My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Dolls Play Doh Surprise Cupcakes

Hey everybody, welcome back to Awesome Toys
TV. Today we have some My Little Pony Play Doh surprise cupcakes. And aren’t these Equestria
Girls mini dolls so cute? Give us them or want to see more Play Doh surprise cupcakes.
Leave us a comment and let us know which one of these minis is your favorite. I love the
Fluttershy, I think she’s so adorable. Of corse you do, you always love Fluttershy.
I think my favorite is Rainbow Dash. I just love all the different colors. Inside the
cupcakes we have all kinds of awesome surprises. So let’s get started. Here’s a close look
at the Pinkie Pie cupcake. And the mini Pinkie Pie pony. So cute, and I love the little heart
on her shirt. Adorable. Alright, let’s open up our Pinkie Pie cupcake and see what we
have inside. Up first we have a Frozen chocolate egg. So let’s see who we get inside this egg.
Alright we got a troll. And here’s a look at all the figures you can collect in these
eggs. Ok, up next, let’s open up our Twilight Sparkle cupcake. Isn’t Twilight so cute? She
looks so happy. Let’s see what we have inside. So it looks like we have a series 2 My Little
Pony Fashem. Inside these fashems we have Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow
Dash, Apple Jack, and Rarity. Just like on our cupcakes. So this was in the Twilight
cupcake, so let’s see if we can find a Twilight Sparkle. Who do we have? We have Rainbow Dash,
awesome. And she is so colorful. Super cool. So these aren’t very squishy but they are
stretchy. I love her purple eyes, awesome. Next up we have our Rarity play doh cupcake.
Wow, I think Rarity is so adorable. I love her outfit. She’s got a cute little cutiemark.
I love her gold necklace. She’s definitely super stylish. And look at those curls, awesome!
Alright, let’s see what we have inside. I hear something in there. Awesome, we have
a Shopkins easter egg. Can’t wait to see what Shopkin surprise we have hidden inside. Awesome,
first up we have Cookie Nut. And that one’s new to our collection. Who Hoo, Yay! And next
up we have Jewels. This one is a common. Ok, let’s open up our Rainbow Dash cupcake. Here’s
a close up look at Rainbow Dash. And unlike the other pony’s she’s dressed totally casual.
I love her little wristbands. Those are cool. And what do we have inside our cupcake? Awesome,
we have a new Shopkins fashion spree basket. These look super cool. We have not opened
these on our channel yet, so I’m really excited to see who we get. And how awesome are these
sparkly purple baskets, with the hot pink handles? I think these are really cool. It
comes with a checklist. Limited edition bling Beverly Heels. Wow, that would be so cool.
In this series we have the common, rare, ultra rare, and limited edition. Here is a quick
look at the checklist. Cool, these bags have tear strips. Let’s see who we have first.
Awesome, we have a ring, and this is Ring-a-Ling. And it is a common. Looks super fancy though.
I love all the flowers around the jewel at the top. And in our second bag, we have a
two tone Jennifer Rain. I love the orange and red together. So cool. I love how these
come in a yellow bag, so let us know if you’d like to see a Shopkins challenge of the fashion
spree. Next up, we have this awesome Applejack play doh surprise cupcake. Kathy will give
you a close look at Applejack. Alright, here she is and what do you think of Applejack?
I really love her pony tail and her super cute hat. And the hat comes off. Really easily.
So let’s see what we have hidden inside this one. Alright, Season 4 Shopkins crate. First
up we have Tiny Tree. This one is a common. Next up we have Cheeky Cherries. And these
ones are common. And also new to our collection, yay! Alright and we saved the best for last.
Or at least the best for me. I love this Fluttershy. I just think Fluttershy looks so sweet. I
love her hair and I love the colors of her outfit. She even has a cute little butterfly
in her hair. Super cute. Let’s see what we have inside. Awesome, it’s a Squishy POP.
Ok, let’s see who we get. Hopefully it’s a pony. Yep, it’s definitely a pony, cool! Wonder
if it’s Fluttershy. Awesome, it’s Rarity. This is my daughter’s favorite. Yeah, I like
Rarity! She is really pretty. Do any of you guys have a Squishy POP bracelet? They are
so cool. Well that’s it for this video guys, thanks so much for joining us. Leave us a
comment and let us know what we opened today was your favorite. Wow, it’s really hard to
choose. But I think my favorite today is the cute little Shopkin Ring-a-Ling. I’d have
to say my favorite are the Cheeky Cherries. What’s your favorite Hailey? Rarity. Rarity,
of course. What’s your favorite Josh? All the Shopkins. All the Shopkins? Yeah! And
if you guys like these types of videos and would like to see more give us a thumbs up
to let us know. And if you’re new to our channel, we’d love it if you’d subscribe. Thanks so
much for joining us. We’ll see you next time guys. Bye!

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