Hello, hey guys, it’s Ro! And today I’m
gonna make another Nerdy Nummies! I got so many requests for another Minecraft
cake, and I’ve been meaning to do one, so I was really excited that you guys suggested
it. I’m gonna make a Minecraft Grass block today.
But it’s gonna be really yummy because it’s gonna be my first chocolate
cake, and I’m gonna add some coconut. Yeah! So, let’s get started! Ingredients I will be using will be a box
cake, a chocolate box cake, sugar free, eggs, water, pam baking spray, flour and vegetable
oil. Tools are a rolling pin, a whisk, so I can’t
hurt myself, my favorite cutting knife, measuring spoons, cake pokey thingy,
offset spatula, so I’ve been told, paintbrush, measuring cup, square cake pan,
and a big mixing bowl. Let’s begin! Oh yeah! Then we’re gonna put in, it’s a little
bit different, last time we put in a cup of water, this time it’s a cup and
1/4. 1/2 a cup of oil… And we’re gonna use
3 eggs! 1, 2, 3! Oh! Pro tip #2, if you drop one in, no one’s
gonna know but you! So don’t tell anyone… Shhhh! I’m using a whisk this time, because they’re
safe! It’s gonna take a little bit more muscle,
because I gotta do this for 2 minutes. You just want to make sure that when you’re
making a cake, when you use fondant, that everything is very, very smooth! Now it’s time to grease the cake pan! Got our square cake pan, we won’t be using
any round cake pans today! Because nothing in Minecraft is round! The
pigs are square, everything’s square, I think… Now, use the pam… Wow! That’s like hairspray! Sorry, did I get you guys? Alright, to make sure our cakes don’t stick,
grease the pan, and then we’re just gonna take a little bit of flour, and spread
it all around! I like King Arthur flour, this is like my
favorite flour! And, a lot of people are like, do you only
make stuff that’s instant and from boxes? No, I don’t always make stuff that’s instant
from boxes, when I went home for holiday, um, my family’s Italian, and we
made handmade pasta, um, from scratch, so fancy! Boom! Now we’re gonna preheat the oven to 325,
not 350 this time! 325! Then we’re gonna pour the batter into the
pan and remember that the um, the batter’s gonna rise about 1/2 way, so
just fill your pan up about 1/2 way. Yeah, that looks good! Just make sure it’s really flat, really
smooth, we want a nice smooth surface. Cakes always have a tendency of rounding at
the top, it’s just naturally how they rise, so, I usually will cut it
off. But to avoid that at all costs, I just make sure it’s really, really flat
when I’m putting it into the oven. When your oven’s done heating, put your
cake in! Then we wait about 25 minutes. What can you
do in this time? You could play some Minecraft! Or, you could do a jig and pretend to be a
creeper! Rahhhh! A do the creep, ah! Do the creep! It’s getting really hot in there guys! Cake’s ready! I made 3 cakes, because I thought that’s
how much I would need, because we’re going to stack them, like we did the companion cube
cake. Now it is time to frost, I made this fancy
cake plate out of cardboard that we had lying around the house, and I just put
a piece of wax paper over it and then taped it in the back. Boom! So we’re gonna take the first 1 and stack
it. Aaaaahhhhhh! Oh my gosh! And then take this. And then again, just like the
companion cube cake, we’re gonna put down the frosting, and just gonna
lay this right on top, just like building in Minecraft! You build your little cubes! Boom! Last level! Oooooh! Oh my gosh! This thing is so tall! Now we’re gonna frost all 5 sides of the
cake, including the top. And as soon as it’s done, we’re gonna
put it in the refrigerator, to cool off for about 10 minutes. I’ve divided the task of decoration into
3 sections according to color. The first is gonna be brown, and it’s gonna
be our dirt. And what I did for that, is I took Oreos and
Graham Crackers, and you throw them in the blender, and it makes this, and it
looks just like dirt! Cooke dirt! The next decoration phase will be green, and
that’s where I’m going to roll out this fondant, and make the top for grass,
and then, frost it. I just dyed my frosting with a little green
food coloring, and it’s vanilla frosting. And then you’re gonna top it with…
Coconut shavings! To get the coconut shavings this color green,
you just add a few colors of food dye. You want to buy these ones, the
coconut flaked, not the coconut moist ones, those ones just turn to mush
and they’re not for, not for looking like grass! Let’s get dirty! Ta-da!
I finished without even making a mess. It’s all hella messy! Time to clean up. Ahhhh! I didn’t need that anyways! We are all done with the brown decoration
phase, and now it is time for green! The fondant is really really hard, so we’re
gonna microwave it for about 10 seconds. No more because then it gets too soft! Once you finish rolling out your fondant,
you can cut out the shape. So I pre-traced and cut out this shape, the
square in the middle is the size of the cake pan, and then this is gonna be
the side that folds down. To look like the Minecraft grass. So I’m gonna place this on the top of the cake,
and begin to cut! So like I said before, I pre-dyed the vanilla
icing frosting to be green, just by putting a little food coloring in
there. And I’m gonna scoop it into a zip-lock bag, and then we’re gonna cut
a hole. Then what we’re gonna do is lightly put
frosting just a little bit all over, and then we’re gonna put the coconut shavings on
top to look like grass. For the final touch I’m going to do a yellow
dandelion! He’s so cute! And we’re just gonna cut out 2 little rectangles. Once you have your flower cut out you’re
going to paint, using your paintbrush, with food coloring, it’s pretty cool! To
get a little bit of a darker yellow, to get that 8-bit look. So you just dip your
paintbrush in the food coloring. And I just do it right on top of the wax paper,
and then you paint right on top of the flower. And I’m gonna glue him, right in the center
of the other flower. And I took the other one, I put a toothpick in it,
and I’m just gonna stick it right there. And there you have it! Ta-da! Minecraft Grass Block Cake! I’m gonna try to pick this up, we shall
see! And with the little dandelion on top! He’s
so cute! If I make about 1,000 more of these I can
build a house! Mmmm? If you guys have any other ideas for any other
Nerdy Nummies that you would like me to bake, please let me know, leave
me a comment. Thanks you guys for watching, I had a lot
of fun! Bye-bye! Hey guys, we’re gonna go surprise everybody
over at TGS with another cake! I see Erin, I’m going straight for her! Erin! Ta-da! Erin: What is that? Ro: Surprise again! Ro: It’s Minecraft Grass Block Cake! Schroeder: Wow! Erin: It’s beautiful! Ro: It’s chocolate and then coconut shavings
on the top but I, dyed them green. Erin: I love that it matches your hair. Ro: Yeah, do you like that? Ro: We had so much leftover that we made cupcakes
too. Ro: We got dirt cupcakes and coconut cupcakes. Ro: And then the dirt is made out of crushed
Oreo and Graham Cracker. Ro: I wish I could email one of these to Yogscast!
Um, I’m emailing this! Background: That’s not real dirt! Ro: No it’s… Ro: Yeah, I went outside and I just threw
some dirt on there! Ro: No, it’s Oreo and Graham Cracker in
a blender. Ro: Cake cheers! Erin: Cheers! Ro: Cheers
for chocolate! Erin: Oh shoot! Mmmm! Ro: I can get like, you know those Pixi Stix?
And we’ll have a guy… Ro: Yeah, try that 1, they’re messy but
they’re good! Ro: Piece for you?


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  5. Can you do a cake saying nerdy nummies with lots of colour and if you do will you be able to give me a shoutout cuz I LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH

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