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  1. Excelent tips that help me a lot, Patrick when are you going to release a video explaining how to do your famous buttermilk batch?

  2. The reason I love making breads at home. I wish I could work under him it would be an honour. Can I??? Keep making more videos.

  3. This video came out at a great time! Literally the day after I made my first go at sourdough. Didn't turn out well. I used whole wheat for the starter and as the only flour. Glad to see I didn't fuck up with that choice for starter. In used APS flour this time and based on what he said in the video, I watched just after kneading, I did the right thing. Fingers crossed this turns out well.

  4. You know, I would kill for a 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough tutorial. Is it much different? If yes, how so? Etc. Anyway… awesome series. Literally my go-to videos for breadmaking.

  5. very helpful video. At the end you told us it's possible to do chocolate brownies with sourdough .Please give us the recipe…. as soon as possible. Thank you.

  6. I am just wondering on weighing out bread dough. How much dough is good to put in pan. Like for instance if you have a 2 lb loaf pan do you place 2 lb of dough in it. Your videos been very helpful and informative. Thanks.

  7. I left my starter unfed in the refrigerator for 2 months because I was away on an extended vacation. After 2 re-feeds it was good to go.

  8. Just munchin´ a slice of bread Nr. 5 I recently baked, while I watch this. Well thank you I didn't know baking bread is a highly contagious disease! This was the second time I baked this week, and my fiancé and I now refuse to buy our bread from the store, because the self made is just so delicious 😀

  9. This video convinced me to try again with sourdough – i 've tryed many times and failed. So my starter was perfect first 3 days and than it stopped getting bubbly after feeding. It's 6th day now and it looks more slimey than bubbly. Should i bake with it? Why it stopped rising? It's in the same spot in the kitchen all the time, temperature is about 22-25C.

  10. When is this guy gonna get his own HGTV Show? I've always considered myself to be a complete moron in the kitchen…yet following Patrick's exquisite teaching I've just pulled loaves 3 & 4 out of the oven and they're absolutely gorgeous.

    First two loaves were a couple weeks ago and were 100% all-purpose flour and were simply magnificent (brought them to a friend's house where we made sandwiches with one loaf and I gave the second loaf to his mother). This morning's batch was 1/3 buckwheat and 2/3 all-purpose flour – definitely more dense (doesn't seem like the buckwheat rises nearly as much as 100% all-purpose flour) but they still look magnificent (haven't cut them open yet though).

  11. 4 people currently have a lot of hate in their life! I’m not one of those, I could listen to Patrick talking about bread all day long!

  12. give this man a salarie and contract him up. havent even watched the video and its liked. you dont get 1000 likes and 5 dislikes if you arent amazing

  13. Hola! Podrías ayudarme con un pan todo integral con masa madre? Con la masa madre no tengo problemas. gracias

  14. Lovely well done. Beautiful bread gorgoues view of those hills in the background. Loved this information thank you. I bet you the bread tastes divine. God bless x

  15. I am new to bread making. When the video come to the flour, salt and yeast ratio, I don't think Patrick has suggest putting salt into the dough when making sourdough bread. Does it mean that doesn't need any salt? How about the water? By the way, this video is great! Should do something more like that.

  16. “Are you married? Sadly yes”… I’m sure you paid for that one! Hah. I have a question. I plan to use the same type of container you show your starter in for this video. Does that rubber seal remain on the jar at all times? Doesn’t the starter create an “off gas” and if it’s sealed like that, can it burst? I seem to recall stories of finding the starter on the ceiling in the morning because the container exploded. Great videos! Thanks!

  17. Some people say that the negative votes come from the typical youtube viewer, an 11 year old boy. I think not. I think the thumbs down usually comes from grown men who have asteroids. Or is that assteroids?

  18. Any tips for cooking sourdough in a cast-iron dutch oven? How long to preheat the cast iron? Does it change the cooking time?

  19. Question: So when creating our starter we start off with ground wholemeal flour but then when we go to feeding the starter we use the kind of flour we want our bread to be (White/ Rye)?

  20. Hi Patrick. I love your videos… learning a lot, however I have a problem.

    I started a sourdough starter with some organic flour I had. The first couple of days seemed like not much was happening then the 3rd day the starter doubled in size overnight. After the 5th day I started a new bag of flour and now the starter for the last 4 or 5 days has not grown at all. I weigh the flour and water each time I feed it, however suddenly the mixture was quite slack and runny and stopped growing. Now after 5 more days with the new flour I have discarded 2/3 of what was there and I put added in 100 flour and about 75 water just because the mixture had become so thin. Still the mixture might grow 10% volume or less overnight. It still smells a bit sour and has a few bubbles on the surface.

    Any thoughts? The new flour is a bread flour (I am in Canada) and I have been using water from my RO unit, so it is very pure. Our tap water is drinkable but often contains enough chlorine to smell it at the tap.

    I am in a very dry climate (almost desert like) and at about 2300 feet altitude.



  21. This is one of the most informative and easy to understand videos on the basic baking questions I've seen

  22. The first time I tried your sour dough bread recipe after getting my starter up and running, I ended up with 2 very large hockey pucks! 😂 In your long 16 min video if you use a Pyrex lid and dish the instructions say 25 min at 230 c with the lid on and another 25 min with the lid off. That makes wonderful hockey pucks!

  23. One of the things I don't believe I have seen, is a video made with cheese or fruit. I've seen one recipes out there like garlic cheddar sourdough, or chocolate and bourbon soaked cherry sourdough. Could you do something like that?

  24. How long can the dough be in the fridge. I put it in at the auto lease and it been in there for over 24 hours can I still use it or throw it out?

  25. I know it's been a few months but when making the starter with Rye flour, is it supposed to be thick? I used the 50g/50g ratio. And will using a linen cloth to "lighly cover" dry the starter out?

  26. Because of your Videos, i've done a great step to a great hobby baker. Thank you and greetings from germany <3

  27. I have a question! I made some pumpernickel bread, about twice as much as I bargained for….I forgot to allow for the soaked cracked rye and other seeds. Is it possible to freeze unbaked sourdough and hope for it to resurrect itself?

  28. I literally looked these exact questions while watching the original video. Thank you for answering them for other folks who may have had the same ones! Also, this guy is so informative and helpful with his advice, which as a beginner has been awesome. I've learned so much from that one video. Amazing!

  29. Hello! I'm from Brazil and I love doing bread. It's hard to begin when we are totally alone, using just the internet. Can you give me some directions… I do some recepies known here in my country, but I want to learn and do more…

  30. Thank you for this video. It’s helped tremendously with my sourdough.

    Quick question:::: is it really necessary to feed starter three time prior to using it? I bake bread once a week and I keep in fridge during the week. I pull it out and feed it three times (ever 12hrs approx) can I just feed it once and then use it?

  31. I’m about learning to start baking and I love your baking style. The starter knowledge is helping me a lot. Thanks and i love your video. Regard from Vietnam

  32. What alternative flours are suitable for sourdough? I'm not looking for gluten free, just to make some funky breads.

  33. What is the suitable temperature for developing the starter yeast ? Bcos in india during summer, the room temp is around 30 to 40 degree centigrade

  34. I took a local sourdough class a year ago, one hundred loaves later and Patrick Ryan has me adding seeds and using rye (my favorite flour). Thanks for ALL the excellent master classes

  35. I'm from south (west) Germany (Baden Württemberg) and we've got the best baking tradition in the World.

  36. Hi Patrick I followed your sourdough starter recipe but mine seems to be a lot thicker texture ( more like porridge) than yours, so will it still be ok to use as it does look quite active?

  37. There's no need of always adding the same amount of flour as the starter weight. You just need to add some flour, less water if the starter became to wet. Sometimes I don't add any water at all, just a little flour to keep the starter feeded.

  38. love this man .. i want a lot find his book with other partner i think.Creatief culinair Bread revolution: het ultieme broodbakboek if someone knows please help me to find .. or a pdf.. or used book

  39. damn that's a sexy accent <3 i've watched all his videos and i could listen to them a hundred times over. oh and of course.. great bread making tips too hehehe

  40. Patrick, thank you so much for amazing recipes, tips, and help with sourdough bread! Mine turned out outstanding and I hooked a lot of my friends on it. Shared a ton of starter, even today. Can't wait to make more! Yum!

  41. Thanks for both awesome videos! I might add a question regarding the Pyrex dish: does it not generate any issues because it is not pre heated? Any recepie that includes a pizza/baking stone or dutch oven emphasizes to preheat each.

  42. Hi thanks for answering. My oven max is 200 C, and does not have fan ,can I make sourdough bread on that?? Is it working ?

  43. Please, what is the reason behind my dough puffing up real good but when cooking it falls alittle? I use Einkorn flour.

  44. My starter began quite nicely, the very first day it became bubbly and frothy, but after i added more water and flower it stopped creating much of bubbles. I see a few, but my starter does not even double in size. What am I doing wrong? I keep it covered with cheese cloth, on the counter, and the temperature is about 24-25 C. I keep it in a glass jar

  45. This was perfect Patrick, how funny not only did I get some questions answered…. I laughed my ass off too…. Wow. I hope your wife doesn't like bread, since I've been baking I gained 15 lbs. You are a wonderful baker and I've learned so much from you. I joined a bread class and have been enjoying way too much bread. I made my first sourdough recipe with my starter and haven't stopped eating that either. I can't wait to make my first loaf of rye when I get back in two days.Thanks again hope you see this, please don't stop doing this videos…..

  46. I am hooked two starters going one spelt one white, proving basket on the way off to buy pyrex. By the end of next week i will be elbow deep in starter a sticky flour, bets its not as easy as it all looks. Plus when he says “dat” im in heaven!

  47. discarding starter – i "got it" the very first time i heard you say it (in your tutorial on how to make it) and i thought…..hm…. SWEET… (I'd only like to keep a very small amount, simply because i know I'd not use tons of starter) it will go into our compost container and do it's magic there..

    and…. compost equals fantastic new soil, to go back into the garden and…… well, you get the idea….
    we are, however fortunate, that we've chosen the compost/garden lifestyle.
    Patric, thanks for your well explained teachings!!!!! xo

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