Today we are making rarity, she has finally made it to my kitchen again But this time She’s white Hey guys welcome back, I’m Missy a few months back I had created these My Little Pony candy apples and made rarity a great tone Pony you Guys pointed that out to me some of you guys were more upset than others and I was embarrassed All right, I’m sorry so I decided to make up for by making a rarity treat So I decided on a cake not only a cake But a giant cupcake cake so let’s begin on this tutorial now You’re gonna want to begin by Putting a little bit of frosting in the center of your cake board and plop in the base of your cupcake onto your board Add some frosting to the top half in any color. You wish it doesn’t have to be purple I just thought it would be a nice accent to her hair color Once that’s covered set your cupcake top on your base pressing it down to get it nice and secure Now begin for us in the bottom half of your cupcake turning it as you go to get that nice even coating Do this all the way around the base, and then use the back end of your spatula to smooth that out I’m going to use this tip number two D with some purple buttercream and begin piping on rosettes If you have never made a rosette before I’m about to show you how just squeeze out some Frosting where you want the center of your rosette to be and then go in with a counterclockwise rotation around the center and then just release pressure and pull away when you come around the top and You know you don’t even have to start off on your cake you can do a couple rosettes off to the side on a piece of wax paper Just to get some practice in before you start doing them on the top of your cake Once you get to your second row just start in between two of the previous rosettes Following these same steps for the rest of the cake Don’t you worry about those little gaps because I’m about to show you how to fill them man in just a second just add one More Rosa at the top and then fill in any of your gas with a dab of frosting Pop that off to the fridge and now we’re going to work on Rarity’s horns her horn is also white so this was an easy one for me as I didn’t have to use any luster dust and don’t get Me wrong. I love luster. Dust, but it just cuts out one more step that I need to do I just rolled out some white fondant into two long snakes and tape at the end of those snakes I then went ahead and placed a bamboo skewer in between the two snake tail pieces and gently twisted the two pieces together around the skewer To keep the twisted fondant together just add a dab of water or piping gel in between your twisted pieces Place that aside to harden so we can move on to Rarity’s eyes now This is a great template to use so I will link that up in the description box so you can use this exact one After you have cut out the eyes place each of your eyes onto black fondant and cut around them I just made sure to keep the templates together with the individual eye as I was working on them Because they do get a little mixed up once in a while You’ll want to remove the black outer edge of your template But keep it to line everything up again later now take the eyes – the black strip and cut it out of white fondant Place your pieces back together to line everything up And then remove the larger portion you should be left with two black pieces with the black outer edge Apply some water and place your white fondant on top and then remove your black line your eyes should look a little something like this repeating the same steps remove the white from the template and cut out the blue portion and then again with the black pupil and the hen again with the white catch lights So for Rarity’s eyelashes, I wanted to make them as true to form as Possible we don’t need to be making any more mistakes here So I just used my template as a guy and rolled out little pieces of black fondant I then laid them on top of my template and cut them down to the same length I placed my template on the front side of cake and Gently press the eyes into the holes of the template if your buttercream is crusted over You can always just use a little bit of water on the back of the fondant eyes and then press them into place Sorry about the angle guys that must have bumped the camera while sticking on the eyes I just get so excited in when I’m making cakes And if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe to this channel as I post a new cake every Saturday She’s looking good, but let’s not forget her eyelashes. They are the finishing touch that she needed to bring this look together For her ears I just cut a leaf shape out of white fondant, and then cut that in half And you have yours now take each of those ears and stand him up curling them in slightly so that they stand upright on their own and Then leave those to harden for a little while I push her horn in at a slight angle and gave her a spin to look At her from all angles That’s when I noticed this this right here. I forgot to cut down my cake plate Now I know it’s not needed, and it looks fine, but I just couldn’t leave it because I wanted this cake to be perfect So pop I went and grabbed my scissors, and I remove the outer base of the cake board Which was super crazy because I could have dropped my cake if you want to do it do it in the beginning Before you do all of your frosting and decorations like most people I Press each of her ears on either side of her horn and gave her a spin Perfect she is so sweet, and I love everything about this cake I might just have to start making more giant cupcake cakes Don’t forget to check out my other My Little Pony treats that I have made in the past like these adorable Candy apples and this super colorful inside, and how rainbow dash cake? I will see you next time when we make another inspire treat together, but bye guys


  1. Hi, Missy. Your Rarity cupcake turned out amazing. You are one of the most beautiful and adorable bakers on the planet. What's your favorite thing about My Little Pony recipes? Have a good day, Missy. I can't wait to see your Alice in Wonderland projects. <3

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