MIMETIC Lamination: a specialty Fat for premium quality laminated pastry

[Music] Hi, my name is Cyril and today I would like to present you a very innovative product. Follow me! I would like to present you today a new specialty fat that combines both the advantages of butter and margarine without their inconveniences. This new lamination fat is based on vegetable oils and includes sourdough technology. We call it “MIMETIC”. What’s the secret of MIMETIC? Well, we’ve incorporated a special sourdough into our unique blend of vegetable fats. This gives the perfect butter sensation. Let me tell you about the benefits as a baker. First of all, you don’t need to keep it refrigerated: you can store it here at ambient temperature between 4° and 20°C. We can work it like any other lamination fat, you can keep your normal process and it is more tolerant to fluctuations in your working conditions. Another very important information is that you can reduce the cost versus butter. Mimetic gives you the perfect layering, a very nice crispness, a beautiful golden color, an amazing melting sensation without any fat film and a great taste. And what about the health claims? Well, first of all, MIMETIC doesn’t contain any trans fatty acids, it is GMO free and it doesn’t contain any cholesterol. Because it is made from vegetable fats, you can even call it vegan. And if you want it, we also have a cleaner label version and the RSPO version. We also have MIMETIC PRIMEUR for those of you who want to be able to claim butter on their label. It is a blend version of MIMETIC that contains different amount of butter depending on what you need. You may be wondering if you can use MIMETIC in your soft breads, cakes and cookies application? Well, yes! Because next to MIMETIC for Lamination, we also have MIMETIC for Incorporation. I think now we can conclude that MIMETIC gives a premium taste with lots of other benefits. But the real magic, don’t forget, it’s in eating. Bon Appétit! [Music]

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  1. Hi.thank you very much for this video.i would like to ask you can we use it also in ganach chocolate?

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