Mini Christmas bell cupcakes decoration tutorial How To Cake

this video, we are going to decorate some mini cupcakes to look like Christmas bellls. We are going to start with a mini cupcake and just a little bit of buttercream that I am just going to put on the top just so that my fondant will stick to the top of my cupcake I’m just gonna roll out my fondant, I have mixed a yellow colour but it’s up to you what colours you want, you might want red or green bells to make them christmassy and I’ve just got a cutter that’s a little bit bigger than my cupcake, so I am going to cut that out giving us a circle. and then turn that over we are going to pop our cupcake on the back and just gently push it all the way around on the edges just
make sure you don’t have too much buttercream peeping out from round the edges what we are going to need is a small little round cutter and I’ve got a modeling tool, you might be able to use a knife or a cocktail stick either is fine. And you are just going to put in two lines for the top and then at the end of each of your lines we’re just going to put a little round circle with your cutter so to make sure those lines are nice and clean. Now, using the bottom end of my tool, what I am going to do is just push the circles in a little bit so that they are indented And im going to roll, with the fondant I have left, just a bit of a sausage shape which we will stick around the center of our cupcake, so we’re just going to put a bit of water where you want it to go I’m just going to place it on there and pinch it off where it’s a bit too long if you want to leave it the colour of your fondant, that’s absolutely fine , or if you find you want to dust a little bit of colour on I’ve got some rainbow dusts, these are just metallic gold colours you can buy a few different ones. And i’m just going to put a little bit on my brush and just dust it onto my cupcake and it just makes it look a little bit more gold. But you don’t have to do this you could leave it whatever colour you have died your fondant You can leave it as it is or if you prefer you can paint a bit of black food colouring, so I’ve just got the sugar flair liquorice one here Which I’ve got all over my hands already 🙂 And just paint it into those little circles that you put in with your cutter. If you find it easier to cut out little circles of the black fondant you could do that whichever way you think works best for you and then a bit in the indented line we’ve done just make sure that if you are painting it in, that you have a fine paint brush and I don’t think I have a very steady hand today at all okay and we will just finish it off with a little bow. So I’ve just got a little bit of red Which I seem to be dyeing red by accident because I’ve got black all over my fingers, so make sure you clean your hands first I’ve just got a small amount of red that I am going to divide into two and what I am going to do is create little round ish chunky sort of triangle shapes, they don’t have to be perfect triangles and if you can keep the corners a little bit rounded then that’s great okay and what we are going to do is put an indentation in each one using our modelling tool and then we are going to stick it to t he top of our cupcakes, if I can get it to stay on So I’ve just used a little bit of water but you can use edible glue, so the two triangles on and then just put some more water in the center, you just want to roll a little round ball that you can push in between like that and that’s it! that’s your little christmas bell cupcakes they also look good on full sized cupcakes Thank you for watching! if you liked this video and would like to see more, please click the images of the other videos suggested also please do subscribe to my channel
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  1. those are really cute. 🙂 My son would like them because Christmas bells are one of his favorite things ever since he watched The Polar Express when he was really little. 🙂

    – Heidi

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