Muffins (Cupcake Song) [German]

I think, a muffin baker beauty mark would appeal to me as well. All you need is a cup. You fill it with some flour. Add something sweet to it and some salt may be in there, too. Also a spoon of vanilla, then stir it and let it ease down. Add what you want and then the whole thing will be baked nicely. Muffins. The fast seller. Muffins. For cake connoisseurs. Muffins. Muffins, Muffins, Muffins.

88 thoughts on “Muffins (Cupcake Song) [German]

  1. Klasse! Gefällt mir sehr gut. Endlich mal wieder ein guter deutscher Song!
    "Muffins! Der Riesenrenner. Muffins! Für Kuchenkenner." <3

  2. @paxpacis2
    There is a difference between muffins and cupcakes even in Germany, but we just don't have a German word for "cupcake". In addition cupcakes are not famous enough in Germany, so we don't use "cupcake" as a loan word.

  3. Well … yeah, there's nothing I can add lol.
    It's okay, I don't like that they used muffins instead of cupcakes but like already pointed out, it was propably the best choice.

  4. @Lofwyr2030 Muffins are not as sweet. They are usually only with powdered sugar or chocolate pieces inside. Cupcakes are decorated with more sweets, often with cream.

  5. @SmashingGreen
    Ist ein Napfkuchen nicht sowas wie ein Gugelhupf? Oder gehören die auch zur Gattung der "Cupcakes"? Kenn mich da nicht so aus, nur waren mir diese kleinen Cupcakes unbekannt, bis ich sie in MLP gesehen habe.

  6. Hab ich da… Schönheitsfleck….. gehört……. Lol da ist ne Klippe, lass mal runter springen LOL LOL .

    Aber abgesehn davor ist der Song gut 🙂

  7. @FlauschRara jo.. oder Flatter Schüchtern, Regenbogen Stoß, Seltenheit, Zwielicht Funkeln. etc.

    Ich gewöhne mich langsam an die Stimmen.. Aber wir brauchen eine Deutsche Lauren Faust.. die macht das so klasse.

  8. All this business gets even more confusing when you find out that muffins in England are actually a type of flat, scone-like bread, eaten at breakfast or as a tea-time snack, with butter or jam.

    But don't worry, we have Derpy's favoured type of muffin over here, too.

  9. HAHA Nobody knows those 'Cupcakes' in Deutschland.
    Wäll, because of your nasty (internet) slang/ youth slang
    in America I always have to think of something nasty when I hear zat wörd

  10. I don't mind the word Cupcake as translation – in fact, I think it's chosen pretty well. The word that is bothering me is "sacken" ….. I mean. Really?

  11. @NEETori
    Das ist dann schade für dich. Aber objektiv gesehen passt das Wort inhaltlich und stilistisch perfekt in das Lied.

  12. @Lusankya2
    I Think there is a German word for Cupcakes,it just isn't that common,I also have no idea what it was,only thing comming into my mins is "Tassenkuchen"

  13. Hm, Muffins surely are no cupcakes but honestly, does somebody have a better word ? I dont.
    The text is ok, but I dont like pinkies voice, because I miss the high pitched squiekyness.

  14. @IdoNotRunAjamFactory I am from Germany and I never seen any cupcakesa in a shop, only muffins. The most people didn't know them, when I was talking about them. I don't know how the situation is in austria or switzerland. When I had seen Cupcakes, and it was very rare situations, they were always selfmade. But I have never seen in a german shop.

  15. Мда, немецкий язык, совсем не то, что я б хотел услышать проснувшись утром

  16. @MrKingroyal есть 1 серия в дубляже, она убожество. Ждем дубляж от ЛостФильм

  17. In the fleeting months of WW2, Hitler was bedridden after eating a fresh batch of cupcakes. Apparently a piece of shrapnel had lodged itself into the batter and was mistaken for a sprinkle. Afterwards, Hitler made a nation-wide ban on frosted cupcakes, leaving only the muffin. Thus why there are no cupcakes in Germany, only muffins.

  18. It's really strange that so many dubs changed "cupcakes" to "muffins". I mean, Derpy approves, but what about Pinkie? 🙁

  19. You guys need to calm down about the muffin/cupcake thing. In Germany, cupcakes are very unknown. In fact, I just know one place where you can buy them here.
    That's why they changed "cupcakes" to "muffins" here in Germany.

    It's that simple.

  20. hat irgendjemand den fanfic cupcakes ins deutsche übersetzt? falls ihr keine ahnung habt wovon ich rede gebt mal my little pony: cupcakes (full hd) ein. das video ist von ocarinaplaya. und glaubt mir. da kommt was ganz anderes als hier…

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