MILK & COOKIES | “Walter’s Revenge” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Monster Film

(quiet chiming music)
(monster grunting) (light music)
(fire crackling) (thudding)
(gasps) – He’s here! (ornaments clinking)
(light music) Santa? (monster growls) (screams) (intense music) (gags) – [Dad] Kenley, Delaney, is that you? (ornaments clink)
(footsteps patter) (eerie music) – Kenley. (sobs) And every year, Walter comes back to take more and more
children like my sister. But not anymore. This is his end. His reign of terror will finally be over. We will no longer fear Christmas Eve, and with our powers combined, we will cleanse the
world of this evil force once and for all! – Am I at the wrong house? – Jackson, you’re my tech expert. – Marlee, you’re on recon. Marlee? – Oh, yeah, totally. – And Carl, you are of course, the muscle. – Seriously, did I steal
someone else’s identity? – So he pretends to be Santa
Claus, who would believe that? Santa Claus is totally not real. Right? – You really expect us to believe you? A monster Santa, kids
being turned into coal? – I’ve been tracking him for
years, studying his patterns. Kids like Kenley
disappearing on Christmas Eve all over town. This thing, whatever it
is, it’s important to him. It makes him stronger. Unfortunately for us I haven’t
been able to locate it, which means it’s gonna be a tough fight. So listen up. His MO. First, the sounds of jingle bells. Then the smell of warm
gingerbread cookies. That’s how he gets them isolated. (gulps) Soon the stench turns vile, repulsive. Then it’s too late. (cookie cracks) Their fate is sealed. But not this year. Because we’re gonna stick
together and stop him from hurting anyone ever again. Now let’s show this asshat that he’s messed with the wrong town. Let’s send Walter back
to where he came from. (clapping) (clock chimes) – Nothing from the live stream yet. – No one from school has
posted in over an hour. – Yeah, because they’re all asleep. (thudding) – Look alive team. (phone beeps)
– What the? I’ve lost the feed! – Gingerbread.
(electricity crackles) (footsteps thudding)
– Where is he going? (door thudding) (intense music) – W-T-F, Delaney! You’re just gonna have a
holiday party and not invite me? That’s jacked up.
– Angelica, you need to be quiet.
– I know Marlee’s in there ’cause I have her Find My iPhone. And if you didn’t invite
me because I’m half Jewish, that’s a hate crime and
I will straight up call the police! – (sniffs) Oh, what is that smell? (electricity crackles) – What, did you not pay your
electricity bill or something? (monster grunts)
(Angelica screams) – Shit! Don’t tell my mom I said that! (door slams) – Where’s Carl? (fire crackles) (electricity crackles) (screams)
(Walter growls) In position. (intense music) Don’t be afraid, that’s what he wants. – Gotta say, it’s working! (dramatic music) – Is he gone?
(record scratches) ♪ Trim the tree, oh Christmas tree ♪ ♪ Thy leaves are so unchanging ♪ ♪ Oh Christmas tree ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Christmas ♪ (groans)
(eerie music) – Santa? (growls)
(intense music) (yells) Love you, Kenley. Season’s beatings. (snowglobe thuds)
(blood squishes) – Do you want like a
wet wipe or something? – [Delaney] Good work, team, we did it. – Wait, I’m sorry, did you really yell out season’s beatings? (laughing) (sad music) (phone beeping) – It’s me. You can come get him now. – [Woman] I’ll be right there. (cheerful music) (electricity crackles) (groaning)
(intense music) (screams)

100 thoughts on “MILK & COOKIES | “Walter’s Revenge” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Monster Film

  1. This almost the exact same thing as IT
    The revenge full leader
    The Jew
    The asthmatic kid
    The black knowledgeable kid
    The little sibling who is killed by the monster
    The cussing
    The monster not actually being dead

  2. Hacker rules
    Jbhn nthvh5yf45


  3. Am I the only one who can see a Walter vs Sunny Cult Family fight at some point? The Family kills people who harm innocent people and Walter has killed a lot of innocent children. Idk, just makes sense to me.

  4. If this is Santa I am never gonna leave out milk and cookies, I am surrounding my house with uranium bombs and shotguns trip wire

  5. I would call the swat team and the police and my dad with an axe and my mom and my brother's and my sister to me with a gun and kill it????????????

  6. I've noticed there is no "surviving" in this. Yeah sure you might survive physically- But lets say you DO survive. More likely than not you're gonna be fuckin' SCARRED. And I believe, more likely than not, you won't be able to move on, and then, lo and behold, the Looksee's after you. And, oh? You survived? Well not really because now you're the Looksees slave til you die… Probably. I don't actually know what happens to people when they actually release as they're being hunted by it.

  7. Awww, I was really looking forward to the ending, by the way you should make movies, because These are amazing pieces of work, I mean seriously this is beautiful, and even though it's scary, it makes me want to face the challenges in life, even when I'm scared ☺️

  8. Hi also I like your fnaf videos of animation once I saw that you were the owner of crypt tv, I was so pleased, I also liked your left behind video and I know your ava g you're one of my favorite youtubers.

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