingers in and make it look lumpy bumpy then maybe… one minute and ten seconds. Let’s make it look like … no it’s not looking like creases it’s not working. Just get this
fondant So usually I use ganache as well
instead of just buttercream yeah just because it’s a little bit firmer, it depends on who the cakes for and what I’m doing. Usually ganache gives me like
a firmer finish if I’m decorating something for a little while. She is just … her skirt is getting shorter
and sticking out the back! We have 15 seconds! it’s 10
nine eight seven… This is starting to lean because it’s warm, so it’s gonna slide over. Do you think we should show them from the
back? yeah. I didn’t finish sealing it in at
the back here … the same problem with this dress, it’s a new trend! If you have made a cake fail I’ve got a couple
of ‘Cake Fail Rescue’ videos that you can go to to rescue your cake from this
point. If you want to know how to do different fondant decorations head on
over to Zoe’s channel she does beautiful, beautiful cakes
old flash up some pictures now. I promise they don’t look like this one … I do a lot of doll cakes as
well but yeah … not like this! So 45 minutes is not enough time
not even for people who bake and decorate a lot. Thank you also to my
patrons for sponsoring this channel you guys are awesome I really appreciate
your support it really encourages me as well as pays for ingredients so that I
can make videos for you guys and shout out to RODE … this is called the Wireless
Go it’s a really cool little invention so you get two little boxes, one sits on
you and you can use that as the microphone or attach a lav mic and one the same size sits over on your camera so that you can get good sound. So go
check out RODE Wireless Go. Very very cool they also sent me another
big microphone this which you definitely can’t stick on you like a lav mic! This one
is if you guys want me to do any ASMR videos let me know in the comments and I
will give it a go. Thanks to RODE thanks to my patrons and thank you to Zoe
subscribe … thank you … subscribe to Zoe’s fancy cakes. Make it great week and we’ll see you on Friday 💕

100 thoughts on “NAILED IT! Challenge. Experienced cake decorators attempt Nailed It challenges from Netflix!

  1. I know that it's impossible for them to do the challenges in the time given but I still love the show. I often wonder what I could do if I went on it. Honestly I think the time limits in most baking shows are crazy and really shows how good these guys must be to be able to produce what they do within the time limits.

    Also the cakes you guys made came out WAY better than what happens on the show.

  2. I'm an American who was blessed by my Aussie friend with a care package in 2019, and I am IN LOVE with Caramel Koalas and Violet Crumbles. Absolutely delicious and heaps better than Hershey.

  3. i havent watched the show yet but ive always been interested in watching it on netflix, but after watching this video i honestly feel bad for the bakers on nailed it i probably wont watch it anymore

  4. I've been so upset since I've heard of the forest fires in Australia. Hope you and your family are safe😗.
    Also loved it that you opt for a challenge. Expecting more challenges ahead

  5. Thank you so much for this video! Not only that two of the baking youtubers which I love to watch are doing it together but I love that you testified that this baking shows are a great fake. I was always wondering how it could be possible to making cakes in such short times with preparation and cooling and decoration times. And I always had the feeling of beeing not a very good baker because I need so much time to get to a nice looking cake. For my opinion you nailed it because you showed the truth of what is the real reason of those shows.
    By the way: In the bake offs I often can't go with the decisions of the best bakers too, although I'm not able to taste the cakes. I'm always wondering what the intentions of the producers are.

  6. Hi Ann! I’m sick at the moment, so your videos make me really happy! Thank you so much, i think you’re an inspiration for all people all over the world, you have inspired me to start baking (although I’m not good at it 😂 ) and millions of children and adults alike are baking today because of your amazing channel, so again, I just wanted to say, thank you.

  7. About the time limit, the oven and fridge used on Nailed it are more potent than normal, there is even an episode that a baker put his batter in a normal oven and the judges told him to change for the other oven because if he didn’t do it it wouldn’t cook in time

  8. For me I actually think the entertainment value decreases a lot when I there is no way the contestants, who get absolute minimum time(maybe less since they have to do it all alone) AND are amateurs, can't even get close to getting something that looks good.

    There is no fun in seeing failure when failure was the only possible outcome (only applies in the specific context of a baking show with people who themselves say that they don't bake. It's clear that failure is whst's expected and everyone will have a laugh at that).

    I, personally, actually like to be surprised by how well someone could bake a difficult cake, as well as see how wrong some other cakes can turn out.
    But if they aren't even given a chance to do well, then there is no point imo. Absolute zero chance of succeeding means no excitement due to there only being one possible outcome/reaction.
    I can't be the only one who also likes to watch when people unexpectedly succeed?

    I also generally just disliked the show a lot, so I only did watch like one and a half episodes of it, so as a disclaimer; what I watched, this video, and some comments on here are the only things I'm basing my opinions on.

  9. I feel like those contestants must have a pretty thick skin. I would hate to have someone set me up to fail like that it would make me so self conscious of baking for others. That said I have made some very pretty cakes that were dry and tasteless and some pretty ugly ones that tasted great. Remember it's what's on the inside that counts 😁

  10. 2 of my 3 favourite YouTube bakers in the same video! Thanks for the great video!
    I think the whole point of Nailed It is that the tasks are totally unrealistic and hopefully the people that go on it are ready to laugh at themselves and the ridiculous nature of the program as the go along.
    Thanks for all your great recipes over the years! I’ve made your Fire Engine cake and Zoe’s Unicorn Emoji cake for my daughter’s birthdays over the last couple of years 😊

  11. Here’s to safety for all of Australia as a whole
    And I love Netflix’s Nailed It! It’s my favourite so I’m happy to see you do it as well

  12. It’s designed to be comedy. I don’t think they are actually supposed to “nail it”. They are not supposed to be given even half a chance to “nail it”. It’s an entertaining show and all contestants see to realise just how bad they are. And some even do a pretty good job actually. No need to put the show down…

  13. Everyone's talking about the fires, and as an Australian I can say, I'm more interested in the possibility of How To Cook That ASMR

  14. 🔥🔥 Thanks for all the messages asking if we are safe from the fires here in Australia.💕 We do live in VIC but the fires are about 3 hours drive away from us at the moment (Australia is a big country, it's about the same width as the USA and has a slightly bigger land mass than the USA excluding Alaska ).  
    One of our Patrons had a couple of very close calls up in Batemans Bay (people were trapped on the beach in that area with all exit roads closed off by the fire) but thankfully she is safe and they still have their home.  
    We have all our fire crews, plus some fire fighters from USA (thank you) and the military working on it, but the fires are just huge. Here in VIC 🔥923,000 hectares have been blackened and 39 fires are continuing to burn.  In NSW 🔥4.9 million hectares (12 million acres) have been burnt or are burning and in SA 🔥170,000 hectares of Kangaroo Island (a third of the Island) was burnt.  
    Twenty three people have died in the fires and 1,500 homes destroyed.

    Prayers for rain are appreciated.

  15. Here's the thing, I totally agree with you! It's not like an amateur cook like myself couldnt do it, it's the time. Sure it's fun to laugh at failure, but these people either are trying really hard or they are getting paid to "fail". Honestly it's discouraging to see these types of things. It's entertaining sure, but new bakers seeing this might think they can't do it either or will fail just as bad if they try.

  16. They have ingredients like cake mix which includes the flour baking soda/powder which is pre-measured. They have things cut down for them a bit.

    Not saying it's not hard!!! And the time limit I agree does set them up for failure.

  17. I’ve thought from the beginning that even someone who knows what they’re doing couldn’t possibly do those challenges in the time they’re given. I think that’s also the point though, they’re not meant to do well because it’s all for giggles. And heck you can put out a catastrophic failure and as long as it’s better than the other failures you win $10k.

  18. I always took Nailed Its concept to be just that: amateur bakers getting near impossible tasks, and for several reasons. First, the results are guaranteed hilarious. Secondly, the judges go mainly by taste and textures (rather than looks) as well as how well you incorporated the specific aspects of the challenge. Thirdly, having "manageable" challenges would risk giving a more experienced amateur baker an advantage, to the point where the results differed measurably to the viewer and the competition was compromised. "Choking" the competitors with difficult tasks gives the advantage to the most cool headed and creative baker, rather than the most experienced. I love Nailed it just because the focus is not on perfect baking, rather than a celebration of the awesome and hilarious bake fails. 🙂

    That being said, I have always wondered if it was possible for a cake to be made in that time frame. More videos like this, please. 🙂

  19. I will say this. With the equipment you have, everything came out great. The only thing is you forgot that they don’t have a freezer, but a blast chiller that cools the cakes down fast so they don’t need to worry about the frosting melting.

  20. When I visited my internet friends in Australia in 1999, of course everybody wanted me to try Vegemite, but I couldn't deal with the way it smelled in the jar. But eventually I was having lunch with a fellow I sort of fancied a bit, and he was having vegemite on toast, and he dipped his littlest finger in the tiny dish of Vegemite and offered it to me to taste. I was surprised that it didn't taste as bad as I'd expected – mostly it was just salty, and I think it might have gone well with peanut butter 🙂

  21. So glad you and your family are safe from the fires. Absolutely awful thing to happen. My heart is breaking for everyone affected and all the animals. Hopefully you guys will get some heavy rain everywhere soon! ♡

  22. Nope! I hate the show for exactly the reasons you mention/demonstrate. I find it exceedingly offensive that the contestants are set up for failure, and then mocked and laughed at on television. It’s a cruel and horrid idea and extremely hurtful to the people who actually appear on the show. (In my opinion.) Thanks for proving that it’s made to be impossible!

  23. Okay but 2 hours ago? I kinda early!!
    Also, I can't even go near Vegemite because of the smell. Its so gross I haven't even tried it 🤐 yes, I'm Australian.

  24. I‘m a pretty experienced baker and while the show is funny, I always thought they set them up for failure. The best example is the very first episode: the cake has stenciled ornaments that are cocoa and they give them an airbrush. The only thing about the cooling is, they have blast cooling that cools very, very fast. Most baking shows have them, I’ve worked with them before, it really works.

  25. you're the only australian i know of, so i've been praying for you and your family and am so happy to hear you're safe! thank you for sharing another video. it was a treat to find another baking youtuber as well!

  26. Ever since i heard about the Bushfires the only thing i could think of was you and your family, i hope you stay safe, i know it's not much but i pray every day for rain, or a massive tidal wave or something to help cool some parts off, I'm glad your family is safe at the moment and i hope it stays that way

  27. I was watching this exact episode of Nailed it! earlier today wondering if the challenges would be at all possible… What a coincidence 😆
    Now I know!

  28. You did well! It just goes to show the challenges on the show are exceptionally difficult. But the point of the show isn't to create the most amazing things – it's to celebrate things that aren't executed well, and to enjoy the chaos that emerges from people being out of their element. I don't feel like the show ever laughs too much at the contestants.

  29. Zoe is so talented,.. an artist in the true sense…. Anne you are an amazing baker, foodie and very creative, your mini baking is incredible…. such great talents together.

  30. That our prays be heard, and the fires end soon <3. Ohh, and the ASMR idea is pretty good! There is a japanese cooking channel called HidaMari Cooking, and she makes wonderfull deserts, all in an ASMR-ish fashion, and it is really relaxing! Hope you're all doing well! 🙂

  31. Wow!! I’ve never been this early before lol – usually our time tables don’t exactly line up!!! Love your videos!!

  32. This is really interesting. I always thought that the show was setting people up to fail and I really don't like it. We live in a time where we want to reduce our waste and these people waste so much food, just to get a laugh. It's wasteful and not even funny imo

  33. This is AWESOME! I love to watch Nailed It, but have been saying the same thing, " there is no way a SKILLED Baker could make that in the time frame!!!" It does make for a funny ending tho, lol.

  34. Don't they have a blast freezer though, so they do have the opportunity to cool their cakes faster?
    Still not a lot of time, but it'd help.

  35. The time limit is really ridiculous. I've said to my husband a few times while watching that there's no way I would be able to do it

  36. This almost has the same energy as the debunking baking hacks videos haha.

    As for ASMR, that would be something I would be interested in but my personal preference would just be to make a video with a lot of speaking, no need to try to ASMR it up with whispering or tapping and all that jazz

  37. I made one of those cakes for my niece's quincenera, and it took me about six hours to make it really nice. There's NO WAY I could do that in two hours, and definitely not in 45 minutes.

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