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Hey everyone, it’s Natasha of Today we’re making our all-time favorite banana bread. It’s so
soft, moist and loaded with ripe bananas, tiny raisins and toasted walnuts. This is
the best way to use overripe bananas. You’ll start with 1/2 a cup of unsalted
softened butter. Place that in a large mixing bowl and add 3/4 cup of sugar.
Cream those together on medium-high speed. In a second medium mixing bowl
mash together 3 ripe bananas. Coarsely mash them up until you reach the
consistency of baby food and there’s no need for perfection here. Add the mashed
bananas to the rest of your batter, along with two large room-temperature eggs and
mix those together until combined. In a small mixing bowl whisk together one and
a half cups of flour, a tsp of baking soda and half a tsp of salt.
Add those to the creamed mixture and stir to combine. Stir in 1/2 a tsp
of real vanilla extract and last but not least, add half a cup of raisins and one
cup of coarsely chopped, toasted walnuts. Using a spatula, fold those together just
until combined. This batter looks and smells amazing. Use a little pat of
butter to grease the sides and bottom of a loaf pan then dust with flour.This
will help keep the banana bread from sticking to the pan. Shake out any excess
flour then transfer all of your banana bread batter into your prepared pan, lightly smooth out the top and bake in a
preheated oven at 350˚F for 55 to 60 minutes or until a
toothpick, inserted into the center of the loaf, comes out clean. Once it’s out
of the oven, let it rest in the pan for about 10 minutes before transferring it
to a wire rack to cool to room temperature. All right, it’s cooled down
to the point where it’s just warm and we’re gonna do the taste test. Okay, so
I’m gonna slice this up and that rose beautifully. Okay, here we go… Oh my goodness, you guys, my kitchen
smells like a bakery right now! Mm-hmm! And I want you to look at what’s inside
of this luscious loaf. All right, I cannot wait to bite into this thing, look at
that. It’s so soft and moist and loaded with everything good… so many walnuts and
raisins. And if you got somebody that’s allergic or doesn’t like walnuts or
raisins, you could totally leave them out. The banana bread will still be amazing.
Okay, let’s do this taste test. Mm-hmm… Okay, Wow! This is loaded with flavor. You
can really taste the sweet pop of raisins and then the crunchy walnuts, oh
my goodness! YUM! And a lot of bananas. It has really good banana flavor. This is my
absolute favorite banana bread. If you guys enjoyed this recipe, give me a great big
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100 thoughts on “Moist Banana Bread Recipe | Sweet Bread

  1. You make baking so easy… If tried banana cake and pumpkin cake out of your recipe. AMAZING! Both came out good. You have a new Fan from Suriname 馃嚫馃嚪馃檵馃榿 Thanks Natasha鉂わ笍

  2. I just made banana bread, and followed the recipe to a tee.
    The top got almost burnt, but the inside was so gummy! I did 350掳 for one hour… I'm so let down.

  3. Hi natasha, I just want to know how to bake any loaf, cake or bread without using an oven or just use a stovetop as an alternative and the easy way method to do. Thank you for response

  4. Thank you for the Recipee. Noone in Chile knows how to do it… so when i made this for them to try (chilien fam) they loved it. But they didnt like raisens… chile people dont like changw i have to make all these delicious food n cakes myself

  5. Perfect recipe! Finally found a good banana bread recipe! I鈥檝e seen some weird recipes all over you tube ….馃え

  6. I just baked my first banana bread ever! I just put less sugar and passed the nuts and raisins. Thank you so much! The recipe is already in my personal cookbook 鉂わ笍

  7. Dear Natasha, instead of saying "one and a half cups of…" (it is so confusing…), you should mention the quantities. What size does your cup have? I don麓t know about the USA, but in Europe we have cups of different sizes. Thanks.

  8. Hi Natasha, did this super moist banana bread this morning and instead of the chopped walnuts which I didn't have, I had chopped pecans and it's very good! Thanks for the great recipe!馃槝

  9. i swear to God i tried it today it is sooooooooo good and moist and delicious i kept it for sohor and put some butter and honey it turned out awesome thank you Natasha

  10. By far the best banana recipe that I have tried to recreate. Bread comes out super moist, not dense, and it tastes wonderful! Thanks Natasha!

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  12. Natasha you are the best, i just make it last night, and come up just like yours, well…pretty close, thanks

  13. Hi Natasha…. the skin of the banana bread became hard after 55mins… any suggestion… love ur video… thanks

  14. I鈥檝e made banana bread in the past and it turned out bad every time, but after watching your video it turned out amazing. Thank you so much for this video.

  15. Just made this for my family, and it didnt even last an hour! Everyone kept going for more and more! So yummy! As my little brother just told me "the walnuts add a really nice crunch to it" hahaha

  16. Finally a Banana bread recipe that works after much disappointment following various similar videos on Youtube! Thanks so much I am enjoying the yummy cake fresh from the oven now!

  17. I tried this recipe today. It was very tasty 馃構馃構. Just that it was too sweet for my taste. But overall it's awesome

  18. Wow! Yours look awesomely delicious… This is not how I normally get it when I go buy this… Now it's time to try my own.

  19. Im putting mine in the oven hope it turns yummy . Im doing without the nuts

    It turned out Perfect 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 thank you so much!

  20. This recipe is SO delicious!!馃槏 I added chocolate chips to the batter and they made the cake even more moist, I didn鈥檛 have baking soda so I left it out and just used baking powder and it still came out lovely and soft, thanks Natasha!

  21. I watched tons of banana bread recipes and chose to try this one. It was so easy, quick and it turned out amazing. So delish. Thank you. Love from Trinidad & Tobago.

  22. Hello natasha.. Its my dream to bake.. And i tried your banaNa cake.. It comes out so great .. Thank you for bEIng my inspiration.. GODBLESS

  23. I have tried so many versions of banana bread, but this recipe is my favorite ! I have made it twice n it turns out super yummy !

  24. hi Natashas i tried your recipe today. its turned wonderfull .im so happy its nice yummy! ..i made a plain banana bread without walnuts and raisins.thanks for the recipe

  25. I love your recipe.. I made banana bread with this recipe.. it was soo good.. my family & relatives loved it.. Thank u for the recipe..

  26. Thank you so much, I love watching you videos. can you please show me the banana bread with out the Egg and walnut. my son have allergies.

  27. Is it a big difference if I use salted butter vs unsalted butter??? Can someone who maybe has let me know if it's not good to do or if it's alright to do…thanks!

  28. Gracias 馃グ qu茅
    Delicioso 馃槏 y
    por compartir Los ingredientes en espa帽ol saludos cordiales de puerto Vallarta Jalisco M茅xico 馃嚥馃嚱馃檹馃尫馃檵

  29. I usually love your recipes, but I have to disagree with 3 things on this recipe. 50/50 brown and white sugar makes banana bread so much better. And raisins and nuts are a no no in banana bread, IMO. Only thing I occasionally add are chocolate or peanut butter chips.

    But I am going to start using that trick with putting flour in the pan. I coat it with butter, but it still sticks a little.

    Thanks for all the great recipes you share!

  30. Hi Natasha! I enjoy and subscribe to several cooking channels, but I have to say your's has become my go-to favorite. Our cooking styles are so similar, so when I want to try something new, or add a new twist to something I already make, I know I can find it here and I am going to love it. I LOVE banana nut bread, and while I have done it with chocolate chips, I never thought to use raisins (and I love raisins!). Next time you make this, instead of mashing 3 over ripe bananas, try mashing 2, and take one just ripe banana, cut into 1/3" slices, then quarter the slices into "bits". Gently fold them in after you've mixed the batter. You'll get an extra banana flavor, along with a unique texture when you bite into it. Have a safe and happy holiday! 馃檪

  31. Looks yummy, I can鈥檛 wait to try it. Do you have a video on how to make chili? I鈥檇 love to see you take on that if possible!

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